Time Warp

As you read the alien, mind-twisting words they vanish from the page. A glow of purple light obscures your vision. As the mist clears, it's obvious: time has definitely been warped. Where the mighty firedrake once sat you see a tiny baby dragon!

As you scramble up the pile of dirty rocks--what?--ROCKS?!

The baby dragon singes you a few times while you study the rocks that seem to have replaced the treasure, but in time you figure it out: the treasure was also affected by the spell. It's reverted to a pile of ore. Incredibly rich ore, but it's going to take a long time to refine...and you can't let anyone else know about this place. They'd just come and mine it for themselves.

Things could be worse. The baby dragon makes a nice pet -- you don't have to bother with flint and tinder any more. There's definitely enough ore here to let you live very well for the rest of your life. And you have a new profession: miner!

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Copyright 1995 by Peter Maranci. Revised October 12, 2000.