Human (?) male, age 20 - 35 (?).

STR: 20                 Location      Melee/Missile   AP/HP
CON: 18                 Right Foot....01-04/01-03......4/6
SIZ: 13                 Left Foot.....05-08/04-06......4/6 
INT: 09 (15)            Abdomen.......09-11/07-10......4/6
POW: 18                 Chest............12/11-15......4/8
DEX: 16                 Right Arm.....13-15/16-17......4/5
APP: 10 (13)            Left Arm......16-18/18-19......4/5

Move: 3
Fatigue: 38
Hit Points: 16
Magic Points: 18

Armor: Ragged cirbouilli + soft leather; 4 AP, 8.5 ENC

Weapon          SR   Att/Par%      Damage          ENC/AP
1H Club          6    50/35        1D6+1D6         0.5/04
1H Dagger        7    20/55        1D4+2+1D6       0.5/06
Swung Unicycle*  6   140/90        1D4+1D6         4.0/10

Note that no unicycle is available to him -- nor will he ever think to ask for one.

Skills: Dodge 90, Jump 120, Ride Unicycle 140, Animal Lore 120, Human Lore 05, Mineral Lore 140, Plant Lore 180, Play Lyre 12, Scan 90, Listen 200, Detect Chaos 200

Spirit Magic: None

Divine Magic: None

Magic Items: None

Special: Feels no pain. Immune to stun, poison, and all mind-affecting spells. Can automatically go Heroic at will. Regenerates 1 HP per round in each location injured. In time, this effect will even restore lost body parts.

Appearance: With wild grey-brown hair and a permenently dazed expression, Gork nonetheless gives an impression of harmlessness. He speaks most languages surprisingly well, but not with particular flair. He has no concern for his appearance. His overall demeanor is amiable, but unaware.

Personality/Bio: Gork has little memory of his past. He does not remember his birth name, childhood, or parents. He is friendly to almost everyone, even those who try to bait him. He frequently seems to be in a daze, even in times of extreme excitement. His complete indifference to pain results in strange behavior -- for example, when an acquaintance pulled out a single hair, Gork calmly pulled a handful of his own hair off his scalp. He is basically friendly, whenhe is aware of the outer world at all. He can be induced to work for food, and will do so with surprising diligence. However, his attention is sure to wander before very long. Ocasionally he has a flash of sudden brilliance, at which times his INT is 15. At such times he casually reveals surprisingly esoteric knowledge about any obscure subject the GM desires. However, these flashes never last more than a few minutes. They cannot be deliberately caused, though it is possible that a certain rare mushroom from a far-off province of the Lunar Empire might restore his mind for longer periods.

Gork spent several years as an experimental subject in a Lunar research facility. This produced the many strange powers that he possesses. Despite appearances, Gork does not register on Detect Chaos skills or spells. In fact, Chaos is the one thing that is sure to rouse him, at which point he fights with desperate strength or runs like a madman.

When an experiment in the lab went horribly awry, Gork was one of the few who escaped. In the years since that time he has wandered aimlessly, settling for a few seasons wherever he happens to find someone kind enough to feed him in exchange for simple chores. Certain Lunar scientists might pay handsomely for him, if they knew he existed.

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