Fight! Fight! Fight!

Quietly you move toward the dragon, sword in hand. Is he really sleeping, or did his eyelid just twitch?

It definitely twitches as you shove your sword through it, burying your blade in the dragon's brain. And now you're




You go home with your treasure and lead a fabulously wealthy life. The influx of your wealth into the village economy causes an economic boom. Wages increase. Migrants come to the town to get work. Crime increases. A red-light district opens up. Your taxes go up. In response, you buy a tax-cutting law-and-order candidate in the next mayoral election, and then you buy the election. The new mayor cuts your taxes and institutes harsh, punitive reforms on the poor. Eventually the people revolt. You are barely able to flee with your life and 200 marbles, to set up a simple life in another village.

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