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What Is RuneQuest?

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Last Updated: September 20, 2016


Hi! Welcome to the 20th year of Pete's RuneQuest & Roleplaying! A lot of material has accumulated over the years. You'll find adventures, art, NPCs, and tons of other stuff here. A lot of it was created for the RuneQuest system, but almost all of it can easily be used with any fantasy system or setting.

NEWS: This isn't the place to be looking for the latest RuneQuest news any more. I stopped following new iterations of the system quite some time ago. But I still post material which can be used with that system.

New: Posted a new section to the Chaos Project, Advantages & Disadvantages. Posted a list of adversary reactions to death and a new quick and easy skill-assigning system. Used Google Forms to allow visitors to once again input their own found Items, magic items, and chaotic features. Restored the guestbook function. Added expanded archives of Found Items, Chaotic Features, and Magic Items; if you haven't checked them out, I hope you do. They're useful lists with 1,469 entries so far (and counting!). Blogged The Cave of Worlds, a multi-genre RQ campaign that recently ended. Earlier, I posted "Sheetless Roleplaying", detailing an approach to tabletop roleplaying which is startlingly immersive and intense. Before that, twenty-four annotated zines from the early 1990s were added to the Zines section. Whew!

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