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Here's a "Who's who" or cast of characters for the players in the Cave of Worlds campaign. The PCs are listed in order from left to right as I look at them from behind the GM's screen.


Zack Gormuz, a male great troll from the Valley of Peace. A blacksmith and warrior with a bit of spirit magic but relatively low POW (magical power), exiled from his home world for trollslaughter. Married to a female great troll NPC named Reznia, with twins on the way. Gormuz was one of the original three characters in the game. He's no longer in the campaign.
Mike Sith'liss, a Warrior dragonnewt from Glorantha. He has some Draconic effects. Mike joined the campaign after it began, and left it later.
Blake Sol, a male Dimensional Ranger from the ethereal plane of another world. He wears mirror-like armor that totally covers him; his magic is mainly based on his armor, and was created specifically for the campaign. He has a number of odd and useful skills, as well as a dimensional sense. Blake joined the game relatively recently. More recently, Sol was retired (at least temporarily) in place of a new character, Tak of the Bright Spear (taken from Roger Zelazny's brilliant novel Lord of Light).
Michael Dominica, a female elf of the meat variety from the Valley. She has strong abilities in stealth, bow, and similar "rogue" skills, as well as some background in alchemy. She also has some background in spirit magic and shamanism, but she's not a shaman yet. She often reacts like a scientist despite her background. She recently became pregnant via a magical accident, and now has a vegetable clone daughter. One side-effect of the birth was that she has become stunningly beautiful, although she started out hideously ugly. One of the original PCs.
Jenny Ophelia, a female gypsy sorceress from the Valley. She has a hellion familiar, and has learned some strange runic magic. She primarily uses classic RQIII sorcery (with the recent addition of some new skills), and is one of the original PCs. Jenny also keeps detailed notes on the campaign, and is our official timekeeper - that is, she keeps track of elapsed game-time.
Kanisha Shale, a female Viroshi Librarian from the Floating Isles. She knows odd plant magic and as you'd expect for a Librarian, has a large reserve of knowledge to draw on. Some of that knowledge is stored in her hellion familiar. She's learning sorcery from Ophelia. Their hellions allow them to effectively communicate silently and directly, the functional equivalent of telepathy. Kanisha joined the campaign a while back.



Cave of Worlds - Main


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