Pindar the Wise
Human male, age 32.

STR: 14                 Location      Melee/Missile   AP/HP
CON: 18                 Right Foot....01-04/01-03......4/6
SIZ: 15                 Left Foot.....05-08/04-06......4/6
INT: 16                 Abdomen.......09-11/07-10......4/6
POW: 14                 Chest............12/11-15......4/8
DEX: 11                 Right Arm.....13-15/16-17......4/5
APP: 11                 Left Arm......16-18/18-19......4/5

Move: 3
Fatigue: 32
Hit Points: 17
Magic Points: 14

Armor: Cuirbouilli + soft leather (4 AP, 8.5 ENC)

Weapon          SR   Att/Par%      Damage          ENC/AP
1-H Broadsword   6    66/51        1D8+1+1D4       1.5/10
Kite Shield      7    31/69        1D6+1D4         5.0/16
Fist             7    75/65        1D3+1D4          - / -
Grapple          7    80/--        1D6+1D4          - / -

Skills: Climb 70, Dodge 42, Fast Talk 85, Orate 80, Craft Carpentry 53, Human Lore 75, Scan 59, Listen 65, Devise 65, Sleight 65, Hide 70, Sneak 66

Spirit Magic: Light (1), Mobility 3, Shimmer 4, Silence 3

Divine Magic: None

Magic Items: One bottle of "Old Redyards" wine. 18 POT knockout effect.

Appearance: Build: Stocky, with a paunch, but not seriously overweight. Hair: Black and balding, with a small neat mustache. Eyes: Black, sometimes dull; piercing when he wishes. Skin: Tanned and weathered.

Personality/Bio: Patient and observant, in appearance and manner Pindar is not unlike a quieter and slightly thinner version of Lou Grant. He makes a point of listening carefully to others, and thoughtfully responds to any points of concern. He has an understated but natural air of authority, and a wry sense of humor. He will not discuss his personal background or religious beliefs. Pindar might be found working as a factotum for a merchant or other middle-management position. As his spells indicate, however, he's capable of surprises. He has probably done some thieving in the past, and though he's no longer an active thief, he might be willing to use his skills in a good cause.

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