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Found Items

Found Items are really cool. What GM doesn't love lists of random stuff - weird, mundane, useless or precious - that might be found by a party of adventurers in a dungeon, on a city street, or on a wilderness trek? Here are the archived Found Items from the first six months of The Chaos Project. I wrote quite a few of them, but many other items were contributed by visitors. All of them, and particularly the regulars, deserve a vote of thanks. May their found items all be weird and precious!


Roll Created by: Feature:
01 Name: Glenn
Email: [email protected]
A short extract from a lunar tragedy written on cloth, torn and muddied.
02    The skeletal remains of seven cats, all missing one leg.
03    A bronze faced hoplite shield, engraved with three red eyes which seem to watch anyone looking at them and leave the viewer feeling repulsed somehow.
04  Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
On a low shelf of reck nearby are three bowls of porridge; one too hot, one too cold, and the third spiked with POT 17 poison. If you were wondering, the bowls belong to three cave-troll brothers who live nearby and have a strange sense of humor
05    A corkscrew with a broken wooden handle
06    A thin but very strong wire, tied across the pathway. Make a successful Scan -20% or else be tripped by the wire and take (current move x d3) damage (i.e. a running human moving at speed 6 would take 6d3 to one or both legs)
07   A large horseshoe which has been bent into a pretzel shape
08   Beautifully carved and polished runes of rare wood have been scattered around the floor here. They are worth between 100 - 200sp
09   A 1m-high metal rack standing on four curled metal legs. It has seven crossbars, and there are 3 metals hooks attached to each bar. A set of nested cups hang from one of the hooks.
10   A large (16cm) seashell filled with smelly salt water. Inside is a chaotic creature which attacks without warning. Claws: 75% attack, 1d6+2 damage
11   A set of stonecutter's tools wrapped in burlap
12   A brown powered crystal. Pow 16. Once attuned, adds 80% to the owner's Smell skill.
13   A sawed-off tree stump, 1m tall with a 18cm (7") diameter. The heavily charred top is hollowed out into a bowl shape
14   A very old, very large desk of carved wood, somewhat damaged by neglect. The desk has a secret compartment which may be found via a successful Search with a minus 20% penalty. Also, one drawer is locked; the chance to open it is Devise minus 40%. Inside the secret compartment is a green leather pouch filled with 237sp of assorted gemstones. In the locked drawer is a collection of pornographic scrolls (human), 75sp. The desk itself is worth 15,000sp when restored - it is a rare antique.
15   A cloud of painful small flakes suspended in the air. Roll CON vs. 4d6 POT or take 1d6 damage to general hit points by breathing them in, plus -20% to all actions due to painful scratching and flakes in eyes. A successful Search shows the source of the flakes: a strangely warped-looking plant nearby (if indoors/underground, a fungus growing out of a crack). This plant has been infested with Chaos. If anyone collects the flakes, they may find them a useful weapon. However, there is a 1% chance that any creature exposed to the flakes will be infested by spores. The spores germinate in the chest over 3d6 weeks, eventually bursting the chest cavity open to reveal a new plant/fungus. This process kills the host, of course.
16   A map of the local area. Accurate? Maybe...
17   A swarm of brightly-colored butterflies
18   A metal leg trap which does 1d6 damage and grips with a STR of 24
19   Discolored lengths of bad-smelling thread
20 Name: Jim Bickmeyer
Email: [email protected]
Bag of common clothing. Size of a child approximately age 10?
21   Warm coat if in warm weather, child size.
22   Weather resistant cloak/poncho if in dry weather. Child size.
23   Small cooking pan.
24   Empty water skin.
25   Pair of children's sandals.
26   Farming hoe.
27   Full water skin.
28   Backpack with miscellaneous personal belonging, wood bowl, spoon, small knife, several shinny rocks,....
29   One sullen child traveling a good distance behind a large family on the move. The child is most likely scuffing his/her feet in order to slow them self. The child does not have any possession but those clothes on his/her back.
30 Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
A large overripe fruit with a large black spot. Inside is hidden a green wooden ring with a 14-point storage crystal inset
31   A beautiful patch of delicate green moss with little purple flowers
32   Hidden nearby in a sealed metal tube are 12 painted canvasses. 9 of them are garbage painted by the idiot son of a noble family, one is a masterpiece which has been badly damaged by fire in the past, one was painted by the idiot but was painted over another masterpiece by the same master artist, and the third is a comparatively poor offering by the master
33   A lock of pleasant-smelling long red hair, bound with a green ribbon
34   A chopped-up wooden practice dummy. The broken-off tip of a bronze sword is stuck in the area of its eye
35   A cracked glass vase filled with marbles. Inside are many small black worms. Harmless, and cure 1 disease if swallowed. May only be used once per year
36   A stick which has been carved and painted to exactly resemble a very poisonous snake
37   A pile of oily rags
38   A broken monacle of plain glass
39   The cast-off husk of an enormous (SIZ 4) larva
40   A foul smell. If the area is searched, black glop may be discovered oozing up from the ground - it is oil.
41   A foul smell. If the area is searched, the rotting body of an old man may be discovered. It seems to have been quickly hidden, and was the victim of murder about a week ago.
42   A tiny golden sword-amulet on a fine chain
43   A dark wooden scroll-case. Inside is a completely unreadable scroll - it seems to have been soaked and ruined
44   A dried wishbone. If two people make a wish and break it, the one with the larger piece gets a 5% better chance at their wish if the GM ever needs to make a roll to determine if they get it
45   A crumpled tin can, probably made by dwarves due to its fine workmanship. The inside smells of a highly processed and spiced meat-like spread
46   A paper wrapper which once wrapped a beautiful sausage, the peerless product of a genius chef who lives nearby. It smells wonderful.
47   A coin-sized disk of pale stone. One edge has a small bump on it. If tossed in the air or spun on a flat surface, the disk always comes to a stop with the bump pointing towards a particular buried treasure.
48   Dust! There is a lot of dust here. It is easily stirred up and passers-by must make a CONx3 roll to avoid sneezing, coughing and choking. Even if they succeed their clothes are now filthy.
49   A box made of rare and exotic dark wood. Inside are many brightly-colored stones, in the shapes of various runes. The stones are curiously heavy and smooth.
50   A dried-out small snake, curled tightly into a ball. Revives if moistened.
51   A long curving, flattened tube of polished silver, copiously inscribed with fine writing. One end of the tube is open. It is a fingernail guard from a mandarin, and the writing is proverbs from the wisdom of the ancients. Inside the guard is a broken fingernail.
52   A brass whistle on a leather cord. It has a particularly high-pitched, painful sound.
53   A beautiful locket of ivory and pearl on a broken silver chain. Inside is a lovely portrait of a delicate young woman. The locket is infested with Thunderlung disease.
54   A trickle of smoke is rising from a tiny fire nearby. If circumstances are right and it is not put out, it will grow into a large, devastating inferno!
55   Flood! Water is rising quickly, and soon this area will be deep under a raging torrent.
56   A broken scythe blade, covered with dried blood.
57   Seven brass nails have been hammered into a nearby wall/tree in a circle.
58   A 10-cm high stick-figure of a man, or possibly the Man rune, made out of twigs and bark.
59   A bunch of burrs, which stick to cloth and tend to work their way painfully inside clothing, shoes, under saddles, etc.
60   A large spiderweb which includes a pattern that has a very strong resemblance to the local grain goddess. If the local peasants were to find out about it, it would doubtless become a shrine.
61   A painful thornbush
62   A broken hammer and blunt chisel. On rocks nearby a few meaningless lines have been carved.
63   A small locked metal box smelling of flowers. Inside are delicate, beautiful colored-glass bottles, all of which have been broken.
64   A bale of hay. Hidden inside is a dagger wrapped in oilcloth. The blade is covered with POT 17 poison.
65   Seven caltrops are on the ground, each causing 1d3 damage plus a damage bonus based on SIZx2.
66   A mesh of woven dried grass about the size of a human hand.
67   A pile of garbage
68   A broken wooden create
69   A cairn of rocks, nothing underneath
70   A sand pit with an elaborate sandcastle
71   Broken wooden board
72   An out-of-season leaf; autumn-colored in spring, green and soft in winter.
73   A 1m long, 20-cm wide length of somewhat soiled white cloth
74   A small metal cup: the cap at the hub of a wagon wheel
75   A beautiful silver ring set with a large emerald. There is a tiny needle on the inside of the ring, coated with POT 20 poison.
76   A hidden spring. In a small stone hollow is an old wooden cup. Worn carvings in the stone reveal that this was once a shrine, although it is not clear to what god(s). If someone pours a libation or gives a magic point to the shrine, they might receive a blessing.
77   A hollow in the floor or ground, filled with quivering dark water. Inside are many squirming larvae. They are infected with the Shakes.
78   Bread crumbs. More crumbs are scattered on the ground for a distance, apparently marking a temporary trail.
79   Yellowish wax has been spilled here
80   A honeycomb
81   Hornet's nest. Inhabited
82   Poison ivy
83   On a tree or wall nearby is a yellowing piece of parchment with the words "Kraggelthorg, I'm going to kill you" scrawled crudely in Tradetalk.
84   "REDRUM" has been written in red nearby!
85   A beautifully made teapot, glazed in a delightful and relaxing pattern of pale blue. Anyone who brews tea from this pot and spends time appreciating its beauty feels refreshed in spirit, although it is not magical
86   Sharp gravel is scattered around here -- painful to walk on without boots
87   An apple stuck to a tree by a green-feathered arrow. If indoors/underground, a shrunken moldy apple impaled by a green-feathered arrow, with the tip broken
88   A 1m wooden stake buried 1/2m into the ground. The top is stained black
89   A trail marker: a small red dot of paint on a nearby tree or wall
90   "F--k you" crudely scrawled or carved in Tradetalk in plain view nearby
91   An aged (inanimate) skeleton. If inspected closely, the skull has unusual fangs and there is a sharpened wooden stake in the ribcage. The neckbones seem to have been severed.
92   Two 5-cm spheres of cloudy glass. One is chipped and cracked.
93   A stone memorial, much eroded by time and weather. In an ancient tongue, the words "On this spot in the ... ... reat battle of th... ...many thousands gave their liv..." may be read.
94   A carrot patch & rabbit. Indoors: moldy carrots, dead rabbit
95   An oil lamp, broken/repairable/fine. 5% chance it is inhabited by a spirit who grants wishes, as long as the wishes are to have Glamour 4 cast on you
96   A fine walking stick, shod in bronze, carved with amusing "old man" faces
97   A 20cm bone, with a child's face carved in one end. Disturbing
98   A wooden puzzle ball which comes apart into many pieces
99   An ivory clip or odd fork with three prongs. The end is carved to represent an odd smiling animal with a tentacle for a nose.
100   A fungus. If eaten, it gives the effects of drunkeness, exhilaration, Fanaticism, Strength 4, and Vigor 4 for 1d6 hours, followed by 24 hours of very sound sleep. POT 18
101   A jewelled comb for a fine lady. Actually costume jewelry, worth 3sp
102   A thick length of stick is a cunningly-disguised box
103   A broken thumbscrew, bloody
104   A child, 2d6 years old. Feral, raised by wild animals
105   The complete skin of a random sentient being. There are three tattoos on the skin, one of which is a random spell matrix
106   The broken-down remains of an old corral
107   The stump of a huge tree, beautifully carved into a gigantic (suitable for SIZ 18 - 26 humanoid) chair. Somewhat worn.
108   A child, 2d4+4 years old. Of a noble family
109   A child, 2d4+4 years old, of a race or clan that is an enemy of one or more PCs
110   A bat is hanging in the shadows of a tree nearby. A cave may be found nearby if searched for.
111   A length of rope is hanging from a tree. It is broken, and seems to be rather old.
112   A small pool of water which serves as a natural birdbath
113   A silver plate, dented
114   A birdfeeder is hanging from a tree. It is empty.
115   A dilapidated old wooden outhouse. The compost underneath is very old and inoffensive to the nose. Buried 30cm down is either a valuable gem or a magic item.
116   Large burrow in small hillock. Inside is a family of rubble runner-rat crossbreeds.
117   A baby raven, croaking. Above is a nest of other baby ravens. In the nest are shiny things worth 37sp
118   There is a wino under some trash nearby. He is sleeping it off.
119   The skin of a random animal, preserved or rotting
120   A tree nearby is heavily rotted and will fall across the path soon
121   The remains of a low stone wall
122   The broken stump of a very large tree. Under the roots is a twisted ring which grants peerless mathematical ability (+1000% skill)
123   A fine porcelain dish, with a scene from a royal court
124   Ox yoke, broken
125   Badly frayed horsewhip
126   A dead goat. Some things seem to have eaten their way out from inside it.
127   A fine deck of cards. On the back is a heraldic crest.
128   Uncut gemstones (Scan or Evaluate to recognize). Worth about 300 - 500 sp as is, from 300 - 3,000sp when cut (depending on quality of cut)
129   A grave with no marker. Inside is a large coffin containing ?
130   A bucket of mud with a little silver ring inside. The ring bears the crest of a noble family, and belonged to the kidnapped baby heir
131   A splintered wooden spoon
132   A wineskin filled with stale water
133   A scroll with an annotated song, "The Calf's Lament", created by a sage researching folk customs
134   A handsome tan cat sitting high on a tree or if indoors, on a shelf or ledge
135   A cream-colored silk handkerchief, wrapped around a worn piece of amber resin
136   A 20cm bronze disk with very sharp edges, inscribed with many runes
137   A stone hand, forefinger extended, pointing up out of the ground
138   A pile of gloves which appear to have been bronzed
139   A geyser of hot, sulphurous water shoots forth from a nearby pool
140   Some animal has been digging here
141   The lopped-off tentacle of some large creature, shrivelled and dried with age
142   A horseshoe
143   A metal spike
144   The air is very hazy here
145   A pair of spectacles, left lens smashed
146   A hopelessly knotted bootstring
147   Two very small (about the size of a human thumb) statues of identical dogs. One is red, one is black. They are attracted to each other with a STR of 4.
148   A small wooden gate, torn from its hinges
149   A tiny house at the base of a nearby tree, complete with tiny furniture
150   A clump of painful nettles
151   A dead thornbush spattered with sticky sap
152   A small pool hidden by brush; a special Scan or Smell or normal Listen reveals it. A Scan reveals that the water is slowly spinning, and that there is a whirlpool going down in the middle. If checked, there is a drain in the bottom of the pond, which leads into an underground corridor.
153   A blood-red vine is strangling a young tree nearby. The sap of the vine is caustic, doing 1pt acid damage when bruised, 1d3 when cut.
154   A glass tube sealed with wax. Inside are three tablets. A successful Scan reveals that the wax is cracked. If swallowed, the swallower must resist a poison with a POT of 23. If they succeed, they vomit. If they fail, they are afflicted with a random insanity from the Call of Cthulhu tables for 1d6 hours.
155   A waterfall
156   A blue flag with a white star in the center
157   An old toupee
158   A hoondie (letter of credit), worth 4,273 sp -- but it turns out that the author is dead, and his estate bankrupt
159   A doll-sized red leather shoe
160   A wooden tree, beautifully painted
161   A tarnished boat anchor
162   A nest of baby mice
163   A large block of ice
164   Half a wasps' nest, with wasps. All of them are dead.
165   A broken pot-handle of black wood
166   A silvered spur
167   A 40-cm cord of fine leather with the word "HELP" in Praxian knot-language
168   An old sandal with a broken strap. A 12-point star is carved into the heel.
169   A broken string of cheap beads. No two are the same color, but all are faded from the sun.
170   A dried-out potato that bears a striking resemblance to Sor-Eel having a bad hair day
171   An 18-cm (8") cube of orange salt which has apparently been licked many times by one or more large tongues
172   A tiny playbox, no more than 20cm across. There are little holes in the top of it, and tiny carved figures with pegs that fit in the holes
173   A rubbery purple lump the size of a walnut that smells (and tastes) vaguely of mint
174   A broken-off carving of a baby's arm in brown malachite, the size of a man's thumb
175   A tiny recently-dead mouse, curled up into a ball the size of a small walnut.
176   A klack which has been bent in half and squeezed squeezed almost flat with jagged pliers or teeth
177   A large finely-carved bone toothpick, approximately 10 centimeters long, and yellow with age
178   A chipped pale green egg-shaped stone, 25 x 15 centimeters (10 x 6 inches) and weighing 3.5 kg (7 lbs) which radiates magic. It is always 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Long ago it was used by giants to cool their drinks, but the magic is mostly worn out by now.
179   A small pool of mercury (20cm/8" wide & 1cm/0.5" deep) which is rapidly evaporating
180   A 5cm diameter, 30cm long length of copper pipe
181   A bronze bone, approximately 20cm long. Inside is the bone marrow of a god
182   A shadow that has no visible source
183   A dead skunk
184   A beautiful flower, which smells wonderful/neutral/awful
185   A ball of string
186   A first aid kit containing bandages, ointment, and a medicine bundle
187   A length of rope, hanging from a tree branch
188   Hundreds of bones belonging to some small animals, but not a single skull
189   A carved stick which obviously must have some purpose (it's clay-scribing stick)
190   A medallion which has the words "Token of the Grey Company" inscribed on it
191   A large flipper-track in soft mud, but no water is nearby
192   A sharpened piece of wire, bent in two
193   A notebook filled with notes in Auld Wyrmish
194 Name: Glenn A set of Russian doll like figures, each inside the last.They represent the evolutionary stages of a dragonewt, however the third figure is strangly changed from what would be expected. A womans golden headband with an attached silken veil.This is a wedding tradition in one of the campaign's far away lands and it's owner could well be nearby, on the run from an aggrieved spouse and his allies.
195 Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
Broken glass (random color)
196   A large, squat brown bottle, stoppered and sealed with wax. Inside is smoke, which smells horrible/odd/delicious
197   A beautifully carved pipe of rare woods, well worn. There is a faint smell of fine tobacco coming from it
198   A cheap little pipe, broken
199   Several chunks of fool's gold
200   An outcropping of a deposit of valuable ore may be found nearby with a successful Search
201   A dog-eared copy of "The Epic of Grunseltina In Caralaland"; the last three pages have been torn out
202   A large axe, with a hammer back. Can be used either as a slashing or crushing weapon at wielder's option
203   Mist has gathered in several small hollows in the ground nearby. Buried beneath those hollows is ?
204   The immediate area is unusually damp or dry
205 Name: Glenn A collection of tokens from a childrens game.
206   Three blue feathers and a silver broach of an oriental design wrapped inside a silk shawl.
207   The boss from a viking round sheild, daubed with yellow plant sap and showing signs of heat damage.
208   A tortoise shell, stuffed with garlic and sage.
209   A fist sized block of troll bolgs encasing a still living, tiny, angry shade.
210 Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
Wagon wheel, ruined/repairable/fine
211   A small broken barrel. Inside, heavily diluted with rainwater and dew, are the traces of a fine liqueur
212   A ribbon of curved metal - the strap from a wagon wheel
213   A 20cm roll of soft clay with many small teeth set in it
214   A small chest filled with counterfeit coins
215   A jade vial of perfume - worth 10, 100, or 1,000sp
216   A human brain
217   Incense sticks wrapped in oilcloth
218   What appears to be a magic wand, non-magical
219   A backscratcher
220   A brass incense burner
221   1d100 nails, scattered
222   Agricultural tool, ruined/repairable/fine
223   A petrified tree
224   A shirt, shredded by the claws of some huge animal. Written in blood on a rock nearby are the words "Mercy stands within these lands"
225 Name: Glenn A wicker basket containing a series of old scrolls. These purport to be the writings of a long dead prophet, telling of his encounters with teaching spirits of different storm and solar cults. All allege to testify of the failings of these cults and the superiority of a "cult in times to come". It takes little insight to see them for the propaganda they are, but they do contain previously unknown information about at least one cult spirit which could be used to help summon or bind that spirit. The basket has fallen from the back of a wagon and it's contents will prove flammable to the local religous powers for a variety of reasons the DM wants thrown into the campaign.
226 Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
A natural piece of chalk
227   The remains of a large well-cooked meal
228   A crudely-made burned-wood plaque with a picture of a cow on it
229   An animal horn - 50% chance carved
230   A beautiful gift box tied up with a bow. Inside is a found item, magic item, or nothing
231   An hourglass filled with green sand, 50% chance broken
232   A tin filled with delicious mints, 50% chance contaminated with disease
233   An inlaid-gold wood box lined with red velvet. Inside is a human finger wearing a diamond ring. The finger is ancient, recent, or fresh.
234   A dying pixie. Its last words are "Save my child!". It seems to have been savaged by an unusually large rat.
235   It looks as if some strange game was played here; a square with lines and symbols has been scratched into the dirt. There are crooked dice, some blood, and four inhuman fingers on the ground nearby.
236   A weapon, fine/repairable/useless. 15% chance it is made for a very large or small humanoid, and a 5% chance for a non-humanoid.
237   Part of a weapon, otherwise as above
238   A random creature, either sleeping, unconscious, awake, or dead
239   A broken and weathered tombstone. On it only the words "the Great" can be made out, written in ?
240   A signpost, pointing two ways. One sign says "HERE", the other "THERE". Both are in Tradetalk.
241   A coin made of an unknown metal, with markings in no known language. It is worthless.
242   A tiny lead figure of a warrior armed with a scimitar. Nicely painted.
243   An aloe plant. Soothes burns and smooths skin. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... :)
244   Clinging, barbed vine (non-animated). Sticks to all with STR of 3d6, and has AP 8.
245   A piece of charcoal
246   A beautifully painted cameo on a silver chain. Inside is a portrait of a duck.
247   A fish, rotting
248   A 1m long metal bar, about the thickness of a human thumb. It is heavily scratched around the center, and one end is splintered and broken.
249   A beautiful silk scarf of sheerest (random color). 25% chance that it is stained with blood.
250   A small statue made of exotic woods from far lands. It depicts a very fat, bald man seated in an odd cross-legged position. He is smiling.
251   Someone's underwear.
252   A child's top, once brightly painted but now faded with weather and age.
253   A hookah
254   An abacus
255 Name: Glenn Three fig leaves, carved out of bronze and each having once been attached at the stem to another piece of bronze by solder. On the underside is carved a protection rune.
256   A fist-size piece of amber, inside is a spider-like creature which is clearly moving around unhindered by the amber itself. Close examination reveals the creature can't get out.
257 Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
A small crumpled piece of torn cloth, apparently from a shirt, on the ground. Written in Tradetalk (in blood) are the words "I'm being held prisoner. Please help me!" A Search reveals a small opening in the roots of a large tree nearby. There are bars set well back from the opening, and glaring eyes may be seen within.
258   An old pornographic scroll for newtlings
259   A small bronze bottle sealed with wax. Inside are a number of cachets of powder. Mixed with water or win and swallowed, the powder improves digestion.
260   Three good quality buttons
261   A pot of mustache wax
262   An ear from a random intelligent species.
263   A baby of a random intelligent species, wrapped in blankets and hidden in a basket.
264   A salt lick
265   An old wagon wheel, repairable/fine/useless
266   A whip
267   A child's rattle.
268   Burned area. There has been a fire here.
269   A dead animal of some random nonintelligent species. Roll 1d10 to determine cause of death:
  1. Old age
  2. Some other unidentified animal
  3. Something enormous and savage
  4. Disease (non-contagious)
  5. Disease (contagious)
  6. Hunter-inflicted wounds
  7. No identifiable cause
  8. A fall from a height
  9. Burned somehow
  10. Other/something weird
270   A tree nearby has slashes in its bark. There is a 50% chance each that they are either runic carvings, or claw marks by an animal.
271   A scattered pile of red pistachio shells or other nut shells
272   A 30-cm (12") diameter hoop woven of three braided branches
273   A child's wooden toy sword, weathered with age. Patches of silver paint on the blade and bronze paint on the hilt are evidence that the original was well made. The sword is 60cm (24") long. As a weapon, it has 3AP, does 1d2 crushing damage, and has an SR of 3.
274   A small iron pick of fine dwarven make. Suitable for SIZ 5 - 8. Anyone over SIZ 8 suffers a -5% penalty to use for each 5 points of SIZ over, i.e. 9-13 = -5%, SIZ 14-18 = -10%. As a weapon, it has 12AP, does 1d6 impaling damage, and has an SR of 2.
275   A pile of material on the ground turns out to be a hammock made of mesh/cloth/other in some random color. There is a 1/3 chance each that it is useable, needs repair, or is hopelessly ruined.
276 Name: Glenn An "erotic" candle depicting a female pc as a belly dancer, the dance of the seven veils, only one veil left to go! (Actually this isn't one of my ideas, it really happened in this week's game when one pc drunkenly commisioned a range of candles of another member of the party. Needless to say when it turned up someone was not impressed!)
277 Name: Peter Maranci
Email: [email protected]
A crumpled-up, stained and torn old draft of a love letter. It is unsigned.
278   A left-handed glove of white silk covered with rhinestones. Fits humans SIZ 12 - 14.
279   A piece of clothing for a random humanoid hit location. Roll 1d6 for the SIZ it was made to fit.
280   A moldy half-eaten ham sandwich.
281   Three silver pennies and two copper pennies. Each one has been neatly bent in half at a 90-degree angle.
282 Name: Glenn A child's pull-along dragon toy.
283   Three silver medallions with the motto "Faith, Hope and Charity" on each one.
284   An aromatic candle with a silver candlestick.
285   A yellow flowerhead of unknown type.
286   All the above contained within a hollow wooden drum whose skin is made from stretched camel hide.
287   An assortment of glass insects,varying in size but all less than 5cm long.
288 Name: Peter Maranci A snake with three tails
289   A 10cm (4") square hinged wooden box with a small hole in the cover. Inside is a ball of heavy waxed twine.
290   A small flat gravestone inscribed "Brugoth, beloved dog" in Praxian
291   Small box of wax-coated kindling -- lights in any weather
292   A half-burned candle, random color
293   A 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8") piece of fairly smooth grey slate, adequate to write on
294   Crudely-stiched piece of leather
295   Shiny piece of mica
296   A shiny piece of green quartz crystal
297   A half-hidden cairn of pebbles. Buried underneath is an oak box lined with red velvet. Inside are four bottles of rare wine. There is a 50% chance that all the wine has gone bad, but if it has not each bottle is worth 500 - 1,500 sp each to a connoisseur.
298   A disk of brown glass: the broken-off bottom of a bottle of ale
299   A 15cm (6") chewed-rock statue of an old human female
300   A child's slingshot. 50% chance it still works.
301   A bag of oddly-shaped dice
302   Nesting wooden dolls: each one is inside the previous one. Each is a different race, and each is holding a banner with one word. "The" "secret" "of" "the" "God" "Learners" "IS" -- and that's all there is!
303   A beautiful half-buried pen of jade and gold, with fine scale-like carving. Worth 1,000 - 2,000 to a scholar.
304   A half-buried yellowed but smooth old stone. If dug up, it is revealed to be a skull. Further investigation reveals that there is an entire skeleton which has been buried here in a standing position, with only the very top of the skull showing.
305   A broken and worn old sandal for a SIZ 20 - 25 humanoid.
306   A whole or broken ivory toothpick, intricately carved.
307   A tangle of wire of some random metal. At the center of the tangle is a small and highly unusual nut.
308   A small hinged box with a latch. Opened, it unfolds into a small wooden tic-tac-toe board, 10cm (4") square. Inside are 3 red and 5 blue sticks which fit into the holes on the board. The box is somewhat stained and worn.
309   A receipt written in purple ink on a patch of animal skin. In Tradetalk, it says "Received 1 bison, 2 blue shirts, and 1 bottle of Old Dragonewt Sweat from Biturian Varosh". The signature is illegible, and there is no date.
310 Name: Glenn A bottle of orange liquid. The bottle (made of glass) is etched with the picture of a herd beast. Inside the liquid float 3 small flowers. When drunk the liquid acts as an incredible stimulus for a characters artistic skills (perform,sing,dance,orate). The lift in ability should be substantial but only lasts for 3 or 4 days. The bottle is sufficient for about 8 drinks before running out. The pc then becomes wracked by withdrawal symptoms until a new bottle can be found, a possible adventure in itself.
311   A wooden carving of a bull-mastiff. The eyes have been hollowed out and small copper coins placed there. The dog is crudely painted with a woad-like dye. It brings a sense of peace to those who cradle it when injured or in emotional pain. Any one who falls to sleep whilst holding onto it has dreams in which they and the dog are hunting in a forest. The dream allows the dreamer to follow the dog to a chaos creatures lair where the real dog and its owner were killed. After a battle the pc's could bury the remains and then be granted a faithful spirit which will stay with them for a set time.
312 Name: Peter Maranci Hidden behind tall grass is a half-meter diameter pit of fine white sand. There is an irregular patch of reddish-brown discoloration near the center; it is about 20cm (8 inches) across. Anyone who digs one meter down through the sand (which will take one person half-an-hour) finds a corroded magic dagger. It has the effect of a permanent Bladesharp 2 (+10% to hit, +2 damage), but is somewhat fragile; it only has four armor points left, and cannot be repaired.
313   A neat four-sided pyramid of mouse skulls, 15cm (6 inches) high.
314   A broken piece of a large hollowed-out nut which has been extensively carved with pictures of donkey-riding baboons at war with some sort of snake-things. This was probably once used as a cup.
315 Name: Glenn A votive candle inscribed with imaginative but disturbing phrases in the players main language. It is beautifully decorated with pictures of an earth ceremony in which one of the pc's seems to be at the centre of things. There is evidence that it has been removed from a candle holder and has been partly used. An additional concern is that the top of the candle clearly showed more of the scene, but having been burnt it is now impossible to tell exactly what happens. All that can be seen for certain is that the pc appears to be lying down, surrounded by a pool of liquid (blood, beer or something else?)
316 Name: Peter Maranci Hidden behind a bush is a small flat rock with a tiny spring of strong-smelling yellowish water. It is a sulphur spring. Water flows from the tiny pool down a crack in the rock, and disappears into the ground.
317 Name: Glenn A basket of painted hens eggs, multicoloured and with various runes marked in charcoal. Potentially much more than just an omelette?
318 Name: Peter Maranci A small amount of inappropriate material: a small patch of dirt if indoors, or a bit of paving stone if in the wilderness.
319 Name: Glenn A heavily blood-stained cloth square 8 inches by 12. Under the blood stains can be seen a partly stitched monogram associated with a local noble family. There is evidence that the cloth once formed the frontpiece to a book, possibly a diary or journal.
320 Name: Peter Maranci Dried puddle: Someone has spilled a sticky drink here. It has dried, but there's still a faint whiff of some piquant yet hearty scent. It must have been spilled anywhere from a few days to several weeks. A few ants may be seen in the area.
321 Name: Glenn A winner's golden ring from an imperial sports event with the victor's name (Vila Matautia) engraved. The hero himself vanished in somewhat suspicious circumstances several years previously and whilst the ring has considerable fiscal value its sale is likely to cause problems for the adventurers as there are many parties with vested interests in finding (or concealing) the truth.
322   A leaflet (or is that a flyer for the colonials) offering rewards for the capture of a pair of previously unheard of villains. Additionally it advertises an upcoming public execution and promises good seats for those who bring the leaflet with them. The leaflet is signed by an obscure official who could be about to take over a major role in the military/secret police/priesthood or whatever.
323 Name: Peter Maranci A grey stone the size of a walnut which strongly resembles the parent or guardian of one of the PCs. This is not a carved rock; it does not have fine detail. Nonetheless natural forces have sculpted this random stone into a strong impressionistic likeness of someone that one of the PCs loves.
324 Name: Glenn A bracelet made out of entwined rats tails with small pale orange glass beads attached. The item has dried blood on the beads, but this is only noticed if it is carefully examined. When worn the bracelet will allow the wearer to climb, sneak and appraise with a higher degree of skill, however there wil be side effects, to be chosen by the DM.
335 Name: Peter Maranci An ivory bottle, yellowed with great age. It is 5cm (2") wide and 15cm(6") long, and sealed with a screw-top also made of bone. It has an oddly fluted shape, and is covered with incredibly fine and intricate carving. Inside is a hardened, pleasant-smelling yellow substance which was once non-magical healing balm. Only a small amount in the center retains enough moisture to be used. There is enough to treat 4HP of damage.

If applied and then protected with a clean bandage, the balm increases natural healing; rather than one point/week, one HP is healed every two days in every location treated.

Secret: The carving on the bottle is the recipe for the balm, written in an ancient tongue of alchemy. An INT x 1 roll OR a special success on an applicable knowledge skill is necessary to recognize that the carvings are not merely decorative. Fresh balm will heal 1HP/day, at a cost of 2 SP/dose plus a successful Craft potion roll.

Bottle: 100 - 200 SP Recipe: 1,000 - 10,000 SP

336 Name: Glenn A gauntlet,made of leather and reinforced with chainmail.Inside lies one skeletal finger with a silver ring on it. Nearby in a tree a rook waits expectantly.
337 Name: Peter Maranci An ancient rag doll made of cotton, black with age. Hidden deep inside it is a small silver key.
338 Name: Glenn
Email: [email protected]
The broken limb of a statue, the hand clasps a bronze sword with the beast rune carved recently onto its blade. Nearby lies a small bag of newly minted Lunar coins. A note attached reads "In payment for your troubles, be warned the skinchangers do not forget so easily as they once did".
339 Name: Peter Maranci A smooth-edged crystal bowl topped with a glass plate. Inside is incredibly stale water.
340   An empty snail shell filled with sand.
341 Name: Glenn
Email: [email protected]
Four bronze arrowheads pointing to the four main compass points, a crudely made copper arrowhead lies on them pointing towards a different direction, north east or whatever.
342 Name: Peter Maranci A very small knotted-twine cheat sheet in knot language.

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