Some people have written to me asking how they can use features like boldfacing, underlining, and italics in the Chaos Project (and the guest book). I use simple HTML commands to do this, and you can too, if you want. Here are a few of my favorites. You can simply copy and paste them into the fields, if you like. Also included is a complete template for magic items. Of course no one HAS to use fancy formatting! I want your ideas and comments, no matter how they look.

Incidentally, since HTML is the basic language of the web, you can use these commands in most online forums and chat rooms.

Boldfacing: To begin boldfacing, put a <b> before the word(s) to be affected.
To stop boldfacing, use </b>.
Example: In this sentence <b>these words</b> are boldfaced.
In this sentence these words are boldfaced.

Italics: To begin italicizing, put a <i> before the word(s) to be affected.
To stop italicizing, use </i>.
Example: In this sentence <i>these words</i> are italicized.
In this sentence these words are italicized.

Underlining: To begin underlining, put a <u> before the word(s) to be affected.
To stop underlining, use </u>.
Example: In this sentence <u>these words</u> are underlined.
In this sentence these words are underlined.

Note: You <b>can</b> use <i><u>multiple</u></i> formats by using <b><i><u>several tags at once</u></i></b>!
You can use multiple formats by using several tags at once!

Just make sure you use a closing tag for every opening tag.

Other commands:

<BR> inserts a line break.
<HR> inserts a horizontal line (like those at the top and bottom of this screen).

Quick copy-&-paste commands:


Magic Items template
The text between the horizontal lines below is a magic item template. You can simply copy and paste this into the "My Message" field of the Chaos Project. Replace the italicized words with your own words, or delete them--none of the fields are mandatory. For example, if you're listing an enchanted magic item, you can delete the word "Imbued" from the final section. None of this is sacred. ).

<B>Item Name</B>, item type, POW
<B>Description</B>: What does the item look like?
<B>Powers</B>: What can the item do?
<B>History</B>: History of the item: how was it made? Who made it? What has happened to it over time?
<B>Notes/Warnings</B>: Anything else we should know about?
<B>Imbued/Enchanted</B>: Spell(s) used to create item, if applicable

If you'd like to have me format your entry instead, drop me a line and let me know. If you'd like to learn more about HTML, I recommend HTML Goodies -- their tutorials are quite helpful.

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