The RuneQuest Font

Download RQ font (3 files: ZIPped Truetype font, MS-Word 6.0 document, and ASCII document).

Just a quick clarification that I am not Oliver Jovanovic; he gave me permission to post this font a long time ago, however. Unfortunately the contact information below is almost certainly no longer accurate, and I know of no other way to contact him.

The Word document included with the font in the zipped file above is a guide to the font; it shows each rune and the associated key to produce it. I've used this font quite a bit in the art on this site, obviously, although the black & white runes are actually my own original drawings (I know, big deal ).

The RQ Font is Copyright 1993, Oliver Jovanovic, all rights reserved. The font is not in the public domain, however, it may be redistributed free of charge, as long as this documentation, unmodified, accompanies the font.

The RQ Font may not be sold or offered for sale, or included with another product offered for sale, except with the express written permission of the author. Companies that profit from the sale of public domain and shareware software are expressly prohibited from distributing the RQ Font.

The font can be freely used in any sort of personal non commercial or non profit work (of course, a donation would not be refused). However, if this font is to be used in any way in a business, commercial, or profit making venture, it must first be licensed from me. To arrange for such a licence, contact me at any of the following addresses:

Internet: [email protected]
Bitnet: [email protected]
AOL: Gray
CompuServe: 73567,1725
AppleLink: UG0351
GEnie: o.jovanovic

Surface mail:  Oliver Jovanovic
               825 W. 187th St.
               New York, N.Y. 10033

My hope is that the distribution of this font will encourage the development and exchange of other such RQ products - if you have a Mac, IBM or otherwise portable computer based RQ product, or interesting RQ material in computer readable format, I'd be interested in seeing it as well.

For the most part, use of the font is fairly straightforward. Runes have been assigned to keys on the basis of alphabetical order or their resemblance to an an ASCII character to a rune (y for Truth, t for Death, * for Fate, etc.). For the most part, the lower or upper case versions of the character are identical - the uppercase (shifted) versions were included, where possible for the sake of convenience. In five cases, the shifted version version is different - these are generally variations of the unshifted rune:

e - Earth    		Shift e - Dark Earth
f - Fire     		Shift f - Ice
k - Cold     		Shift k - Heat
n - Dragonewt		Shift n - Dragon
o - Light    		Shift o - Shadow

In addition, four runes can only be accessed by a shifted combination -
these are:

Shift 1 "!" - Luck
Shift 3 "#" - Trade
Shift 6 "^" - Pamalt
Shift 8 "*" - Fate

Please note that if you are using a non-Postscript printer, the 
Truetype version of the font will generally give better results.

The complete list (display in a monospaced font for best effect):

RUNE                KEY

Air                 a      		or A
Beast               b      		or B
Chaos               c      		or C
Cold                k
Darkness            d      		or D
Death               t      		or T
Disorder            j      		or J
Dragon              Shift n		or N
Dragonewt           n
Earth, Light        e
Earth, Dark         Shift e		or E
Fate                Shift 8		or *
Fertility           x      		or X
Fire                f
Harmony             h      		or H
Heat                Shift k		or K
Hunger              g      		or G
Ice                 Shift f		or F
Illusion            i      		or I
Infinity            8
Law                 l      		or L
Light               o
Luck                Shift 1		or !
Magic               r      		or R
Man                 m      		or M
Mastery             w      		or W
Moon                q      		or Q
Movement            v      		or V
Pamalt              Shift 6		or ^
Plant               p      		or P
Shadow              Shift o		or O
Spirit              s      		or S
Stasis              u      		or U
Trade               Shift 3		or #
Truth               y      		or Y
Water               z      		or Z

Crescent Go Moon    1
Dying Moon          2
Black Moon          3
Crescent Come Moon  4
Empty Half Moon     5
Full Moon           6
Full Half Moon      7

Empty Bullet        =
Filled Bullet       Shift =	or +
Crossed Out Bullet  -

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