Scenarios (Scenaria?) Twelve

There are eleven scenarios available here, plus a HeroQuest. New: The World Tree, a scenario/campaign setting by the always-imaginative Alexander Wallis (who has just added ten scenario ideas to the writeup). Also, Legendary Thunder Horse, by Evan W. Inspired by one of the scenarios here (guess which?) A round of thanks to Evan! Also, The Book, a new not-quite bare-bones scenario by yours truly.

Most of my RQ scenarios were written for a weekly round-robin RuneQuest/Glorantha game I was involved with. Players took turns running adventures. I wrote up the adventures that I created for the group as scenarios, often improving them in the process. The senarios were then published in Interregnum magazine and later posted on this site.

Unfortunately that campaign has since fallen apart. Most of the reasons can be traced to inherent flaws in the round-robin setup, I think. This has left me without a group to playtest adventures, which is a serious handicap. Until I manage to put together a new playing group, the number of new adventures I create will be few.

If you're in the greater Boston or Woonsocket RI area (in other words, somewhere in southeastern MA or nothern RI) and are interested in a RuneQuest game, I'd love to hear from you.

The World Tree by Alexander Wallis. Who is the strange being who seems to cause terror, destruction, and decay wherever he goes? And why does he seek the mythic World Tree? This scenario can itself be the setting of an entire campaign. For any RPG. Updated with 5 new adventure ideas 10/9/02! Updated again with five more adventures 10/10/02!

The Book. People throw the strangest things away...and some of them have hidden surprises. For use with any RPG.

Legendary Thunder Horse. A new scenario by Evan W., inspired by a scenario on this site.

The Further Adventures of the Grey Company. A set of new scenario ideas by Alexander Wallis, following up on The Grey Company. The ideas cover eons!

Blood Omen. A new AD&D module by Alexander Wallis.

To Kill A Monster. Something new: a complete ready-to-run scenario, including seven-pre-generated PCs for players to choose from, three maps, a scenario booklet, a one-page GM's scenario reference sheet, a six-page scenario booklet, and six NPCs. Designed as an introduction for new players to RuneQuest and Glorantha. Formatted in Adobe Acrobat for universal viewing & printing. The scenario booklet is displayed in HTML, but the complete adventure is available as PDF files only. For three to seven players.

Download To Kill A Monster (ZIPped Acrobat files)

The White Horse HeroQuest. In need of speed? Here's a way to move quickly. But quick wits and a wise heart can mean more than strength of arms on the Hero Plane...

A short HeroQuest for two or more PCs with skill levels ranging from mid-Initiate to Rune Master.

Download The White Horse Quest (ZIPped ASCII)

Night Predator. Something hungry is stalking the village at night. Goats and sheep have turned up missing every night, with nothing but blood to mark the spot of their disappearances. Something must be done before the Predator starts taking people!
A mini-scenario for low- to mid-powered parties.

Download Night Predator (ZIPped ASCII)

Lost Child. "Save my child!" the Widow Bramble pleads. What adventurer could resist the chance to help? The prospect of reward will tempt those who lack in altruism...although they might change their minds, if they knew what awaits them up in the mountains... For two or more PCs with skills ranging from low Initiate to medium Priest.

Download Lost Child (ZIPped ASCII)

Three Flowers is a large scenario set at a Spring Renewal (Voria) ceremony in Glorantha. It features action, murder, intrigue, Chaos, and a beauty contest. It's best suited to a group of non-Lunar Initiates with at least one Orlanthi in the party. It can be adapted for a non-Gloranthan fantasy setting without too much effort.

Download Three Flowers (ZIPped ASCII)

The Grey Company is an example of a campaign genesis scenario: an adventure designed to take a group of player characters who don't necessarily know each other and form them into a long-lasting group, with continuing plot threads and the potential for a developing arc. It's also set in Glorantha - in Pavis, as a matter of fact - but the concepts would likely be useful in many fantasy settings.

Download The Grey Company ZIPped ASCII

Against the Rise of Emon is a very large scenario set in a non-Gloranthan fantasy world. It includes RQ3 stats for NPCs. It's probably adaptable to Glorantha, but due to the constraints placed on the plot, it might involve some effort. All in all this is probably the weakest (and oldest) of the modules available here. Still, it includes some useful elements.

Download Against the Rise of Emon (ZIPped ASCII)

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