RuneQuest Con Online

RuneQuest Con was a high point of the 1990's for RuneQuest fans. Time and again RQ fans from all over the world gathered together to play games, exchange ideas, and generally have a great time. It was the time of the RuneQuest Renaissance.

But that was long ago.

The demise of RQ as a commercial system makes future RQ Cons unlikely at best. But there are still fans who admire the elegance of the RuneQuest system, particularly online.

And so, RuneQuest Con Online.

The first RQ Con Online was held in a chatroom, and was hobbled by technical problems. Future ones will be held via IRC, Internet Relay Chat, which is free and available world-wide. Watch this space for more information on IRC, as well as the date and time of

RuneQuest Con Online #2

See you there!


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