Haydon Ehkim, Seven Mothers Initiate
Human male, age 20.

STR: 16                 Location      Melee/Missile   AP/HP
CON: 14                 Right Foot....01-04/01-03......6/5
SIZ: 16                 Left Foot.....05-08/04-06......6/5
INT: 13                 Abdomen.......09-11/07-10......9/5
POW: 15                 Chest............12/11-15......9/6
DEX: 14                 Right Arm.....13-15/16-17......6/4
APP: 19                 Left Arm......16-18/18-19......6/4

Move: 3
Fatigue: 30
Hit Points: 15
Magic Points: 15

Armor: Plate + soft leather hauberk & helm, (9 AP) ringmail + leather greaves & vambraces (6 AP) (19.5 ENC total)

Weapon          SR   Att/Par%      Damage          ENC/AP
1H Scimitar      6    70/56        1D6+2+1D4       1.5/10
Viking Shield    7    45/79        1D6+1D4         5.0/16
Fist             7    50/33        1D3+1D4          - / -
Grapple          7    65/--        1D6+1D4          - / -

Skills: Dance 77, Dodge 75, Jump 70, Ride 55, Fast Talk 60, Orate 55, Evaluate 65, First Aid 47, Human Lore 65 (for women; 35 for men), Conceal 38, Listen 50, Scan 48, Hide 50, Sneak 64

Spirit Magic: Glamour 6 (in ring matrix), Heal 4, Ironhand 2, Protection 4, Vigor 3

Divine Magic: Shield 3, Spirit Block 1

Magic Items: Ring with Glamour 6 matrix. A packet of white powder that causes confusion and short-term memory loss when blown in the face. There are six doses of powder left.

Appearance: Blonde and blue-eyed, this villain enjoys perfect looks (not unlike a young Robert Redford, if Redford had been a quarterback). His broad shoulders, perfect teeth and hair, and disarming grin have led more than one young girl terribly astray. His teeth aren't sharp, which is the only thing that distinguishes him from an ogre.

Personality/Bio: Formerly a soldier in the service of the Lunar Empire, Haydon found himself suddenly out of luck when his commanding officer caught him out of uniform with the officer's daughter. Since that time Haydon has bummed around in conquered territory, living off of older women. However he's quite aware of the effect he has upon young women, and will not hesitate to capitalize on their emotions. He is absolutely fickle and is untroubled by any taint of conscience. He'd commit murder for money if he was sure that he could get away with it. On the other hand, he's extremely careful with the one thing in the world that he truly loves: his own skin. But his tastes are expensive. He might well try to hire himself out to a party as a guard if necessary (particularly if one or more attractive women are in the group), but is sure to protect himself first in time of danger.

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