The Chaos Project - Chaotic Features, Mutations, and Side Effects

Chaotic features can be difficult to explain; they're the product of sheer chaos, often contracted by degenerate creatures who worship the gods or demons who use such forces. As such they can be curses, causing grievous harm or even death. They can also make an otherwise ordinary creature into a terrifying opponent. And sometimes they just don't make any sense at all. If you prefer, most of these can be ordinary curses, weird blessings, or mutations. They could even be magical side-effects!

Many people contributed to this list over the years; they have my deep appreciation. This list was captured and converted to HTML on 10/29/2013. Any newer entries can be found in the master spreadsheet, accessible via the main Chaos Project page. If you have any additions to suggest, please email them to me at [email protected] and I'll happily add them to the list.



Peter Maranci Invulnerable While Sleeping While sleeping, this creature cannot be harmed in any way. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Night Sleeper This creature falls asleep at nightfall and sleeps throughout the night. There is a 20% chance that this condition is so severe that the creature CANNOT be woken during the night, even if it is being injured or killed. Otherwise, the creature has a 5% chance of waking per point of damage inflicted. Curse sleep


Peter Maranci Day Sleeper This creature falls asleep at daybreak and sleeps throughout the day. There is a 20% chance that this condition is so severe that the creature CANNOT be woken during the day, even if it is being injured or killed. Otherwise, the creature has a 5% chance of waking per point of damage inflicted. Curse sleep


Peter Maranci Dark Sleeper This creature falls asleep in the dark and sleeps as long as the darkness persists. This includes magical darkness. There is a 20% chance that this condition is so severe that the creature CANNOT be woken in the absence of light, even if it is being injured or killed. Otherwise, the creature has a 5% chance of waking per point of damage inflicted. Curse sleep


Peter Maranci Light Sleeper This creature falls asleep in the light and sleeps as long as the light persists. There is a 20% chance that this condition is so severe that the creature CANNOT be woken in the presence of light, even if it is being injured or killed. Otherwise, the creature has a 5% chance of waking per point of damage inflicted. Curse sleep


Marko Perälä Upkeeper The creature can maintain several active spells at once. Roll d6:

1. The creature can maintain an unlimited amount of spells at once, but is unable to do anything else while doing so, including breathing.
2. As 1, but the creature can manipulate d6 active spells at once.
3. The creature can maintain d6 spells active at once, but unused spells lapse as usual.
4. The creature can maintain its INT spells at once, but maintaining more than one spell at once costs 1 mp per MR.
5. The creature can maintain an unlimited amount of active spells at once, but each one decreases his skill rolls by -5%.
6. The creature can only use one spell at the time, but other active spells are not cancelled while doing so. Instead they remain "frozen" until the creature concentrates on them again or they expire. There is a 10% chance that the creature loses its ability to cast passive spells, another 10% chance that the creature loses its ability to cast ritual spells and a further 10% chance that the creature loses its ability to cast instant spells.

Gift magic


Marko Perälä Sense-Sharer The creature shares d6-1 (minimum 1) of his senses with other creatures in his surroundings. e.g. others see, what he sees or hear, what he hears. This affects even creatures that have lost their own sense in question. E.g. blind person can see through the creatures eyes. Skill penalties may be in order if targets get multiple sensory inputs, seeing things from 2 places at once can be quite confusing. Roll d6:

1. Only while touching
2. For d10 minutes after touch
3. For d10 hours after touch
4. With anyone in radius of creatures POW in meters.
5. As if an attack spell mp vs. mp, targeted against a target within sight.
6. Roll again, but targets own sense doesn't function during the effect.

Gift perception


Marko Perälä Impact Storer The creature can absorb one hit of kinetic energy made against it by expending one MP (before armor is subtracted from damage). The creature doesn't take any damage from the absorbed hit and can store only one hit at the time. The creature can release the hit into any target it happens to be touching any time he wants to by expending anothet mp. A succesful natural attack also counts as a touch in which case the damage of the absorbed hit is added to the damage of the natural attack. Gift offense


Marko Perälä Multi-action The creature can perform d3+1 actions at once. None of these activities hinders any of the others, unless an activity requires a use of an organ or limb that is needed for something else. You can swing only one weapon in each hand. E.g. the creature could strike with a sword, kick, recite poetry and maintain an active spell at the same strike rank. 50% chance that the ability is accompanied with a split personality for each action. Notice that this ability doesn't increase the amount of actions per melee round so unless otherwise enhanced the creature can still perform only two actions per MR. Of course additional activities can be maintained spells. Gift offense


Marko Perälä Quick Enchanter The creature can perform ritual magic as quickly as regular magic, 1 POW per SR. However there is an 80% chance that the regular spells the creature throws don't work without applying Ceremony to them. There is also a 20% chance that the creature can throw regular spells only at the speed of 1 mp per hour, so spellmaking speeds are in effect switched. There is a further 5% chance that the creature cannot throw regular spells at all. Other magic


Marko Perälä Duller Any weapon that comes in touch with the creature is affected by Dullblade-effect of strength d10 as per the spirit magic spell (in d20, each point of Dullblade would subtract 1 from both to-hit and damage). This reduces the damage taken from such weapons and also affects the weapons the creature uses itself. Other defense


Marko Perälä Breeder 2 The result of any succesful breeding attempt the creature makes is an inanimate object or material. E.g. sword, money, wooden statuette of the creature, food etc. Basically any object from the found items list will do. There is a 10% chance object changes every time, 5% chance the object is valuable, and a 1% chance that the object is magical. Other reproduction


Marko Perälä Breeder The result of any succesful breeding attempt the creature makes is of a different species than the creature itself. Roll d8:

1. Broo (remember broobirth) [or the chestburster in Alien. ->PM]
2. scorpion man
3. walktapus
4. ogre
5. dragonsnail
6. Gorp (Remember acid burns the mother when born)
7. Cockatrice
8. Other (Any species. 50% chance with a chaos taint, 20% chance with a chaos feature)

Other reproduction


william harbord Wall-Walker Creature has the abilility to walk on walls. It can move at its full move rate on any solid surface available (walls, ceilings.etc.). If an attempt to pull off is made, roll creatures STR+SIZ vs attacker's STR+SIZ. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Sensitive One or more of the victim's senses (randomly determined) is 1 - 10 times more effective than normal. As a result, the affected organ(s) are also proportionally larger. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Slinky Effect One or more of the victim's hit locations become extremely stretchable, up to twice their normal length. Takes half damage from crushing weapons, but only half of their STR applies to their damage bonus (due to inferior leverage) when attacking with an affected limb. There is a 5% chance that either restriction (half crushing damage or half-STR damage bonus) does not, in fact, pertain - Chaos can do anything. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Magnetic Connections One or more of the creature's hit locations is not physically connected, but has a magical "magnetic" connection. The location can be severed, or knocked off by a crushing attack, but 3/4 of the damage is stun damage and only 1/4 is real. The location may be reattached by simply picking it up and putting it into place. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Ice Monster The victim's body turns into ice. If it cannot find a way to stay cold, it melts. There is a 5% chance that the melted body does not die, and can take form again in cold weather. There is also a 5% chance that the creature can generate a field of cold around its body that maintains freezing temperatures under normal conditions (but it can still be melted by fire and extreme heat). Creature takes double damage from crushing weapons, and half damage from slashing/piercing weapons. Curse cold


Peter Maranci The Hamburger Effect The victim looks as if they were dumped into a meat grinder, ground into fine hamburger, and then sculpted back into their original shape. Subtract 3d6+20 points from their APP. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Invisible Blood Creature's blood is invisible. Wounds become difficult to perceive. Other appearance


Marko Perälä Robotic The creature turns into a mechanical construct. All its statistics remain the same, except for APP, which becomes 0 for normal non-mechanical people. The creature's needs may change depending on his stucture. He also becomes highly vulnerable to water. He may also be able to self-repair as a healing rate. In any case healing spells and medicine skills have no further effect on him and damage must be fixed with a Repair spell or by a blacksmith. Other effects at the decision of the GM. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Discord-Bringer Once per day at sunrise this creature grows a small apple from a random hit location. This apple, when eaten, returns the eater to the age of peak maturity (approximately 18 years old for human beings, for example). The "youthening" process takes 1d6 days. Once the effect is over, aging resumes normally. Each apple much be eaten on the day it was grown; they shrivel up and fall off at sundown. Each apple eaten gives a cumulative 20% chance of chaotic taint and 1d3 accompanying chaos features/curses. There is a 10% cumulative chance per apple eaten that the natural aging process speeds up by 100%, i.e. the creature begins to age two days every day. This accellerated aging process can "stack"; if a creature suffers it three times they will age eight times faster than a normal creature. This effect confers no bonus or positive effect in any way; reflexes, reaction speed, and learning time all remain normal. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Limited This creature's chaotic effect is limited to creatures of one kind only. Roll 1d10:

1-3 - Affects non-chaotic creatures only.
4-6 - Affects chaotics only.
7 - Intelligent creatures only.
8 - Non-sapients only.
9 - Spirits only.
10 - Creatures which are neither chaotic nor non-chaotic (i.e. Illuminated creatures, for example). Roll again to determine actual feature, discarding

Other modifer


Peter Maranci Healing Aura Every creature within its POW in meters distance from this creature automatically heals 1d4 hit points per round. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Turbo When this creature enters combat, it undergoes a supercharging effect. This takes the form of a series of "surges", which take place every 1d3+2 rounds.
Each surge adds 1d6+2 each to STR, CON, and SIZ. They subtract 1d4 from APP (APP can go under 0 from this effect without killing the creature - the effect produces horror in onlookers, however, who experience a Demoralize effect if they fail to resist the creature's POW). The creature undergoes 1d6+3 surges. While under this effect the creature is effectively Fanaticised, per the spell (attacks are made at +50% skill, but the creature is unable to defend).
The surges are extremely dangerous not only for the creature's enemies, but for the creature itself. The energy produced by the surges is so intense that the creature must lose at least two hit points worth of blood (i.e. take at least 2HP damage) per surge. If it does not take at least that much damage before the next surge, its body begins to explode from the internal forces involved, taking 1d4+2 HP of damage to a random location. Locations which take explosion damage bleed copiously, leaking 1d3 HP of blood per round.
Surges and explosion damage take place at the beginning of the combat round.
Once the creature has undergone 1d6+3 surges the process ends in violent spasms and total collapse. The creature's SIZ returns to normal, as does its APP. Its STR is temporarily reduced to 1 point; it recovers STR at a rate of 1 point per minute.
Gift offense


Peter Maranci Theme Music This creature always has its own theme music playing in the background at all times. There is a 5% chance that this theme music is so well done that it gives the creature a 5% bonus on all skills during combat due to inspirational effect. The theme music also gives the creature (and anyone it is with) a 35% penalty to all Sneak and Hide rolls, as well as its chance to surprise others (unless they are unable to hear). This creature is very unlikely to be able to surprise others in combat. Other weird


Peter Maranci Breaker Any weapon held or touched by this creature breaks. There is a 50% chance that this power applies to weapons which are inflicting damage on the creature, in which case the weapon may survive by a resistance roll: (points of POW used to enchant the weapon x 5%) vs. the creature's POW. This resistance must be rolled for every successful attack. If the weapon is destroyed, the attack was still successful and deals the rolled damage.
The power takes one of three forms:
Broken weapons are either A) repairable, B) have a chance to be repairable equal to a random percentage rolled when the weapon is broken, or C) forever unrepairable.
Other defense


Peter Maranci Balancer Damage to any of the creature's extremities is split between all equivalent extremities. For example, a humanoid receiving a ten-point sword wound in the right arm would instead receive two identical 5-point wounds, one in the right arm and one in the left. The same balancing applies to legs. If the amount of damage received is odd, the total is rounded down. There is no effect on non-extremities. Gift defense


Marko Perälä Anti-Magical The creature disintegrates all magic and magical things as soon as they come in contact with him. Spells have no effect on him. All magic items are destroyed for the part that touch him in addition of not making damage. All magical weapons used against him lose hit points the amount of damage they make. For example a sword hit would lose a length of it. Same applies to creatures that can only be damaged with magic weapons. A werewolf taking a bite off the creature would lose most of its head instead. Gift defense


Marko Perälä Knife If the creature ever wears a shirt, he will always have a throwing knife in his sleeve, even if he just took one out. Gift offense


Marko Perälä Switch The creature turns into a random individual creature. Transformation takes d6 MR and is complete with body, mind and soul. The other creature turns also into the creature that received the feature. In effect both creatures switch places and become tainted with chaos. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Fire-Eyes Creature's eyes are replaced by small red flames, which are very frightening to see (depending on the system, there may be a fear or sanity roll required by viewers). There is a 15% chance that these flames can be blown out by an enemy, in which case the creature is blind until relit. Other transformation


Marko Perälä Shifter The creature shifts randomly between spirit plane and real world every d6 hours. While in spirit plane the creature is like a spirit and can engage in spirit combat. His body is ethereal while in spirit plane. Other transportation


Ken Murphy Affinity for Fire The creature remains unaffected by a number of D6s of flame/ heat damage equal to its POW. The creature is able to perform very minor warming of an item with a successful roll of POW x5. The creature is able to create the equivalent of a candle's flame for 1 MP per Melee. To produce the equivalent of an “Ignite” spell requires 1MP, and is instant. Each 2MP expended in an ignition attempt produces a fire of 1D6 intensity. To successfully use its powers, the creature's player must succeed with a POW x3 roll. To successfully ignite a victim into flames of the appropriate intensity, require the victim's MP be overcome. Should the creature ever expend more than half its MP in a burning attempt *and* a 00 Fumble occur on the POW x3 roll, it loses focus of its powers, and is consumed from the inside out in an episode of Spontaneous [creature type] Combustion; taking the damage it was hoping to inflict on the target to its very own Total Hit Points. Should the creature manage to survive such an unfortunate event, roll 1D3, and reduce that number of characteristics by 1D4pts each. In addition, APP is reduced by 1D6 (or 2D6, depending on GM whim). Gift defense


Ken Murphy Bad Tooth The creature has at least 1 bad tooth (GM roll 1D4) that bothers it for the entire day each time a POW x 5 roll is missed. A 00 fumble indicates the creature suffers continuous tooth pain from that point forward until something is done to remedy the situation. Ordinary tooth pain subtracts -05% from all rolls for the day, while continuous tooth pain subtracts -10% from all rolls until the tooth is either successfully treated or removed. Should this feature be rolled subsequently, triple the effects each time. Curse disability


Ken Murphy Sense Favorite Foods The creature's senses are somehow able to pick up the fact that its favorite food is nearby with a successful POW x3 roll. The range is a number of kms equal to its POW x2. It might simply be that the thing's stomach is driving it, or perhaps a chance breeze has blown the smell toward it. This ability can be used as a sort of compass. Gift perception


Ken Murphy Berserker Given the proper stimuli, the creature is able to work itself to a murderous fury after psyching up for a number of Melees equal to its POW; after which his chance of going Berserk is a missed INTx1 roll each Melee. While enraged, the Berserker's STR is 1D10+35. CON is doubled. The Berserker remains in this state until Ftg loss eventually reduces the chance of any CON rolls to zero, at which point he is finally overcome by exhaustion. Recovering from this severe exhaustion requires either a miraculous CONx1 roll, or 5D8+16 hours of complete rest. Once filled with Battle Rage, the Berserker can attempt to regain its self-control each Melee with a successful INT x1 roll. A Berserker is able to dull a single edged or bladed weapon with a glance each Melee. This requires a POWx3 roll, and the weapon is treated as if it had a Dullblade-4 cast on it. A blunted weapon remains in such a state until repaired. Blunt weapons do no damage, though the Berserker may still suffer Knockback normally. Edged weapons do 1/2 damage. Standard Missile strikes (excluding such things as Arbalest bolts and the like) will do no damage unless a Special or Critical success occurs; in which case a Special does 1pt of damage, and a Critical inflicts normal damage. All of the Creature's Attack skills are doubled for the duration, while all Parries and Dodges are halved. Incapacitation can be avoided with a successful CON x3 roll. Facing such a terrible foe, any opponent will be Demoralized if a POW x5 roll is missed. Should an opponent have some familiarity with facing Berserkers, the roll is instead POW x3. When reduced to 2 or fewer Total HP, Berserkers do not go unconscious. When reduced to zero or fewer Total HP, a CON x3 roll allows the Creature to continue fighting for another Melee before keeling over. Should the Creature successfully offset Death that Melee, it can try again the next Melee at CON x2, then CON x1, etc. Gift offense


Marko Perälä Living Armor Any armor the creature is carrying fuses with him and becomes a living creature. Armor has SIZ same as carriers, other attributes are same as AP:s. The armor works as an allied spirit for its carrier and if the creature loses consiousness it can use its own STR to move and keep fighting or take its carrier to safety. If the carrier dies, the armor becomes independent although the carrier's rotting corpse remains inside it. This may cause the illusion of a zombie or skeleton. Gift defense


Marko Perälä Stormsong Whenever the creature sings, a storm breaks out and the creatures surroundings get soaked. This happens even indoors. Thunder and lightning occur with 50% propability. Gift offense, weird


Marko Perälä Unchanged The creature stays in the same condition as it was at the time that it received the chaos feature - for the rest of eternity. It doesn't age, lose hp, fp or mp and all its characteristics and physical skills remain the same. They cannot be raised or lowered in any way. The creature cannot lose a spirit combat, but it also needs an external mp source for spellcasting. The creature cannot be wounded, but it can be affected with effects that don't affect any traits such as sever spirit or befuddle. Creature also doesn't eat, drink, excrete or breathe. Also any wounds that the creature had won't heal or close, but they do stop bleeding. Gift defense


Marko Perälä True Pessimist When ever the creature makes an estimate / statement / prediction / claime about the future that would make things worse for him and his friends that prediction becomes reality. Curse weird


Marko Perälä Sleep Travel The creature never wakes up in the place where he went to sleep. Roll d6.

1. Sleepwalks
2. Sleeplevitates
3. Teleports to a random place 10 seconds after falling asleep.
4. Teleports to a random place 10 seconds before waking.
5. A chaos demon appears and carries the creature elsewhere. The creature won't wake up before destination unless harmed.
6. Seemingly random chain of events cause the creature to end up in different location.

The creature is never harmed or woken during these events. Example: Landslide pushes the sleeping creature into a river, where it floats downriver for a couple of kilometers. A bear catches it and drags it towards its home cave, but gets killed by a pit trap. The creature then falls through the ground into a dwarf tunnel, where he lands on a garbage train. The dwarfs do not notice this and dump the creature into the garbage heap outside their fortress. The creature wakes up later in a trash pile without knowledge of this adventure.

Curse transportation


Marko Perälä Random Place The creature teleports d10 times a day to a random place that is not immediately lethal. 20% chance the creature can decide the target place. 20% chance the creature can decide the time of teleport. Other transportation


Marko Perälä Zombie Maker Any creature killed by the creature are raised as zombies d10 mr later. 10% chance the creature can also control the zombies made. 50% chance the zombies have some INT and are very pissed off. Other weird


Marko Perälä Out of Sync The creature appears to be d6 meters away from its actual place. Chances to hit reduced by distance x 10%. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Universal Graftee This creature is able to successfully receive transplants and grafts from any life form. Organs and limbs may be added to this creature through simple cutting and grafting techniques. Unnatural grafts are possible, i.e. a wingless creature might gain the power of flight by grafting wings onto itself, or the power to breathe water by grafting gills. There is a 10% chance that the creature may cross-graft from other living kingdoms (the vegetable kingdom, for example, a 2% chance that it may graft to itself from the inanimate, and a 1% chance that it can graft from the spirit kingdom. Grafted parts are likely to become permanently tainted with chaos; there is a 90% chance every day. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci X-ray Eyes - Flesh The creature's vision is able to penetrate flesh - and only flesh - with ease. In all other ways its vision is normal. Gift perception


Peter Maranci After Death Upon dying, the creature animates as a lich. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Electro-touch The creature gains a natural electical/lightning attack by touch. The first touch does 4d6 electrical damage, and each additional attack does 1d6 less. The fifth touch does no damage. The creature regains one die of electrical potential per hour. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Boiled The creature looks as if its flesh has been boiled; red, scalded-looking, and sagging from its bones. There is a 50% chance that the creature also feels as if its flesh has been boiled, and suffers constant debilitating pain (-50% to all actions) as a result. In any case APP is reduced by 75%. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Universal Donor Every part of this creature can be transplanted successfully into any other creature, and will function perfectly. Limbs and organs can even be grafted onto non-appropriate areas, for example an arm can be grafted onto the top of the head or to a foot. There is a 15% chance that the creature is able to regenerate lost limbs and organs at a rate of 1HP per 1d10 hours/days/weeks/years. Any creature that receives a graft also gains the taint of chaos; even the removal of the grafted item will not remove that taint. There is a 1% chance that a graft will slowly "take over" the host over a period of 1d6 years, in which case they will either become an exact copy of the donor creature or simply become a chaos monster. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Asperger's Syndrome Creature immediately develops Asperger's Syndrome, giving it a flat affect and making it difficult for the creature to read social cues. Communication bonus drops to 0%. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Autism Creature immediately develops autism. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Sinus Creature has permanent problems with its sinus cavity or species equivalent. It constantly snuffles loudly, reducing Hide and Sneak by 90%. Curse disability


Chet Fergison Wish Everything the creature wishes for becomes a reality. It only lasts for 300 hours then dissapears. For wishes that affect the lives of other characters there is a 50% chance that it will backfire and harm the creature. Gift magic


Chet Fergison Banana The victim merges with a banana to sprout banana-like features: a peel, yellow skin, etc. As the victim ages it may recieve bruises. Skin becomes edible. All abilities besides INT remain intact. Roll a d4 to determine the new INT. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci In Through The Out Door The creature ingests with its organs of excretion and excretes with its organs of ingestion. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Reverse The products of one or more process of ingestion/excretion/respiration are reversed, i.e. if human, the creature inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Too Hot The creature always feels too hot. 50% chance this is only subjective, otherwise it feels too hot to others, too. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Too Cold The creature always feels too cold. 50% chance this is only subjective, otherwise it feels too cold to others, too. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Yuck! Creature contracts Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 50% chance of paralyzing cramps and violent voiding during moments of crisis. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Eraser This creature may completely negate one injury to itself per day. 5% chance that it may erase 1d6 injuries, 1% chance that it can erase the injuries of others. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Self-Immune This creature may survive and instantly undo ANY injury it does to itself . It may frighten potential opponents by hacking off its own arm, for example, and instantly growing it back. But injuries caused by others affect it normally. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Pain Sharer Creature shares its pain with all others within a 1d100 meters. 5% chance that this relieves its own pain. Each point of pain (damage) shared subtracts 5% from all rolls. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Languid Lothario Chaos has given this creature +1000% to its Seduction skill, but has erased its libido completely and permanently. Curse skill


Peter Maranci Changer One or more randomly selected parts of the creature changes kingdom (vegetable, animal, mineral, or spirit) every day. 5% chance that which part(s) also changes every day. 10% chance that changes happen more or less often, determined by GM. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Lucky Charm All of creature's friends and allies within 1d10 x 10 meters add its POW to their percentage chance for success on all activities. There is no effect on the creature itself. Gift offense, defense


Peter Maranci Jinx All of creature's friends and allies within 1d10 x 10 meters subtract its POW from their percentage chance for success on all activities. There is no effect on the creature itself. Curse offense, defense


Peter Maranci Stopped All growth stops. Hair, skin, and any other natural growth. 10% chance this includes all natural healing, 1% chance this effect also stops aging. Gift appearance


Peter Maranci Shrivelled The creature's flesh is compressed to 1/10 of its normal volume, without losing mass. As a result it appears to be a living skin-covered skeleton. However, all biological processes continue normally. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Exchanger Exchanger: This creature can exchange skills with any other creature it touches. Determine the details of the creature's feature by selecting or rolling 1d100 for an option in each of these categories:

Cost: 1-50 - There is no cost for skill exchange. 51-75 - Creature must expend 1 MP to initiate each skill exchange. 76-85 - Creature must expend 1d6 MP to initiate each skill exchange. 86-95 - Creature must expend 1d6x1d6 (1-36) MP to initiate each skill exchange. 96-100 - Creature must expend 1 point of permanent Power to initiate each skill exchange.

Duration: 1-25 - 1d6 rounds. 26-50 - 1d20 rounds. 51-60 - 1d10 minutes. 61-70 - 1d10 hours. 71-80 - 1d10 days. 81-90 - 1d10 weeks. 91-95 - 1d10 months or seasons. 96-99 - 1d10 years. 100 - permanent exchange.

Self-Control: 1-24 - Creature may choose which skill it will exchange, and for how many points. 25-48 - Creature may choose the skill, but the number of points are randomly determined. 49-72 - Creature may choose the number of points, but which skill is randomly determined. 73-96 - Both skill and # of points are randomly determined. 97-100 - Changeable; roll 1d4 each day to determine nature of creature's self-control for that day.

Other-Control: 1-24 - Creature may choose which skill of its victim it will exchange, and for how many points. 25-48 - Creature may choose the skill, but the number of points are randomly determined. 49-72 - Creature may choose the number of points, but which skill is randomly determined. 73-96 - Both skill and # of points are randomly determined. 97-100 - Changeable; roll 1d4 each day to determine nature of creature's other-control for that day.

Efficiency: 1-50 - For every skill point the creature gives up, it receives one skill point. 51-62 - Creature gains 2 skill points for each one it gives up. 63-73 - Gains 1d4 points per point. 74-85 - Creature must expend 2 skill points for each point it receives. 86-96 Creature must expend 1d4 skill points for each point it receives. 97-98 - Gains 1d10 points per point. 99-100 - Expends 1d10 points per point.

Other skill, transformation


Peter Maranci Real Hypochondriac This creature catches any disease it is exposed to or even hears about. It cannot actually die of disease, however. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Balancer This creature can instantly heal itself of damage by expending 1 magic point per point of damage. 5% chance that the creature can also draw on stored magic points or spirits to accomplish this, 1% chance that it can ONLY draw on external available sources. Otherwise it is restricted to its own personal MPs. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Forced Balancer This creature MUST instantly heal itself of damage by expending 1 magic point per point of damage. At the GM's option, it either must heal itself until all available sources of healing are gone, or alternatively, it dies if it does not heal an injury within one round. There is a 5% chance that the creature can also draw on stored magic points or spirits to accomplish this. Other healing


Peter Maranci Washer The creature is obsessed about dirt and cleans itself fanatically - if dirtied in combat, for example, it will try to run to the nearest place where washing is possible. Other disability


Marko Perälä Harming Limit The creature lacks the ability to damage one type of enemies. type of target, roll d8: 1. A member of an enemy cult, e.g. Orlanthi. 2. A member of a specific species e.g. trolls. 3. Children. 4. Insane people. 5. Non-chaotics. 6. Sentient life in general. 7. Singing or dancing people. 8. People who haven't attacked the creature yet. type of limit, roll d6: 1. The creature cannot reduce targets hp:s with any means used, whether direct or indirect. 2. The creature cannot kill targets, the last hp simply won't be gone. 3. The creature cannot interact with targets in any way. 4. Every attempt to hit target is an automatic fumble. 5. The creature takes the damage himself instead of the target. 6. The creature freezes in time until the target is no longer in the way of the attack. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Fog Generator This creature is surrounded at all times by dense fog, extending approximately 5 meters in all directions. Other defense


Peter Maranci Born Again On being tainted with Chaos the creature instantly shrinks into its newborn form, retaining adult POW and INT only. It then grows up at a normal rate, if it survives. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Born Again 2 On being tainted with Chaos the creature instantly shrinks into its newborn form; there is a 50% chance that it retains adult POW and INT, otherwise its mind is also returned to an infant state. There is a 50% chance that when it grows up again, it turns into an enormous chaos monster rather than whatever it originally was. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Teeth Inside Teeth grow somewhere inside the creature's body, with no visible effect. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Sick This creature spends the rest of its life wrackingly sick from a non-fatal disease. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Harmless? The creature loses all natural weapons: teeth, nails, etc. It is still able to use weapons, however. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Born Again 3 On being tainted with Chaos the creature instantly changes into its newborn form - but at it's current SIZ. It then proceeds to mature at a normal rate, but its growth is proportional to its new "baby" size; it becomes a giant. 50% chance that it retains its adult memories, otherwise it develops a new personality. Other transformation


Marko Perälä Music Music can be heard always in the creatures vicinity. It changes tune by situations. When the creature tries to sleep it becomes a quiet lullaby and when he charges to battle it might turn to Wagner's Valkyrie. (of course the creature doesn't need to know, what the music is called.) There is a 50% chance that the music may warn the creature of the lurking danger by turning into Jaws theme song or something similar. When the creature is severely wounded the music turns sad. Each time there is a 30% chance (half for fanatics) that the enemies will be deeply touched and spare his life. Note: This feature is great for GMs that use background music while gaming. Other weird


Marko Perälä Life Eternal The creature's spirit occupies its body eternally, no matter what. The creature stops aging. If the body dies otherwise, it starts to rot, but won't stop functioning. After death the body stops healing and damage must be fixed with repair-spells or creative use of metal and wood. The creature's attributes other than APP won't diminish. If some body part is severed, it has to be re-attached with wire or something. Eventually the creature breaks apart and rots away. The spirit is free only if the whole body is destroyed. Gift weird


Marko Perälä Offense Anything the creature says is regarded as an insult by all intelligent creatures. All communication skill rolls other than critical successes are automatic fumbles. Curse communication


Marko Perälä Permanent Hangover Creature suffers from a permanent hangover. Curse disability


Marko Perälä Reversed Shadow 1 The creature's shadow is a mirror image. Other weird


Marko Perälä Reversed Shadow 2 The creature's shadow looks just like the creature is while the creature itself is a dark silhuette that changes greyness by the lighting just as a regular shadow. In sunlight the creature is coal black and in soft light it is nearly invisible. The shadow's picture is always clearly visible, though. Other weird


Marko Perälä Reversed Shadow 3 The creature's shadow shines with equal brightness as the light that causes it. Other weird


Marko Perälä Scareless Nobody ever takes the creature seriously. All of its attempts to cause fear or gain respect using skills, chaos features, spells or rude appearance fumble automatically and are a source of public amusement. In combat all the creatures enemies have to roll each melee round under their INT x 1 or they must ignore the creature (no attacks, dodge and parry halved) and even if they succeed, their attacks are sloppy and half-hearted (attacks halved). Curse defense


Tony Den Mushroom Man This is not really a chaos feature, but is so bizarre that many will think it is:
This feature is caused by an extremely rare species of fungus- a kind of super athletes foot meets truffle. To be infected, a creature (usually a human although other mammals may also be infected) must inhale the fungi's spores, which will mean they must be in the vicinity of another host. Should the spores take hold (resistance check - Spores active 15 vs. passive CON), the fungus body will grow within the host. After an incubation period of a year, during which the fungus will spread throughout the host body, concentrating mostly under the skin, it will start to reproduce.
Truffle shaped hoods will grow out of the hosts skin in irregular places and quantities. Once grown, they will start to drop their spores in the hopes of a new potential host being nearby. The hoods can be broken off, but will do 1D2 damage to global HP per hood removed in such a manner. Burning them will have the same result, with the added potential of causing further burn damage to the host.
After a three week reproductive period, the hoods will drop off on their own accord, only to reappear every few months. Sometimes only a few will appear, while at other times the whole body will be covered by hoods. the hoods grow at night, so a host could go to sleep looking normal and wake to find his whole body covered like a damp log in a forest.
The symbiosis displayed by the fungus is a form of parasitism. The fungus taps the hosts system for nutrients and uses said unfortunate to propagate itself. The host however, derives no benefit but in fact needs to consume a marginal amount of additional food (the fungus does not require too much in the form of nutrients) and of course suffers the discomfort of itching rashes as his body fights the invader as well as the blatant weirdness of having fungal growths sprout from all over his body.
The fungus is however reliant on its host for its own survival and will not kill its host. If a host takes ill, the fungus will also suffer and will rarely last long in a diseased creature. Similarly creatures of chaos, like Broos will only be affected for a short period, the fungus will wither and die in their diseased body soon after it sprouts.
Other weird


Tony Den Carbon Copy Creatures affected with this feature are able to replicate a whole new creature from any body part, which is parted from the main body. This is like a lizard losing its tail, but instead of the lizard growing a new tail, the tail grows a whole new lizard.
Thus if a reasonable portion of the original creature is hacked off, it will re-grow a new creature (even if the original creature dies). EG: An ogre loses its one arm, a new ogre will grow from the severed arm. The original ogre will not re-grow its lost arm without the aid of a re-grow limb spell or such. (A lizard will re-grow its tail/A salamander will re-grow its leg as it is natural for this to occur for these species.)
As the name implies, the carbon copy creature is not an exact copy of its original, but rather an inferior version. In Rune Quest, this would mean that each statistic drops by 1 form those of the creature being copied. Think of it as making photocopies of photocopies - sooner or later the resulting copy will be useless. The same would apply for the creature with this chaos feature. Sooner or later, its copies will no longer posses the power to duplicate themselves - i.e.: Once one or more statistics reach zero. Thus a creature with an INT of 6 (lowest stat) would be able to produce 5 sub generations of itself. (First copy/generation would have an INT of 5, that copies prodigy/2nd generation would have an INT of 4, quid pro quo.)
In the above example of the ogre, it enters battle with a troll and is killed. In the process, it loses an arm and a large hunk of flesh is torn from its torso. Over a nominal period, two new ogres grow, one from the arm, one from the hunk of flesh. Both aren't as fast, strong, good looking or intelligent as their "father" but make do. They part ways and one soon loses a leg to a well swung blade. A new, shorter, uglier, weaker ogre grows from the leg.
Gift healing


Peter Maranci Living Statue The creature's bones fuse solidly to one another, rendering it totally unable to move. Curse weird


Peter Maranci Weather Reflector The weather in the creature's immediate vicinity changes to reflect the creature's mood. If it is happy, the weather is sunny and clear, if angry, stormy and dark, etc. This effect extends for 1d100+30 meters in all directions. Other weird


Peter Maranci Senseless Creature loses one or more senses in random hit location(s). Senses must be applicable (i.e. cannot lose sense of taste except in head). Curse perception


Peter Maranci Dorsally Symmetrical Creature's front is a copy of its back. In a human, this would mean that the face would be replaced by a second back of the head, with hair. This effect can instead affect a random hit location(s), rather than the whole body. Curse weird


Peter Maranci Spelling Being Creature is afflicted with a compulsion to spell everything it says. S-A-Y-S. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Face Behind This creature has a face on the back of its head. The face is fully functional, making it virtually impossible to sneak up on this creature. The new face can also cast spells while the rest of the creature does other things, if such spells require vocalization only. There is a 20% chance that the back-facing face is an opposite gender version of the creature, a 10% chance that it is of a different individual of that creature's race, and a 1% chance that the new extra face is of a totally different species. In any case the new face is under the complete control of the creature. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Ventrally Symmetrical The back side of this creature is a copy of the front: not only is there a face, but back of the body acquires the same appearance and abilities as the front. The body becomes fully double-jointed. There is a 20% chance that the back-facing side is an opposite gender version of the creature, a 10% chance that it is of a different individual of that creature's race, and a 1% chance that the new back/front is of a totally different species. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Ventrally Doubled The back side of this creature is a copy of the front: not only is there a face, but back of the body acquires the same appearance and abilities as the front. The body becomes fully double-jointed. There is a 20% chance that the back-facing side is an opposite gender version of the creature, a 10% chance that it is of a different individual of that creature's race, and a 1% chance that the new back/front is of a totally different species. The body of the creature is doubled in thickness, as if a copy of the original was stood back-to-back with the original and then fused to it. SIZ increases by 100%.
Roll 1d100 each for STR and CON:

01 - Characteristic increases by 1d4+1%
02-10 - Characteristic increases by 100%
11-25 - Characteristic increases by 50%
26-90 - Characteristic stays unchanged
91-99 - Characteristic decreases by 50%
100 - Characteristic decreases by 100%.

There is a 10% chance that INT is increased by 1d10-3, and a 20% chance of insanity.

Other weird


Peter Maranci Ventral Spider The creature becomes ventrally symmetrical (q.v.), but the new backward-facing limbs are not connected to the originals along their length. For a humanoid, this results in 4 arms and 4 legs, two of each facing forward and 2 backward. There is a 10% chance that the creature is also ventrally doubled, as above. Moving with doubled legs is likely to prove a serious challenge; depending on exerience with this arrangement of limbs, the creature will suffer a -90% to -5% penalty to movement rates and skills which require use of legs (climb, for example) with appropriate modifications by the GM. Curse weird


Peter Maranci Ventral Illusion Creature has the appearance of one of the ventral effects (q.v.), but the rear-facing portions lack both senses and abilities. Curse weird


Peter Maranci Thief of Thoughts This creature is automatically in mental contact with anyone it fights (alternatively, anyone who touches it). It can read surface thoughts only. It compulsively repeats the thoughts it "hears" aloud. Other communication


Peter Maranci Morpher This creature is able to shift points from any of its characteristics to different ones at will. Shifting requires one strike rank of concentration. There is a 50% chance that characteristic morphing includes a physical change. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Hamburger Helper One of this creature's attacking appendages (a hand, for a humanoid) grows and changes shape. Large, intimidating sharp boney structures come to the surface. The appendage is now a huge meat grinder. If the grinder successfully attaches itself to an enemy, it will begin to grind whatever it has hit. The damage done by the grinder never heals, because the tissue has literally been ground away. The target may attempt to free itself each round in a STR vs. STR contest. The grinder does 1d2 damage per 1d6 that the creature's race rolls for SIZ. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Strengthener Whoever fights this creature gains 1 point of STR per round that the combat continues. There is a 5% chance that this increase may exceed personal maximum, and a 1% chance that there IS no maximum for this increase. To determine the rate of STR loss after combat ceases, roll 1d100:

1-29 - STR disappears the instant combat ends
30-36 - STR fades 1 point per round after end of combat
37-43 - STR fades 1 point per minute after end of combat
44-50 - STR fades 1d3 points per hour after end of combat
51-57 - STR fades 1d3 points per day after end of combat
58-64 - STR fades 1d3 points per week after end of combat
65-71 - STR fades 1d6 points per year after end of combat
72-78 - STR suddenly disappears whenever the character begins their next combat
79-85 - All added STR instantly disappears 1d100 minutes/hours/days after end of combat
86-92 - All added STR instantly disappears when the character does a specific action which has been pre-determined by the GM (examples: cast a spell, sleep, lie, eat, pray, make a STR check)
93-99 - STR disappears at the absolute worst time possible
100 - STR never disappears There is a 50% chance that the recipients of the added strength have been tainted with chaos as a result of this gift.

There is a 95% chance that all added STR received by the "victims" of this chaos creature lose all added STR upon the death of the creature. If they have been tainted with Chaos, there is a 1% chance that they keep the taint even after the contaminating creature has died.

Curse weird


Peter Maranci The Horrible Skinless Thing! Creature loses its skin, but is completely unharmed. However, it is utterly horrible to look at. -2d6+12 APP. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Ancient, My Enemy This creature appears really, really old; decrepit, actually, and therefore almost harmless. However, this is only a matter of appearance. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Youthful, My Enemy This creature appears to be extremely young, and therefore probably harmless. However, this is only a matter of appearance – it is fully functional at whatever its actual age is. Other appearance


Peter Maranci That Disembodied Brain! Once afflicted by Chaos this creature's brain erupted out of its skull as its body died. However, the disembodied brain horribly manages to live on. There is an 80% chance that it can still percieve the outside world with one or more senses, a 70% chance that it can communicate with other with a sort of free Mindspeech that does not required subvocalization on its part, and a 50% chance that it can fly. Any skills which are still applicable are retained by the horrible brain. Don't ask me how it eats or breathes, because I don't know. :) Curse disability


Peter Maranci Sensible Creature is extremely sensible, and will not do anything dangerous or stupid. Gift mental


Peter Maranci Silly Creature is unbearably silly. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Corny Creature is painfully corny. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Confusing Converser This creature's mind is extremely confusing, subtracting 15% to 35% (-1d6 x 5% + 10%) from the mental skills of anyone that it has a conversation with (including any allies it has!). The effect wears off 1d6 rounds after conversation ends. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Tempus Fugit The speed of all of this creature's life processes have been increased by x1d6. It heals, regenerates hit points, attacks, and moves faster than normal creatures. It also ages and bleeds at the same increased rate. GMs: Careful with this one. If this creature has an effective attack, it could easily be a party-killer - particularly if it's a 6x. Gift temporal


Peter Maranci Tempus Lente All life processes of this creature have been slowed by 1d6 times: 1=50%, 2=25%, 3=13%, 4=6%, 5=3%, 6=1.5% (and the creature will appear to be almost immobile). Curse temporal


Peter Maranci Sweet Tooth The creature has an unquenchable, overpowering craving for sweet stuff, even at the expense of its life. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Sweet Tooth II The teeth of this creature are made out of sugar, and will crumble whwn it tries to bite anything. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Pieceful Monster Some portion(s) of this creature's body (random hit location) has died and disappeared. It can fashion a fully functioning replacement from natural (rare?) substances, but the replacements wear out and must be replaced often. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Trusting This creature cannot believe that anyone anywhere would ever want to hurt it. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Fast Healer Natural healing rate increased by 1d10. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Spirit Shielded Damage dealt to this creature comes off of its magic points. It only loses hit points when it is down to 1 magic point. There is a 10% chance that the creature may draw on stored magic points for damage absorption, and a 1% chance that it may draw on living things that it is touching (a POW vs. POW roll is required in that case, however). Gift defense


Peter Maranci Good Friend This creature is unable to harm its friends. For example, if it fires missiles into the midst of a melee between its friends and enemies, they will never strike its friends. Gift weird


zabou Squidlike The creature can spit ink. Gift offense


zabou Flamethrower The creature can throw flames. Gift offense


zabou Crab Arm The creature's left arm is a giant crab-like claw. Gift offense


zabou Xenophiliac The creature automatically falls in love with any member of the opposite sex of species other than its own (except trolls!!). Curse mental


zabou Lazy Glutton The creature must eat twice more and sleep 1d6 more (if 1=same). Curse disability


Peter Maranci Thief If injured, this creature may exchange the damage in one hit location with a victim on a successful touch. The touch may be parried or dodged. Armor does not protect from the touch. There is a 10% chance that the Thief may also exchange spell effects by touch, i.e. if it is Slowed it may transfer that effect to someone else. A POW vs. POW roll may be required in this case. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Thief II This creature has a Hide and Sneak of 500% only when it is actively engaged in stealing something. Gift skill


Peter Maranci Blamer Whenever anything bad happens around this creature, it immediately blames it on someone or something else. If its POW overcomes the INT of a creature within earshot, they will believe it or at the very least be confused as to the culprit. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Burner Anyone who engages this creature in missile, spell, spirit or melee combat is immediately engulfed in flames. The flames do 2d6 damage per round, affecting 1d3 hit locations (rerolled each round). Armor protects against this damage, but can be damaged by the fire. Gift offense


Hillwalker Linguist Creature understands and is able to speak all contemporary languages perfectly and ancient languages exceptionally well. Gift communication


Hillwalker Floatin' an' Sinkin' Creature can stand on unstable materials where it would normally sink or fall. It can, for example, safely walk on water, marshland and even on air, if s/he wants to. Unfortunately, the creature will sink if s/he steps on materials that are usually walkable. For instance, a broo with this ability can walk on water but if he steps on solid ground - or even on a shabby pier - his hoof will sink into the material. In such cases, the creature can save itself by getting on a ground that is stable for it (eg water). Otherwise the creature will sink straight down. Where, no one knows. Other transportation


Hillwalker Reverse Healing Creature is completely protected from attacks, because every blow s/he gains -mundane or magical - will only make him/her stronger. Paradoxically, if a healing spell is targeted to the creature, s/he will deal it as an attack. For instance, if the creature is affected by a Healing Spell that regenerates, say, 3 HP, s/he will reversely LOSE 3 HP. The use of healing herbs will have the impact of extreme heat/cold or acid. Gift defense


Hillwalker Flaming Fart Creature farts like a flame thrower, the range depending from the size of the fart. Gift offense


Hillwalker Reversed Excretion Creature can only eat dung and drink urine. As a plus side, s/he will excrete edible food and drink. Other nutrition


Hillwalker Extreme Schizophrenia Creature has multiple personalities. But unlike in 'common' schizophrenia, even the physical form of the creature will change with the personality switches. Roll d10 for the number of personalities, then d100 divided by 2 for the specific personality. The change between personalities cannot be controlled at will, the shape-changing will happen d6+1 times per day and the process of shape changing will last for d10 rounds when the creature is most vulnerable (HP at 10) Personalities: 1. Female Eurmali, age 30, left eye missing. 2. Depressed Boggle 3. Hermaphrodite Broo, hyperactive 4. Fanatic Dark Troll male, age 54 5. Harpie 6. Hypocrite Morocanth male 7. Male Praxian, age 29, mute 8. Malkioni wizard, male, age 49, always forgetting things. 9. Crippled Pamaltelan, male, age 19, manic depressive 10. Scout Dragonewt, insane (sane in human standards) 11. Female Pelorian, age 25, always looking for a new sleeping partner 12. Maniac scorpionman 13. Blind prophet, age 72 14. Bully Minotaur, age 30 15. Cowardly centaur, male, age 29 16. Sea-sick Waertagi male, age 31 20. Krarshtkid 21. Walktapus 22. Orlanthi farmer, male, age 43 23. Kralorelan female, age 66, virgin priestess 24. Diamond Dwarf with an exceptionally long nose 25. Green Elf male, age 40, with his left arm cut off. 26. Krjalki 27. Pelorian harem eunich, age 45, sexually frustrated 28. Babeester Gori, age 51, willing to kill any male at sight 29. Simple-minded Tusk Rider, age 61 30. Human male, age 50, infected with leper 31. Broo larva 32. Beautiful human female, age 19, catatonic 33. Basmoli hunter, age 30, hates trolls. 34. Hallucinating Manirian, male, age 36 35. Yellow elf, male, age 50, dislikes humans. 36. Handsome Lunar nobleman, age 27, can't stand strong smells. 37. Kolating male, age 47, speaks in riddles. 38. Yelmalian warrior, male, age 34, in love with the first Earth priestess he sees. 39. Yelornan warrior, female human, age 29, refuses to speak to non-humans. 40. Exceptionally ugly ogre who can't control his anthropomorphic ways, male, age 42 41. Donandari bard, human male, age 23, womanizer 42. Gluttonous Tarhite, male, age 47 43. Comical trollkin male, age 49 44. Lunar warrior, age 37, demands to know who stole his armor 45. Female vampire with a taste for young boys 46. Human baby boy 47. Hump-backed child, male, age 11 48. Pamaltelan chieftain, age 55, always wants to be in charge 49. Esrolian Ernalda the Leader devotee, age 49, bossy 50. Duck (Durulz) exotic dancer, female, age 28, has a thing for humans. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Total Reversal Everything affects the creature in the exact opposite way than it would affect a normal person. A blow heals. Healing causes damage. Confusion spells make its mind sharper. Enhancing spells diminish it. Weapon-enhancing spells make its weapons do less damage. Instead of healing naturally, it naturally loses health every day (but can easily fix that by hitting itself or otherwise taking "damage"). It even ages backwards, and will eventually youthen to the point of nonexistence. Gift transformation


Headhunter The Thing Creature is highly chaotic and can regenerate even from tiniest pieces of itself. Any creature exposed to it, like eating or being bitten by it will transform victim to the creature. Creature can be destroyed permanently by acid or heat. Gift healing


Marko Perälä Daylife The creatures age waries by the time of day. At midnight it is born as a baby grows adulthood by dawn, is middle-aged at noon and crumbles to dust a minute before midnight only to be reborn again. Beyond this effect the creature does not age otherwise. It can be killed normally. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Unbreakable Grasp If this creature grasps something, its grip cannot be broken against its will. Even if the grasping limb is cut off, it will continue to grip tightly. The grasp might be broken if the creature is killed, but it is possible that even death will not break the grip. Gift offense


Peter Maranci No Barriers This creature may use any weapon or object - SIZ, STR, and DEX requirements do not exist for it. It can, for example, squeeze itself into armor far smaller than would normally fit - and can wield even a huge tree-trunk as a club. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Indestructible This creature is firmly convinced that it it totally indestructible and cannot be harmed in any way. It is wrong about this, however, and in fact has no special protection at all. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Stainer Anything this creature touches with its skin is permanently stained. If it touches someone with its hand, for example, it leaves a handprint. Removing the stains would be extremely difficult and involve magical intervention. Other weird


Peter Maranci Living Matrix Any spell this creature learns may be cast by any other creature that is touching it. It is likely that this creature will be the personal property of some powerful Chaos creature. Gift magic


Marko Perälä Reversed Darkness/Light To the creature the effects of darkness and light are reversed. Notice that this is not dark vision, but to the creature darkness is light and light is darkness. E.g. for the creature the sun radiates utter blackness and shadows are spots light enough to read by, etc. Other perception


Peter Maranci Very Shiny Creature's skin and surfaces look like polished metal. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Immune to Strength STR damage bonuses do not affect this creature. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Awful Word This creature knows a Word so horrible that every hearing thing in range fumbles whatever they are doing when they hear it (if in combat, they must roll on the fumble table). The Word is impossible to learn, and so difficult to say that it can only be uttered once every three rounds. Saying the Word counts as a combat action. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Magic Regenerator 1 This creature regenerates its personal magic points 100-600% (1d6 x 100%) faster than normal. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Magic Regenerator 2 Any creature within 1d20 meters of this creature regenerates its personal magic points 100-600% (1d6 x 100%) faster than normal. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Bossy Creature insists that it is always right. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Toothsome Creature grows fangs projecting from every possible body surface. Gains Hug attack at Grapple skill which does its SIZ/3 x 1d4 damage. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Annoying Creature becomes incredibly annoying. Some undefinable sneering quality about the creature causes virtually everything to have an extremely negative reaction to it. Any creature attacking it gets the equivalent of a Fanaticism spell for the duration of the attack. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Living Map Creature cannot get lost - has perfect knowledge of its location and all routes to and from it. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Scabber When wounded, the creature's blood instantly forms a thick scab on the wounded location. Roll 1d6 and consult the following table to determine scab effect:

1. 1-point armor
2. 1d3 armor
3. 1d6 armor
4. 1d10 armor
5. 1d20 armor
6. armor equal to the damage which caused the scab

There is a 50% chance that the creature's scabs are ablative, and are destroyed by damage.

Gift defense


Marko Perälä MP Giver Each time the creature has skin contact with something capable of having MPs, such as people, MP matrixes, or spirits, it will give it 1d3 MPs per melee round. This effect cannot be resisted or avoided. It is also almost impossible for the creature to win spirit combat. The target may recieve up to twice its own POW in MPs. Excess points are lost. Gift weird


Crion87 Twinned Creature must make a Save VS Spells (POW vs its own POW) when it is first affected or a twin of itself is created. The twin in every way is the same and memories prior to the separation are shared, but the alignment/personality of the twin is different to the original. 50% chance that the twin has another Chaotic feature. Other weird


Peter Maranci Red-nosed Creature's nose glows red. Minus 50% Hide. Other appearance


Peter Maranci 2-D Creature appears to be a 2-dimensional drawing of itself. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Unstable Form Under pressure creature turns into another form. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Transformer Able to transform into some sort of machine. 50% chance it is machine version of self (robot). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Self-Cannibal Can survive by eating its own extremities, which grow back within 24 hours. Other nutrition


Peter Maranci High Vitality Unnaturally high vitality: The creature has more hit points than its CON and SIZ allow. Roll 1d6:

1. +1d4
2. +1d6
3. +1d8
4. +1d10
5. +1d20
6. +1d100

Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci High Power Unnaturally high magic: Creature has more magic points than its POW would normally yield. These additional MPs are constant; if the creature's POW rises, its total MPs rise as well. Roll 1d6:

1. +1d4
2. +1d6
3. +1d8
4. +1d10
5. +1d20
6. +1d100

Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Rune Vulnerable Banished by the presence of one or more runes or elements. Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Invulnerable - Breath Completely invulnerable while holding breath. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Invulnerable - Still Completely invulnerable while holding still. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Invulnerable - Fetal Completely invulnerable while in fetal position. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Low Flyer Able to pull legs up off ground and float at normal walking speed and height from ground. There is a 50% chance that the creature must continue holding its legs in order to keep floating. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Eyelights Beams of light shoot out of creature's eyes at all times. There is a 10% chance that they even shine when its eyes are closed. -100% chance to Hide while eyes are shining, but no penalty to vision in the dark. 10% chance that beams are blinding when turned on an opponent. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Eyedarks Beams of darkness shoot out of creature's eyes at all times. Other perception


Marko Perälä Flower A flower of random type begins to grow from the creatures head or similar organ. If it should die due to cold, damage or lack of water or light, the creature dies too d6 hours later. Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Black Hole Midas All money possessed by this creature turns into sand at sunrise (or sunset). Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Black Hole Job All possessions of this creature turn into dust or disappear at sunrise or sunset. This includes clothes! Curse transformation


Peter Maranci RunePowered This creature has absorbed the power of one or more runes or elements. It cannot be harmed by that rune/element, and may have positive attack power as well. May be extra vulnerable to opposing rune, if applicable. Example: If the Water rune has been absorbed, the creature cannot drown or die of thirst. It may be able to spit or shoot high-pressure streams of water somehow, and takes double damage from fire. It may also be able to dry up streams and springs. Gift defense


Peter Maranci RuneChicken The creature is unreasonably terrified by one or more runes. This may be either the image of the rune itself, or both the image and the thing represented. When in the presence of this rune, the creature is effectively demoralized. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Yummy! When this creature becomes tainted its body changes into a delicious pastry substance. Optional: creature must giggle if poked in stomach. "Poking" includes all abdomen wounds. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Spheriodoid This creature's body is made of an unconnected collection of hard nut-like spheres which nonetheless retain their relative positions (and the original overall shape of the creature). If struck or forcibly separated, they move back towards the center of the sphereoid collection with a STR equal to the creature's STR. The creature takes no damage from blunt weapons, 1 point max from impaling weapons, and 1/2 damage from slashing weapons. It takes double damage from fire. Its APP is reduced by 10. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Glass Alas The creature's body turns into glass. Hard to see (-30% Scan), but easily broken (HP/10, minimum 1). Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Don't touch me! An invisible force pushes all other creatures away from this one. The border of the effect is 1d6m, and the STR of the effect is 3d6+12. The strength of the force must be overcome each round in order to stay within the range of the effect. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Glow Creature glows in the dark. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Loud! All noises made by this creature are extremely loud (+1d6 x 100% volume). Its shout can stun opponents; a CON vs. (volume % times 5 divided by 100) is needed each round to take action. A fumbled resistance roll results in unconsciousness and 1d4 damage to the head (armor does not absorb). Other offense


Peter Maranci Weird Sounding All of the noises made by this creature sound extremely unnatural, as if they have been filtered through a some sort of reverse-noise sound effect machine. Creepy and unnerving! Other appearance


Peter Maranci Flashing Eyes This creature's eyes flash at the sound of lies. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Slave This creature cannot refuse a command which includes the phrase "In the name of [creature's god or master]". The actual name of the god or master must be used, and the order cannot counteract one already given or else all are nullified. Curse mental


Unknown Replicator Anything this creature touches is immediately and permanently changed into a replica of it, itself. This includes inanimate objects such as food. Which makes eating an interesting experience for this creature. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Hands of Mercy This creature has the power to treat wounds as physical objects, distinct from the bodies they've been inflicted on. Its hands glow as it moves wounds from itself to others, between others, or even from others to itself (option: it can also move wounds from itself to objects, possibly including the ground!). It takes one round for the creature to move a wound. A successful move to another against its will requires a successful to-hit roll. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Time-Stealer Each round that this creature battles against an opponent, it adds one to the strike ranks of the opponent and subtracts one from its own. Its strike ranks can reach zero (anything below that is meaningless) and it can gain multiple attacks in a round, but it must still take its natural DEX SR between attacks. Gift temporal


Marko Perälä Unmovable The creature cannot be moved without magic. Natural movement is always 0 and knockback is calculated from magical damage only. Moving the creature requires Flight, Mobility, Illusionary Steed or a similar effect. Curse transportation


Jesse Kurki Multi-Were Victim becomes radom animal/monster when the sun sets, and returns to normal when the sun rises.
Roll D8: 1 - Eagle, 2 - Wolf, 3 - Bear 4 - Rat, 5 - Fox, 6 - Bat, 7 - Snake, 8 - Shadow
Curse transformation


Marko Perälä Twins The creature and the first person it touches become linked with one another. All their attributes, skills, spells etc. are added together and become usable by both of them. However, every skill, spell, attribute etc. can be used by only one of them. The other person automatically failes to use it during the same melee round. E.g. Twins that originally had CON 13 and 11 are attacked by a walktapus. First one resists the poison with CON of 24, but the other one loses automatically and gets full damage. On next round one of them attacks with a mace with a 162% skill, but the other one can only parry. Etc. Both of them have CON of 24 for counting hit points, though. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Hyperactive Gets one extra action per melee round. Gift temporal


Peter Maranci Constant Cursing An unending and uncontrollable stream of profanity comes from this character at all times. -100% Sneak. Plus, of course, a big negative to reaction modifiers. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Peaceable Creature cannot attack anyone or thing unless that creature has first attacked it. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Gamesman If challenged to a game of skill or chance, this creature must accept. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Gambler Unable to turn down a wager of any sort. Must abide by all terms of the bet. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Benefactor Creature must grant one request of opponent before combat, if a request is made. Request must be feasible and cannot result in suicide or obvious injury. Curse mental


Ken Murphy Unbreakable Grip If the creature gets a grip or good hold on an opponent, the creature's STR is treated as if it were effectively 2D6+48. If the creature's STR is higher than this, double the effective value. Gift offense


Marko Perälä Bonus Attribute One of creatures attributes is added as a bonus to some other random attribute or HP/FP/AP/MP of the creature. Any loss in the attribute in question is lost from the actual value of the attribute, never from the bonus. E.g. if the creatures POW was 14 and APP of 5 and had his APP added to his POW, he would have 19 mp. His soul would still get destroyed after losing the 14 POW. Gift enhancement


Domino Exploder Blows up when : 1. aroused 2. excited 3. thirsty 4. hungry 5. angered 6. fustrated Curse offense


Marko Perälä Bloody Sweat Creature sweats blood. Every FP lost is regained as if blood loss. If FPs go under 0, creature starts to lose HPs instead. Curse vulnerability


Marko Perälä Wraith Trap The creature becomes a trap to all wraiths within the radius of creatures POW in meters. If the wraith(s) lose an MP vs. MP roll, they become bonded to the trapping creature forever. They can move freely within the area and attack anyone they meet, except the creature itself, with which they cannot interact in any way. To the creature they are quite invisible, but anyone else can see (and get killed by) them anytime. Gift offense


Marko Perälä Ager Each time the creature has skin contact with another creature, he ages the victim d6 years after a successful MP vs. MP attack. Creature becomes equally younger. As a result the creature can be immortal - but he has to be careful not to youthen himself to nothing! Gift offense


Peter Maranci Unknown Chaotic Roll again. The creature is unaware that it is chaotic, and likewise cannot understand that it has a chaotic feature. Gift mental


Peter Maranci Weirdly Evened All of the hit locations of this creature have the same number of hit points. The visual aspect of this change varies from species to species, but generally various hit locations enlarge or shrink to reflect the change in vitality. There is a small chance that the appearance of the locations will be unaffected, however. There is also a 3% chance that the new per-location HPs are equal to the creature's total hit points. Otherwise, roll a random melee hit-location to determine how many hit points each location now has(i.e. if the chest is rolled, all locations now have the same number of hit points as the chest). Other weird


Peter Maranci Special Criticaler Any special success rolled by this creature is a critical success. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Infector If this creature is overcome by a mind-affecting spell, every creature within 1d100 meters must resist its POW or also be affected by the same spell. Gift offense


Peter Maranci First Blow This creature always strikes first. Its attack strike rank is always exactly one lower than the fastest opponent it is facing. However, this does not increase the number of attacks that it gets per round. Gift temporal


Marko Perälä Painter Anything the creature touches turns to random colour permanently. Works only on things smaller than creature's SIZ (not the earth walked on or rivers crossed for example). Other transformation


Marko Perälä Grey-Scale Everything in the radius of creatures POW in meters is black and white coloured until the creature leaves the area. If the creature dies in the area, the new colouring becomes permanent. Other transformation


Marko Perälä Undeniably Detectable The creature becomes impossible to ignore. Hiding and sneaking attempts are automatic fumbles. Even invisibility magic failes. No penalty for hitting in darkness are applied against the creature. Even blind people can see him, the deaf can hear him and he can be smelled despite all other smells. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Duplicator This creature can duplicate any magical or supernatural effect that it sees once. It is incredibly naive; it simply doesn't know that what it does is impossible. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Memento Mori Upon dying this creature explodes in a shower of golden light that heals 2d6 to all within sight. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Fumble Curser Anyone fighting this unlucky creature has their chance to fumble quadrupled. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Odorless This creature has no odor. It can never be tracked by scent. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Solid Spirit The spirit form of this creature has the permanent effect of a Visibility spell; it looks and acts as if normal and corporeal. If the creature is a physical form to begin with, this means that when slain it appears to stand up out of its body, completely unharmed. It is, of course, immune to physical weapons and likewise cannot affect physical matter. There is a 10% chance that the creature is able to suppress the visibility effect temporarily, effectively becoming invisible. There is a 1% chance that it can affect physical matter somehow. Gift magic


Marko Perälä Absorbing Touch When the creature touches victim and wins POW vs. POW, the victim is absorbed. Creature gets all of the victims charasteristics, skills and chaotic features added to his own. Extra points diminish 1/day and skill 10%/day, until they are gone. Chaos feats won't disappear. When someone has been absorbed, the creature becomes possessed by victims mind. Each day a new POW vs. POW roll determines, who is in charge, until victims POW has diminished to nothing. Only one person can be absorbed at a time. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Resistor This creature is surrounded by a natural Damage Resistance spell. Roll 1d20 to determine its strength. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Re-taker This creature has the power to blank the minds of others and erase their memories for the past sixty seconds. This is not actually a power to turn back time, though it could seem so. During the blanking process the creature gets one round of free action, unobserved by all. The power can be used once per day. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Speedy Extremely fast; DEX SR = 1, Move +3. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Slow Extremely slow; DEX SR +2d4 Curse transportation


Peter Maranci Sandcaster A fine and strong spray of sand blasts forth from this creature at all times and in all directions. Opponents must make a POW x 2 roll each round in order to avoid being blinded. Physical protection can increase resistance to the sand. Protection spells only add +5% chance to to resist per point of damage protection they offer.
A cloud of swirling sand forms around the creature which extends for 2d10 meters.
There is a 10% chance that the creature can direct particularly strong sprays of sand against targets. These cause 1d8 sandblasting damage per round, and can abrade and destroy armor, weapons, and shields.
5% chance that the creature can actually fly by directing a powerful blast of sand against the ground.
5% chance that the creature can suppress release of sand. Eventually this becomes uncomfortable, however, and the creature must make a roll of POW x 5 every hour after the first in order to suppress the sandcasting effect.
Other offense


Peter Maranci Announcer 1 This annoying creature cannot help but describe its actions as it commits them: "Now I'm hitting you! Ouch! That had to hurt! Hey, now you've hit me - that smarts!" Curse mental


Peter Maranci Announcer 2 This helpful creature is compelled to say what it is about to do. "I'm going to hit you! Now I'm going to run away!" Curse mental


Peter Maranci Senses Taker The Senses Taker: This creature has the power to steal one or more senses of others. Roll 1d10 to determine the number of senses which the creature can steal:

1-6 - 1 sense
7 - 2 senses
8 - 3 senses
9 - 4 senses
10 - 5 or more senses (if available)

The particular sense(s) which can be stolen are determined randomly when the creature first acquires this taint, and cannot change afterwards. A victim who has had a sense stolen is no longer able to use that sense. If their sight has been stolen, for example, they are blind.

Result - choose one option:
• Stolen senses return in 1d6 hours, or when the creature dies.
• Stolen senses never return. The afflicted organ(s) shrivel and disappear (in the case of skin, it would turn gray and dead). If the monster ever dies the sense(s) might return. It might be possible to restore the lost sense with mighty healing magics, on the scale of Resurrection.

Motive - choose one option:
• Creature gains by stealing senses. Each sense stolen adds +1d6% to all skills which primarily use that sense, and 1% to each skill which secondarily uses that sense (example: Sight is primary for Scan, secondary for Sword Attack).
• Creature does not gain by stealing senses.

Method Part 1 - choose one option:
• Senses are taken by a successful touch
• Senses may be taken from all within hearing range (creature speaks)
• Senses may be taken one at a time, by gaze attack
• Senses are taken from all who come within 1d100 meters of the monster

Method Part 2 - choose one option:
• Victim receives a POW vs. POW resistance roll
• Victim resists with their INT vs. the creature's INT + POW
• Victim cannot resist - senses are taken automatically

I'd be a bad person if I didn't acknowledge that this one was inspired by Norman Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth.

Gift offense


Peter Maranci Climber Gains natural instincts of a climber, and body readjusts to improve climbing ability; this is not a drastic change, but rather a combinations of many smaller changes which have a massive overall effect. The creature is still recognizable, although some difference is apparent. The creature gains 10x its original species base chance to climb; if this is zero, they gain a flat 100% even if they had no climbing ability previously. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Ultra-dense Creature's body becomes extremely dense and heavy, without increasing in size. For purposes of damage bonus, Agility modifier, and knockback only, SIZ is multiplied times 2d4. Swimming is no longer possible for this creature. Each x1 multiplier of SIZ gives one point of natural armor due to extreme density of flesh. Each x1 also reduces the amount of damage done by crushing weapons by one (this in addition to the natural armor). Movement speed is reduced appropriately. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Ultra-light Creature loses mass but not volume. Divide original SIZ by 3d6 (round up) to determine new SIZ for use in determining damage bonus, Agility modifier, and knockback only. This creature may be in danger of being blown away by the wind. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Living Furnace The central part of this creature's body becomes metal and grows a large hinged door. Fire blazes inside, and the furnace must be stoked with 1 SIZ of burnable material per three hours. The furnace can hold up to 1/2 the creature's SIZ in fuel at a time. The creature no longer needs to eat, and indeed cannot. It is invulnerable to heat, which is fortunate because it radiates intense heat at all times. Merely standing within 3m of this creature causes 1d4 heat damage per round, and if it opens its blast door that increases to 2d6 damage per round plus the chance of catching fire. Living creatures are acceptable as fuel to this creature. It is vulnerable to water and to oxygen deprivation. If the fire in its body ever goes out, it falls unconscious. The creature gains 20 AP over the central part of its body. When the creature dies, there is a 50/50 chance that it will either explode, doing 4d6 damage to all within 30m, or else sputters and quietly goes out. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Lightbringer This creature glows with a light as bright as the sun. Anyone looking directly at it must succeed in a CON roll every round vs. the creature's (SIZ x 5) or be blinded. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Re-birth 2 The creature fades into a screaming blur which reforms after 1d6 minutes. During that time the creature's characteristics are totalled and then randomly re-apportioned. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Re-birth 3 The value of all of the creature's characteristics are randomly swapped. Example: If STR was 15, that value is now assigned to one of the other characteristics, determined randomly. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Very Cranky This creature complains a lot, in a curmudgeonly sort of way. 10% chance that it has the "ancient mariner" power, in which victims are compelled to listen passively for as long as it talks. The creature cannot attack while using this power. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Invulnerable to Matter Nothing made of matter can hurt this creature, although it is able itself to wield physical weapons and cause damage. For obvious reasons the creature is unlikely to wear armor. However, the creature is vulnerable to magic. Roll 1d6:

1 - Creature is unable to even make a resistance roll, and cannot use anti-magic protection of any sort (including Dispel Magic)
2-5 - Creature may make normal resistance rolls, but cannot use anti-magic protection (Dispel Magic can be used, however)
6 - As 2 - 5, but creature may use anti-magic spells as well. These operate at half effectiveness.

Gift defense


Peter Maranci Giant Eyes Eyes double in size. All visual abilities double. 50% chance that bright light now causes pain, and if it already did, that the pain is greatly increased. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Sensor Creature gains all possible senses, i.e. Earthsense, Darksense, etc. There is an 80% chance that all of these new senses will cause insanity and/or catatonia. There is a 5% chance each that the creature also gains some specialized sensing abilities such as Sense Assassin, Sense Chaos, etc. There is a 1% chance that that the creature gains the ability to sense everything for which a Sense spell exists. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Silencer In a 1d100m radius from this creature everything is silenced. Sound cannot exist in this monster's presence. There is a 5% chance that it is able to control this effect, enlarging/reducing the radius or turning it off altogether. There is also a 5% chance that it itself is able to make sounds, although no one and nothing else near it can. Variant: It is necessary to overcome the creature's INT + POW with your POW in order to speak in its presence. Other defense


Peter Maranci Were-touch With a successful touch this monster is able to release the inherent were-form of those humanoids who have were-ancestors. If the ancestry of a character has not been determined, consult the following cultural table to determine the chance of were-ancestry:

• Primitive - 95%
• Nomad - 80%
• Barbarian - 75%
• Civilized - 50%

Choose were-animal type randomly from culturally-appropriate animals or by GM fiat.

Other transformation


Peter Maranci Re-born On receiving this chaos taint the creature immediately collapses into a pool of slimy grey liquid which gently ripples from end to end for 1d6 hours. Oily rainbows chase across the surface of this ghastly puddle. After 1d6 hours have passed the creature is re-born. In this process all of the creature's current charactistic points are totalled, and then re-assigned by the creature - it re-designs itself from the ground up. There is a 50% chance that species minimums and maximums will not apply in this rebirth process. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Slimy Puddle On receiving this chaos taint the creature immediately collapses into a pool of slimy grey liquid which gently ripples from end to end. It slowly decomposes and vanishes from sight over a period of 1d6 hours. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Hyperactive 2 Hyperactive. Move and DEX are increased by 1d6. Double training time needed for trainable activities due to wandering attention. Must make INT x 3 roll in order to stop talking. Other mental


Peter Maranci Natural Bodybuilder Normal activity increases the physique of this monster. STR, CON, and DEX receive 4 hours each of free "training" time each day just for ordinary living. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Catnapper This monster requires much less sleep than a normal creature. Roll the die closest to the normal amount of time the creature sleeps and subtract that from its sleep schedule. Example: for a human, subtract 1d8 from normal sleep time. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Evil Eye When this monster fixes its vile orb on a target, the victim is at 1/2 all normal skills and rolls. The monster cannot stare at more than one person at a time, and the effects of the eye end at the end of the last round of gazing. The creature can attack or otherwise interact with the victim while gazing. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Summoner Able to summon 1 random creature of a particular species every minute, round, hour, day, or week (pick one). The creature arrives via normal locomotion. There is a 10% chance that creatures of more than one species can be summoned, a 1% chance that a creature of any species can be summoned, and an additional 1% chance that the summoned creature(s) arrive via instantaneous teleportation. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Cold Monster This creature radiates cold at an enormous rate. Its mere touch does 2d6 freezing damage (metal armor does not protect), and freezes liquids immediately. It is itself immune to cold, and in fact is healed by it at a rate equal to the damage that the cold would cause a normal creature. No armor can protect this creature from heat/fire damage, however. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Rebounder Every time that this creature becomes unconscious, it immediately is fully healed and restored to perfect condition in every way. Its magic points return to maximum, too; for obvious reasons, this creature has no reason not to reduce its MPs to zero. The creature can only be killed by being dealt deadly damage in a single blow while still conscious. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Mirror Monster Totally reflective! Extremely confusing appearance. -40% to hit this creature except in the dark. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Contaminator When this creature dies, it infects the killer (there may or may not be a chance to resist this). The killer slowly morphs into the creature over a period of days or weeks - in some rare cases the incubation period may be years. The transformation is initially a mental one, but a full physical transformation is the final result. Once the transformation is complete, this chaotic feature is re-established - making the creature potentially immortal. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Cannot Kill If this monster kills, it either:

• Loses all powers and abilities for 1d6 hours/days/weeks/years
• Subtracts ALL of the victim's characteristics and skills from itself temporarily or forever
• Dies
• Assumes the complete personality of the victim (temporarily or forever)
• Is possessed by the spirit of the victim
• Is racked with remorse and constant weeping forever
• It can't; it is literally and categorically unable to cause death
• Acquires one or more chaotic features, specifically not restricted to beneficial effects
• One or more characteristics is lowered to 1 for 1d6 hours/days/weeks/years
• Other - something really weird

Curse disability


Peter Maranci Doubler Each blow struck by this creature does exactly double the damage of the last blow that it received. This effect re-sets at the end of a combat, when the creature receives healing, or at the end of the day - whichever comes first. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Evened All characteristics become equal to one randomly-chosen characteristic. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Maxed All characteristics become equal to the creature's highest characteristic. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Minned All characteristics become equal to the creature's lowest characteristic. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Oily Bastard Creature constantly exudes highly slippery oil from its skin. Creature cannot be bound or held against its will. Crushing weapons do 1/2 damage. Slashing weapons are -2 to damage. Impaling weapons do normal damage.
There is a (100% - DEX) chance (rolled every round) that creature will drop whatever it is holding. There is a (100% - (DEX x 5)) chance per round that it will fall down; this chance is modified by its shape and race, and can be further modified (in either direction) by other actions.
A Glue 6 spell or equivalent applied to an object will allow the creature to handle it normally for the spell's duration.
Oil can be harvested from the creature's body at a maximum rate of 1 liter per day. This amount can be doubled if the creature is fed nothing but oil, but this will have to be figured out by someone clever. The oil produced is incredibly slippery, with many possible uses. Air breaks down the oil over a period of 3d6 days, but if sealed in an air-tight jar it lasts indefinitely. To the right customer the oil could be worth hundreds of silvers per liter.
Gift defense


Peter Maranci Joints Reversed One or more joints reverse direction, forever bending in opposite direction. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Acid Blood Creature's blood becomes 1d6 x 1d6 POT acid. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Defender RQ2: Creature gains 1d6 x 5 to Defense. RQ3: Gain defense ability at 2d20. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Ablative Scales Creature gains 1d20+5 AP. Damage destroys the armor, but regenerates per normal healing. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Turnip Creature transmogrifies into giant, animated turnip. Turnip-man is immune to pain and bleeding, and has a fat round body; adjust hit locations appropriately. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Master of Magic Creature has all magic skills and abilities at 100% unless they're already higher. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Magic Perfection Creature never fails a magic roll (always overcomes, is never overcome itself, always casts, etc.). Gift magic


Peter Maranci Magic-less Completely unable to cast any magic whatsoever. 50% chance creature cannot be affected by magic, either.If so, a further 10% chance that magic items deactivate in hands of creature. If so, further 1% chance that magic items are PERMANENTLY deactivated! Curse magic


Marko Perälä Skill Change One randomly chosen skill adds itself to another random one. The other skill stays permanently raised and the first one can never be increased above base chance. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Irritating Minus 50% to all non-language Communication skills. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Know-It-All Always knows what anyone else is about to say. Gift temporal


Peter Maranci Double-Jointed All joints become double joints. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Combat Reflexes Subtract 1 from DEX SR, to a minimum of 1. Always wins initiative. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Gifted Double one random skill category modifier. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Not Gifted Halve one random skill category modifier. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Narcoleptic Creature suffers from narcolepsy - can fall asleep at any time without warning. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Dark Shroud Creature is constantly encased in a sphere of perfect, unbreakable darkness which extends 1d4 meters from its furthest points (i.e. top of head and bottom of feet). There is a 50% chance that the creature also gains the power to see through that darkness, if it does not already have that ability. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Pocket Dimension Creature gains access to its own pocket dimension, which only it can see. The dimension is able to store 1d100 ENC worth of material. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Unnamed Creature forgets its name forever. Curse mental


Peter Maranci 1d10 Lives Gains an additional 1d10 lives. Every time creature dies, it is immediately reborn on the spot at full health and abilities. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Disruption Touch Creature causes 1d3 damage by touch (requires successful to-hit roll) unabsorbed by armor. No MP cost. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Flame Out Creature spontaneously combusts and dies. Curse terminal


Peter Maranci Swollen Joints Creature's joints swell enormously, either crippling it with arthritis (DEX reduced to 1, agonizing pain) or giving it vastly greater strength due to improved leverage (STR x2). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Disassociated Creature's joints disappear! This disturbing creature seems to be nothing more than an animated collection of disassociated parts. The parts maintain their relative positions, however, and their functioning is unimpaired. Matter can pass through the empty spaces without harm to the creature; thus some successful blows at the creature may do no harm (example: on a human, the melee hit locations of 4, 8, 15, 18, and 19 might all result in misses). There is a 10% chance that the creature can "stretch" it's empty spaces, allowing it to reach across a greater distance than would normally be possible. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Acid Skin This monster secretes acid of 3d6 POT. Any weapon striking this creature is damaged unless specifically protected with magic or alchemy - by coating the blade with wax, for example. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Free Spell(s) Creature causes spirit magic spell effect by touch for no MP cost. Casting time requirements are normal. Determine spell(s) by rolling d100:

01 - 90: Choose one specific spell. This is the only one the creature may "cast".
91 - 96: Creature may cast at will from a pre-determined set of 1d6 spells.
97 - 98: Creature may cast at will from a pre-determined set of 2d6 spells.
99: Creature may cast at will from a pre-determined set of 3d6 spells.
100: Creature may cast any standard spirit magic spell at will.

Gift magic


Peter Maranci Reversed Segments One or more random hit locations are reversed, facing backwards from their original direction. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Swapped Segments Two or more random hit locations swap places with each other. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Pyrokinetic The creature is completely invulnerable to fire, and has several other fire-related powers. These can be invoked on the creature's DEX strike rank, with no magic point or fatigue cost. The powers are dangerous, however; there is a percentage chance each time any power is used that the creature will be overcome by pyromania, burning friends and foes alike. The chance of pyromania is listed after each power. Pyromania resembles a Berserk spell.

• Ignite. Able to cast Ignite at will, by glance. (5%)
• FireWeapon. Any weapon held by the creature has a Fireblade affect (3d6 damage) for as long as the contact continues. Unlike the spell, this power affects non-edged weapons as well. Weapons suffer the effects of fire - wooden weapons are consumed in a round or two, for example. (20%, rolled each round)
• Firearrow. Any missile weapon shot or launched by this creature burns with a Firearrow effect (3d6 damage). Wooden missiles are consumed within a round, however, so the creature cannot hold its fire (sorry - couldn't help myself. PM). (10%)

If the chance of pyromania is criticalled, the creature goes berserk and begins to blaze like an inferno. Its mere touch does 3d6 damage, and all powers operate at twice normal effectiveness (weapons do 6d6 damage, for example). Within 1d6 rounds it explodes violently, doing 3d6 damage to everything within 3 meters, 2d6 damage from 3 to 6 meters, and 1d6 damage from 6 to 9 meters.

Gift magic


Peter Maranci Crumbler Any weapon which strikes this creature must resist its POW or crumble to dust. Weapons resist with their AP, plus 1% for each point of spell currently on the weapon (+4% for each point of divine magic), and +10% for each point of POW spent in enchanting them. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Limpifier Any weapon which strikes this creature must resist its POW or become as limp as banana peels. Weapons resist with their AP, plus 1% for each point of spell currently on the weapon (+4% for each point of divine magic), and +10% for each point of POW spent in enchanting them. Whips and other highly flexible weapons are immune to this effect, obviously. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Painless Attacks from this creature do not cause pain, although they do cause visible damage. Other illusion


Peter Maranci Painless Plus Damage inflicted by this creature cannot be felt or seen. However, loss of function, maiming, unconsciousness, and death still occur normally. Other illusion


Peter Maranci Fused Creature is fused with all clothing and equipment they were touching at the moment of chaotic corruption. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Knows Names Creature knows the name of every creature it ever meets. Gift knowledge


Peter Maranci Knows Loved Ones Creature knows the name of the one most loved by every creature it ever meets. Gift knowledge


Peter Maranci Honorable Creature gains hyperactive sense of duty. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Conscience Creature gains hyperactive conscience. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Hypochondriac Ultimate hypochondriac; believes it is suffering any and every disease it ever hears of, and can manifest ALL symptoms no matter how bizarre. These diseases will not cause death or permanent damage, though. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Pessimist Incurable pessimist. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Tuneful Must whistle or sing when exposed to music. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Repeator Compelled to repeat everything everybody else says. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Color-Limited Can only be hurt by objects of a particular color. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Curve-Vulnerable Only hurt by curved weapons (scimitars, for example). Gift defense


Peter Maranci Rigid-Immune Immune to all non-flexible weapons. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Flexible-Immune Immune to flexible weapons (such as whips). Gift defense


Peter Maranci Cannot Cross Water Unable to cross water. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Cannot Cross Fire Unable to cross fire. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Cannot Cross Line Unable to cross a straight line. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Cannot Enter Circle Unable to enter a circle. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Reversed Sleep Reverse normal sleep pattern: day becomes night to them and vice-versa Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Insane Creature becomes permanently insane (use CoC tables) Curse disability


Peter Maranci Hair Color Creature hair/fur turns a random color Other appearance


Carl Driskell Egg-Spitter Creature gains some chicken features and the power to spit eggs that give a random feature to target plus 2d6 damage. Other offense


Tuomas Hautakangas Endless Banana. Creature in every way looks like a normal banana but if you eat it and throw its peel away it will reappear in your bag - endlessly and always ready to be eaten. The only way to destroy this annoying banana is to burn it to ashes. Curse transformation


Janne Hämeenaho Liar Creature loses all credibility. Whatever he/she says is automatically considered to be a lie. Curse communication


Trevor Ellis Constipation Severe constipation for several hours after eating. All manipulation skills at -25% Curse disability


Peter Maranci Delicious Orange Nails Creature's fingernails/claws/talons turn orange and become delicious. Anyone within two meters of the creature must roll (CON + INT/2) vs. hours since they've last eaten or become ravenously hungry Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Secret Strike In combat, creature makes at least one secretly spectral wound against every enemy. Whether the chaos creature lives or dies, their victims' wound(s) will become infected, and no matter what the treatment the wound will slowly spread. The result is pain and disability, over time.
However, the wound is only imaginary. It can be cured by a Dispel Illusion (xd3), Dispel Magic (xd6), or by overcoming the victim in a combat situation with a Fanaticism spell -- or any spell that seriously alters the victim's mental state in a positive way.
Gift offense


Peter Maranci Goo Dispenser Creature begins to exude a mildly pleasant-smelling yellow goo from elbows which heals 1d4 points of specific or general damage per dose if swallowed. Produces 1 dose per hour per elbow. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Autonomous Part 1 random hit location of victim becomes self-aware (in the case of a player-character, the part becomes an NPC). If the head is rolled, some specific part of the head becomes independent: hair, nose, ears, eyes...something. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Compulsive Enterer Victim must go through any door which opens within their view. Even if going through means instant death, they are unable to resist passing through any portal which opens before them. They can, if able, turn and go back through the door once through, but this will at a minimum take one round Curse mental


Peter Maranci Pain Doubles Pleasure Pain in one limb causes twice as much pleasure in the opposite limb. Example: a thorn in left hand results in extremely pleasant feelings in right hand Other perception


Peter Maranci Doubled Digits All of the victim's digits divide lengthwise; if it previously had ten fingers, it now has twenty, ten on each hand (and ten toes on each foot, as well). This adds 1d6 x 5% to the victim's Manipulation bonus. Of course, anyone who sees their digits will be repulsed and horrified Other enhancement


Peter Maranci Emotionless Genius Victim's INT doubles, but they lose all feeling and emotion. This results in the immediate halving of all artistic and interpersonal skills, including sing, play instrument, dance, Fast Talk, Orate, and Human Lore Other transformation


Peter Maranci New Mouth Victim grows an additional new mouth on a random hit location. There is a 50% chance each of the mouth being able to talk, eat/drink, and breathe. If the mouth can speak, roll a d8:

1. Under victim's control, with their voice
2. As #1, but different voice
3. Gibbers insanely all the time/sometimes
4. Self-animated, friendly/hostile/neutral toward victim
5. As #4, plus casts 1d6 random spells per day
6. As #4, plus can Command (as in Dune) 1d6 times/day
7. Can only (pick one) whisper/sing/whistle/hum, plus roll again
8. Speaks ultrasonically only, or determine new effect

Other transformation


Peter Maranci Sex Change Victim changes gender, with a 1/3 chance of becoming either a neuter or hermaphrodite Other transformation


Peter Maranci Hypersensitive Gain hypersensitive sense(s). Roll 1d6:

1. Sight
2. Smell
3. Taste
4. Touch
5. Hearing
6. Roll twice more

The enhancement adds 1d100% to the base for all skills affected by that sense. Enhancements over 50% are so extreme that the victim cannot stand normal stimuli, i.e. normal light is too bright, clothes are agony to wear, etc. Penalties are assigned by the GM.

Other perception


Peter Maranci Changed Kingdom Victim changes kingdom: Animal/Vegetable/Mineral/Spiritual. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Living Clothes Any clothes worn at time of Chaotic exposure become living part of victim's body. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Earthquake Feet Every step the creature takes shakes the ground. Opponents within 30m must make DEX x 5 roll each round to remain standing. Victim cannot Sneak. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Change Species Victim changes to a random species. Roll 1d6:

1-2 - Intelligent species
3-4 - Unintelligent species
5-6 - Unintelligent species, but retains INT

Other transformation


Peter Maranci Fixed INT Victim's INT becomes Fixed; the creature loses self-consciousness and operates on instinct. If already Fixed, becomes unFixed (this would result in an animal becoming self-aware). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Ginger's Curse Rate of hair growth increases by 1d100 x 1d100 (that's 1 - 10,000!) percent Curse growth


Peter Maranci Cancer Victim contracts cancer, which is fatal with 1d12 months (which should really be the most common effect of exposure to Chaos, anyway) Curse terminal


Peter Maranci Opposite Personality Victim undergoes complete personality change. In every way, their behavior is the opposite of what it was. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Growth Victim starts growing. Add 1 point per week to SIZ until death, with no limits. Other growth


Peter Maranci Pregnant Pustule Victim develops a sore, which grows over 3d6 weeks. When growth is complete, the sore pops and out comes baby spiders/monsters/other. Curse reproduction


Peter Maranci Upside-Down Breather Must remain upside-down in order to breathe. Curse mental


Peter Maranci 2D Become two-dimensional. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Magic Tears Tears gain randomly determined magical effect. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Harmless Creature IS harmless! It can never hurt anyone. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Love Victim falls in love with every creature seen of appropriate species and gender. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Clear Skin Skin turns transparent. -3d6+6 APP. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci X Addict Random substance is now required as part of daily diet. 50% chance that ingestion of substance temporarily increases 1 or more characteristics by (1d6 x 1x6) for 1d6 rounds, minutes, or hours. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Gold Dispenser Produces 1d6 nuggets of gold per day in some way (regurgitate, secrete, shed, etc.). Other weird


Peter Maranci Giant Teeth Teeth grow to double size. Gain or increase species-appropriate Bite attack, lose APP (if human, lose 2d6 APP). Gift growth


Peter Maranci Closed Ears Victim's earholes sealed by membrane; -5% to Listen and all Communication skills. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Dreams Come True Victim becomes what they have always wanted to be (but there is a 50% chance that the result is bad/ironic/goes wrong). Other transformation


Peter Maranci No Excretion Victim continues to eat and drink normally, but does not excrete (c.f. RuneQuest Companion, "The Smell Of A Rat"). Gift weird


Peter Maranci Spirit Separates Spirit leaves body, becomes ghost. Body turns into zombie. Ghost can possess zombie. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Rageful Victim afflicted with Rage. Effect of Berserk spell. Strikes up to 1d6 times per day, at appropriate times. There is a 50% chance that victim can come out of Rage at will after first round. Other offense


Peter Maranci Cyclic 1 or more of victim's characteristics waxes and wanes between species minimum and species maximum in correspondance with Lunar cycle (thanks to J. Mitzman). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Skelatal Glow All bones and teeth glow brightly in some random color. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Misformed One facial feature shrinks or grows. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Shrivelled 1 random hit location shrinks 1d100% smaller. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Swollen 1 random hit location grows (1d6 x 1d100)% larger. Curse growth


Peter Maranci Invisible Arm Creature grows invisible new arm, centered between other arms; 20% chance that arm can detach and fly for up to 1d6 rounds/minutes/hours per day. Gift enhancement, weird


Will Dean Fused Bones Fingers, teeth, ribs fuse together, causing shovel-like hands, scary looking teeth, and a hard carapace. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Flight Victim gains power to fly, if not already able. Determine max speed by rolling 1d6 x 1d6
Means of propulsion (d8):

1. Feathered wings
2. Leather wings
3. Energy/fur/other wings
4. Anti-gravity effect
5. Ground effect (emits air somehow)
6. Grows propeller from random hit location
7. Roll twice more and combine
8. Other (something really weird).

Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Elemental Victim becomes a random elemental - body becomes earth, air, fire, water, other. If already an elemental, no effect. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Poppin's Curse Victim's fingers can be broken off as delicious cinnamon sticks, but grow back within moments. Other nutrition


Peter Maranci Reversed Aging Victim begins to age backwards. Other temporal


Peter Maranci Discolored 1 or more random hit locations change color. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Autistic Victim becomes autistic. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Living Mirror Living Mirror: Victim becomes shapeshifter, matching appearance of those around it. There is a 50% chance that this process is under conscious control. There is a 20% chance that victim has the power to mimic not only appearance, but knowledge and powers as well. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Re-SIZed Roll victim's species SIZ again. Add OR subtract roll to or from 1 or more random hit locations. Hit location SIZ of 0 or below may or may not cause death at GM's option. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Breather Victim:
A) No longer needs nor is able to breathe, or
B) No longer needs to breathe, but can, or
C) Must breathe 1d4+1 times as much air.
Other weird


Peter Maranci Start Over Return to infancy/childhood/adolesence but retain adult knowledge and INT. Gift temporal


Peter Maranci No Respect Victim loses all self-respect. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Wandering Sense Victim gains Sense Projection for one random sense. 50% chance of being able to control it. 10% chance that projected sense can never return closer than 1d10m to body. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Detached All of victim's hit locations detach, but retain mutual feeling and appropriate ability to move. 5% chance that victim's parts are able to fly. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Detachable One or more of victim's hit locations become detachable, 1d4 times per day. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Doubled Characteristics Victim becomes twice the person they were. Re-roll all species characteristcs and add the new results to the old ones. 20% chance that INT becomes fixed. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Pheremones Victim produces scent which attracts 1 or more random species. 25% chance that production of scent is under victim's control. There is also a 25% each chance that attracted creatures are friendly or hostile, and a 50% chance that attractees are neutral and behave normally. Other weird


Peter Maranci Sheds Victim regularly sheds skin like a snake. If already a snake, no longer sheds skin. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Magnetic Victim becomes magnetic - all metal within 5m is attracted with pull of 6d6 STR. Other weird


Peter Maranci Stretchy Victim becomes stretchy, like Mr. Fantastic. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Water-Soluble Victim becomes completely water-soluble - will melt if hit with water. Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Inside-Out Victim turns inside-out - 95% chance of death, otherwise 3d6 damage unabsorbed by armor and -6d6 APP. Curse terminal


Peter Maranci Giant Tongue Victim's tongue grows to 1d6 times original size. 10% chance of gaining tongue-whip attack. Other offense


Peter Maranci Tourette's Victim screams and curses uncontrollably a random intervals. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Sleep Victim falls asleep forever, but dream-form manifests as ghost. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Element Friend Victim incurs friendship of one particular element. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Element Enemy Victim incurs enmity of one particular element. Curse weird


Peter Maranci Elephant Skin Victim's skin wrinkles heavily, increasing natural armor by 1d6 and decreasing APP by twice rolled amount. Other defense


Peter Maranci Desensitized Victim loses sensation in 1 or more hit locations. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Characteristic Mega-Boost One of victim's characteristics other than SIZ increases 1 point per day forever. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Invulnerable But Harmless Victim is invulnerable but also harmless. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Almost Invulnerable Victim is invulnerable except for one substance. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Immortal Victim is immortal. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Pregnant Victim becomes pregnant (even if male) - 50% chance offspring has chaotic feature. Gift reproduction


Peter Maranci Slime Victim oozes slime from all pores - 50% chance of vile smell. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Blood Tears Victim constantly weeps tears of blood. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Jekyll/Hyde Jekyll/Hyde syndrome. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Seesawing Characteristic One or more random characteristic(s) of victim begins seesawing, going down one point per day until it reaches one, then going up at the same rate until it reaches exactly double the old score. Repeat forever. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Transforming Touch Everything the victim touches turns to a specific substance determined by the GM when the curse is contracted. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Extruded Eyes Eyes extrude on stalks if not already stalked. Otherwise, eyes retract. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Chaos Hatred Afflicted with insane hatred of all things Chaotic. Other mental


Peter Maranci Mimic Become perfect vocal mimic (Mimic 1000%). Gift communication


Peter Maranci Scent Projector Gain ability to project scent (ranging somewhere from delightful to sickening) from (hit location). Gift communication


Peter Maranci Webshooter Gain ability to spin silk, webs from gland on (hit location). Gift offense


Peter Maranci Cross-breed Victim becomes permanent cross between original form and some other species (determine randomly). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Were-animal Victim becomes were-animal (determine randomly). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Sense-Projectors Senses become sense projectors: eyes emit light, ears emit noise, nose emits smells, mouth emits tastes, skin emits vibrations and heat/cold. Extremely confusing, -80% to all actions for creature and all present. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Yawner Yawning disease - victim yawns 1d4times/round, and all within 10m must roll CONx3 or also yawn. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Ventriloquist Ventriloquism - voice comes from anywhere within 10m. Other communication


Peter Maranci Chameleon Chameleon effect - creature takes on the color(s) of its surroundings. Enemies targeting it with missile weapons are at -1% on skill for every meter of distance from the creature. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Loves All Life Gain deep love and respect for all living things. Other mental


Peter Maranci Expanding Jaws Gain power to expand jaws and swallow up to 2xSIZ. Gift nutrition


Peter Maranci Nothing Nothing happens. Other weird


Peter Maranci Insightful Gain incredible insight into sentient nature: +200 (Sentient) Lore. Gift mental


Peter Maranci Eyes Behind Grow eyes in back of head. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Immune to Magic Immune to all magical effects. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Resurrection Touch Can Resurrect by touch. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Sticky Touch Sticky touch; anything that touches creature sticks, STR d6 x d6. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Dole's Curse Can only talk about self in third person. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Cute Becomes incredibly cute. Others reaction is extremely negative or positive, depending on their attitude towards cute things. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Shapechanger Able to change shape at will. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Comedian Gain power to make anyone laugh. Enemies laughing are at half effectiveness on all skills. Gift offense, defense


Peter Maranci Jokester Gain hyperactive/sick/stupid sense of humor. Other mental


Peter Maranci Humorless Lose all sense of humor. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Whiner Become big-time whiner. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Blind to Love Totally unable to perceive members of the opposite sex of its own species. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Lost Language Creature can no longer speak its birth language. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Phony Become incredibly phony. Large negative reaction modifier. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Sealed Orifices Some or all orifices seal up; effects determined by GM. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Shark Skin Gain tiny teeth in skin, improve Swim skill by 10%. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Healing Touch Healing touch, up to 1d12 hit points 1d6 x 1d6 times per day (can/cannot affect self). Gift healing


Peter Maranci Cure Disease Cure disease by touch, 1d6 times per day. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Chaos Touch Gain Chaos Touch - bestow Chaotic effect with successful touch, once per day. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Gullible Becomes extremely gullible - believes anything anyone says. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Loud Snorer Snores extremely loudly. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Walks On Air Can walk on air. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Chaos Immune Forever immune to all effects of Chaos. 10% chance that the creature itself is no longer chaotic. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Spirit Eyes Eyes shifted into spirit plane, leaving disturbing hollows in sockets. The creature perceives as a spirit would. Other perception


Peter Maranci Fire Breath Gain Fire Breath attack, 1d4 x 1d6 damage and ignite flammable objects. The creature may make a breath attack in place of any normal attack. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Inertial Tracker Gain perfect location-sense. Can never be lost. Gift knowledge


Peter Maranci Internal Clock Gain perfect time-sense. Gift knowledge


Peter Maranci Albino Become albino. If already albino, gain normal species coloration. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Smooth Skin Skin becomes silky-smooth and soft. Gift appearance


Peter Maranci Monotonous Always talk in a monotone. Unable to Sing. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Mind Over Matter Able to command matter - acts as telekinesis on any matter within 30m, STR=INT. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Living Shadow Shadow becomes alive, can detach and act as a Shade or darkness elemental at the command of the creature. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci No Vegetables Cannot interact with vegetable material in any way. For example, if the creature tries to walk on a wooden floor, it will fall right through. Other weird


Peter Maranci Immune to Wood Immune to all wooden weapons. Gift defense


Peter Maranci No Metal Cannot interact with metal in any way (goes right through victim without harm). Other defense


Peter Maranci Immune to Metal Immune to all metal weapons. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Immune to Disease Immune to all disease. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Cartilage to Bone All cartilage turns into bone. If humanoid, the creature gains 1 armor point in head. The GM determines the effect (if any) in other species. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Uncontrollable Spasms Creature goes into uncontrollable spasms that last for 1d6x1d6 rounds when under stress. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Characteristic Leech Gain ability to temporarily drain 1d4 points from random characteristic on successful touch and add to self (effect lasts 1d6 minutes for both attacker and victim). Gift offense


Peter Maranci Magic Leech Gain ability to drain 1d6 MP on successful touch and add to self. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Pathetic Extremely sad to see. Resist its APP vs. your INT or cry. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Healing Blood Creature's blood, if swallowed, heals 1d6hp. Able to bite own lip or tongue to heal self. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Spirit Immune Immune to spirit attack. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Fast Movement rate increased by 50%. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Warty Gems Constantly growing large warts (-3 to APP) which harden, fall off, and when peeled each contain a 50 - 200 sp gem. 2d6 warts/week. Gift appearance


Peter Maranci Truthful Must always speak the truth. May choose to remain silent. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Silent Creature is totally silent; it cannot speak or make any sound, even by hitting objects or smashing things together. Obviously, it always gets a critical success on any Sneak roll. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Irresistable to Species Irresistable to one or more GM-determined animal or insect species. Curse weird


Peter Maranci Lightning Calculator Creature is lightning calculator. +500% to Math skill. Gift mental


Peter Maranci Death Touch Creature has Death Touch (acts as Sever Spirit). There is a 10% chance the power works on itself (in which case it can never touch itself). Gift offense


Peter Maranci Claws Gain retractible claws, claw attack. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Invisible The creature is invisible. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Invisible While Sleeping While sleeping, this creature is completely invisible. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Part-Time Invulnerable Location(s) One or more hit locations becomes invulnerable for 1d4 hours/day. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Ageless Appearance. No longer age visibly (but still age). Gift appearance


Peter Maranci Still Screamer Extreme pain and agonized screams when not moving. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Mummy Become mummy. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Zombie Become zombie. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Spongy Spongy body. Immune to crushing weapons, impaling weapons do 1/2 damage, slashing weapons x2 damage. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Gelatinous Gelatinous body. Completely immune to piercing weapons. Slashing weapons do 1/2 damage. Crushing weapons x2 damage (splatter effect). Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Mirror Twin Gives birth to mirror twin which has (species max - victim's characteristics), i.e. human male STR 14 would have mirror twin STR (21-14=7). They are in Mindlink with each other, and as long as either is alive, the other cannot completely die. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Heavy Bones Bones become extremely strong and heavy. Limb hit points unchanged, but 2x damage required to sever or maim. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Color-Changing Blood Blood changes color. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Temporary Growth Able to increase SIZ by 1d6 times at will for up to 1d6 rounds/minutes/hours. Concurrent increase in STR and HP (but not CON). Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Mute Mute; can only communicate by whistling. Other communication


Peter Maranci Moving Tattoos Able to create color patterns on skin, resembling moving tattoos. Extremely confusing to look at, subtracting 20% from any enemy's chance to hit (in d20, -4). The tattoos may be under the conscious control of the creature, in which case there are some odd possibilities... Gift defense


Peter Maranci Itch Touch Creature's touch causes itching in touched victims. Itch = CON, victim resists with CON or is unable to do anything for 1d4 rounds but scratch. Gift offense


Peter Maranci X-Ray Vision X-ray vision, penetrating for the full distance of the creature's normal vision. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Stinger Grow stinger(s) from 1 or more hit locations. Gain stinger attack (1d4 - 1d10 damage, plus CON POT poison). Gift offense


Peter Maranci Spikes Grow spikes from 1 or more random hit locations, gain free spike attack (1d6 damage) once per round. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Metal Skin Skin becomes random sealed rune metal, gain 1d6+3 natural armor plus metal effects if any. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Fights After Death Continues to fight on for 1d10 rounds after death, even if dismembered. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Body Thief Able to jump inside another being & attempt to overcome POW vs. POW. If successful, the creature becomes the other person and the spirit of the other person occupies the creature's old body. Some memories transfer, but confusion is likely. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Perfect Measurer Able to perfectly gauge distance and size by eye . Gift perception


Peter Maranci Becomes Object of Heart's Desire The creature permanently changes into an object of the type most important to them, i.e. if a warrior, becomes magic weapon; if a glutton, becomes food or a kitchen. Curse transformation


Peter Maranci Living Crystal Living crystal: duplicated the power(s) of a powered or unpowered crystal. 50% chance this only works for others, not self. If powered, must be attuned. Crystal POW = POW. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Magic Duplicator Able to absorb the power of a magic item and duplicate it. May only absorb power from one item at a time. 50% chance this power destroys the item, which may resist POW vs. POW. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Mind Stealer Able to absorb all memories and knowledge by touch, and retain them for 1d6 minutes/hours/days. 50% chance this power is undetectable by victim. Gift mental


Peter Maranci Empathic Regenerator Able to absorb the injuries of others, regenerating damage at 1d4hp/round. 50% chance this is involuntary. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Spell Absorber Able to absorb 1d8 points of spell per round and fire them back within the next five minutes. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Hump Grow hump; able to contain enough water for 2 weeks . If humps aren't normal for the creature's species, there is an appropriate reduction in APP. Other nutrition


Peter Maranci Phoenix Bursts into flames every evening and is reborn every morning from the ashes. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Spell Parry Able to parry attacking spells with hands. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Feels Magic Able to feel magic. It can detect magic by touch, and feel magical effects of all sorts. If it is a spellcaster, this gives it a 10% better chance to learn spells Gift perception


Peter Maranci Hears Magic Able to hear magic. It can detect magic by ear. If it is a spellcaster, this gives it a 5% better chance to learn spells Gift perception


Peter Maranci See Magic Able to see magic. If it is a spellcaster, this gives it a 20% better chance to learn spells Gift perception


Peter Maranci Smell Magic Able to smell magic. If it is a spellcaster, this gives it a 5% better chance to learn spells Gift perception


Peter Maranci Perfect Sketcher Gains perfect sketching ability (Craft: Art 1000%). Gift skill


Peter Maranci Leper Creature contracts leprosy. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Color-Blind Creature becomes color-blind. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Compulsive Rhymer Must always speak in rhyme. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Repeater Must always do and say everything twice. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Spirit Vision Sees dead people (spirit vision). This does not interfere with its normal vision. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Perfectly Groomed Always perfectly groomed; every hair in place and teeth (or fangs, or whatever) gleaming. Gift appearance


Peter Maranci Walks Through Walls Able to walk through walls. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci X-Ray Touch Creature has flesh-penetrating touch. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Belch Master Able to belch at will. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Weapon Limb Appropriate limb takes form of random weapon. Other offense


Peter Maranci Telepath Creature is in automatic mental communication (Mindspeech) with anyone they choose. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Attack Telepath Creature is in automatic mental communication (Mindspeech) with anyone they choose. They may also control victims via a round-by-round POW vs. POW contest. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Weird New Location Grow an entirely new hit location (located randomly) that is like nothing anyone has ever seen before (5% chance it is invisible or can do something really strange). Other transformation


Peter Maranci New Location Add a new hit location that creature would not normally have (i.e. tail for a human). This appears in the closest appropriate spot on the creature. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Species Location Change 1 or more random hit locations change into that of a different species. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Species Location Grow a new additional hit location of a different species. This does not replace any previous location. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Location Added Grow an identical new copy of a random hit location, placed randomly against other locations (example: a new head could be joined to the creature at the hip, on the foot, on top of present head, etc.). Other transformation


Peter Maranci Fast Learner (Skill Category) Always makes experience and training/research gain rolls for 1 or more skill categories. Gift mental


Peter Maranci POW Gainer Always succeeds in making POW gain roll. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Giggler Creature is sonstantly giggling. Curse appearance


Peter Maranci CON Gifted Always succeeds with CON roll for result of injury (for example, always succeeds in staying conscious if the possibility exists). Gift defense


Peter Maranci Hallucingenic Substance A random substance acts as hallucinogenic drug for creature. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Cannot Lose Consciousness Creature can never lose consciousness. It is also unable to sleep. Other mental


Peter Maranci Unrestrainable Creature cannot be tied up or restrained. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Extra Joints Creature has an extra joint in one or more jointed appendages. This may increase its effective dexterity with that appendage. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Fear of Universe Creature fears the entire universe. Constantly filled with a Demoralize effect. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Fear of Self Creature lives in mortal fear of itself. If shown its own image in a mirror, it runs in terror. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Fear of Shapes Creature is very uncomfortable in the presence of geometric solids - cubes, spheres, etc. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Crooked Walk Unable to walk in a straight line. Curse transportation


Peter Maranci Spell Vulnerability: Nonvariable Takes double damage from non-variable-effect spells. Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Vulnerable to Non-Natural Weapons Takes double damage from non-natural weapons. Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Vulnerable to Natural Weapons Takes double damage from natural weapons. Curse vulnerability


Peter Maranci Immune to Variable Spells Immune to all variable-effect spells (i.e. for which damage must be rolled) . Gift defense


Peter Maranci Immune to Non-Natural Weapons Imune to all non-natural weapons. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Immune to Natural Attacks Immune to all natural attacks. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Immune to Curved Weapons Immune to any weapon that is not straight-edged. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Deluded The creature is deluded; it thinks it has a chaos effect. Roll again to choose pseudo-result. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Body of Fire Victim bursts into flame, but does not take damage, is not consumed and just continually burns. 50% chance that this does not cause agonizing pain, 5% chance that victim gains power of flight. Immune to fire damage. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Sinew Body Body transforms into a single, leathery, greasy sinew which coils and bundles itself into the approximate shape of the original and wear its clothes (if any). STR and CON are 1.5 times original. Creature takes a maximum of 1 point from impaling and crushing attacks (slashing attacks normal), and gains 5 points of natural armor. Able to make itself into many shapes. If its two ends can be found, it can be jerked into a straight line and held helpless. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Death Breakdown At death splits up into (SIZ) number of miniature versions of itself. Each miniature is SIZ 1, but otherwise has the original's characteristics, skills, and knowledge. 10% chance that all are in Mindlink. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Inaudible While Sleeping While sleeping, this creature makes no sounds whatsoever. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Nervois Tic Gain constant twitch in random hit location. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Irridescent Body becomes totally iridescent; appearance very confusing (-35% to hit), plus unable to hide except in total darkness. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Weather Control Victim gains power of weather control; in effect can cast Cloud Clear, Cloud Call, Lightning, Thunderbolt, etc. Manipulation costs fatigue (if applicable) rather than magic points. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Compulsive Counter Victim becomes count-a-holic; must stop and count aloud any small items which come into its view. If someone throws 97 marbles during combat, it stops fighting and starts counting. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Indistinguishable Victim completely loses all distinguishing features, and no longer has a face (if applicable). Although it lacks eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc., none of its senses or abilities are impaired. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Common Type Victim completely loses all distinguishing characteristics, becomes in appearance a completely average, socially invisible member of its species. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Reincarnated Delusion Unusual insanity: loses all memory, but gains all memory and knowledge of some ancient person slain by Chaos. Victim believes they are that person. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Fear of Color Terrified of a random color. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Last Word Can never let anyone else have the last word. Large negative reaction modifier. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Two-Face One half of creature becomes beautiful (+50% APP), one half incredibly ugly (-50% APP). Curse appearance


Peter Maranci Perfect Balance Creature has perfect balance. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Invisible Spells Able to cast spells with no visible effect. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Spinner Must spend 1d6 hours per day spinning body violently or die. Able to spin at very high rate without dizziness. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Negative Image Becomes visual negative of self; all body colors now the opposite of what they were. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Floating Hair Hair (or equivalent) always floats about as if in a stiff breeze or underwater. Other appearance


Peter Maranci Beautiful Voice Voice become much stronger and smoother; +20+1d100% to all voice-based skills. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Horrifying Aspect Horrifying to look at; any creature observing this creature must resist a POW 20 of every round with their INT or be Demoralized while in its presence. Other appearance


Peter Maranci One-Shot Characterisic Boost Random characteristic is re-rolled on d100, effect lasts 1d6 days or weeks. Then returns to normal forever. Gift enhancement


Peter Maranci Dead Creature dies. Curse terminal


Peter Maranci Immune to Non-Mental Spells Immune to all but mental spells. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Invulnerable Location 1 random hit location is completely invulnerable. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Bouncy Body Body becomes extremely bouncy. Able to bound huge distances, at 1d6+1 times former Move. Crushing/blunt weapons do minimum damage unless there's a hard object on the other side of the creature as well (think of hitting a balloon). Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Hidden Pouch 1 or more random hit locations develop a hidden pouch, which can store objects of up to 1d6 x 1d6 SIZ. Yes, it can potentially store objects larger than its entire body. Gift defense


Peter Maranci All-Aware Victim has complete awareness in all directions -- virtually impossible to surround or surprise while awake. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Amnesia Amnesia. The victim loses all memory of their former life. 50% chance they retain basic skills such as languages, and motor skills, otherwise they are completely blank (but re-trainable). 10% chance that their memories might be restored by a future shock. An amnesiac may display a very different personality from their original one. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Optimist Incurable optimist. Other mental


Peter Maranci Compulsive Dancer Must dance whenever they hear music. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Rebirth When affected by this feature, the creature collapses into a quivering heap of protoplasm. After 3d6 hours the creature is reborn. At this point all of their characteristic points are totalled, and re-allocated into their new form as they wish. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Chaos Mother Gives birth to 1d6 spawn per season. Each spawn grows into a random Chaos monster. Other reproduction


Peter Maranci Perfect Master This creature has ALL skills at 100%. Gift skill


Peter Maranci Skill Absorber Able to absorb the skill of anyone in their presence; for example, if fighting a master swordsman, is able to use the same skill percentages. The skill only lasts while the target is in their presence. Gift skill


Peter Maranci Gift of Tongues Gift of tongues; able to speak any language perfectly (at 100%) after being exposed to it for 1d10 rounds or hours or days, as the GM decides. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Squeezer Able to squeeze through the smallest opening. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Perfect Liar Conscienceless; able to lie undetectably. Even spells cannot detect lies (nor truth) from this creature. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Cannot Hurt Children Cannot hurt any child (effects either children of own species, of all intelligent creatures, or of all living things). Other mental


Peter Maranci Blood Alcohol Creature's blood is alcohol; it is always drunk. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Blood Healing Creature's blood is Heal 6 potion (in d20, Cure Critical Wounds), a maximum of 3d6+6 doses before the creature dies from blood loss. The potions are automatically activated, one dose at a time, when the creature is injured. Gift healing


Peter Maranci Magic Sight II Able to see magic, but the effect confuses the creature's vision of the real world. +100% to all chances to cast, -10% visual skills. Gift perception


Peter Maranci Dream Intruder Able to enter the dreams of others. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Younger Than It Looks Appears extremely old, but retains abilities of youth. Gift appearance


Peter Maranci Whistler Able to emit a piercing whistle, once per round, that causes 1d6 damage (plus deafening effects). Armor does not protect. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Ghost Walker Able to become insubstantial at will in 1-round increments, for a total number of reounds equal to its POW (level/hit dice in d20); must re-solidify to attack. Able to cast and be affected by spells and spirits while insubstantial. Gift transportation


Peter Maranci Damage Transferal Vampiric healer: can transfer 1d10 of received damage to another via successful touch. No resistance possible, armor does not protect. Gift offense, healing


Peter Maranci Swapper Able to trade one skill/characteristic/special ability with another creature. Trade lasts one day . Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Cursed 2 Everyone else within 30m of this creature loses 1% of each skill every ten minutes after sunrise, and 1 point off each characteristic each hour. All return to normal at midnight. Other offense


Peter Maranci Cursed 1 Cursed - loses 1% of each skill every ten minutes after sunrise, and 1 point off each characteristic each hour. All return to normal at midnight. Curse disability


Peter Maranci Cosmic Truth Experiences intense vision of Cosmic Truth, gain 200% Metaphysics and +90% Oratory and Fast Talk. Gift communication


Peter Maranci Pure Truestone Becomes pure Truestone. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Pure Law Being becomes pure Law, with a Chaos-destroying touch. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Familiar The creature is "paired" with another random chaotic creature, which acts as a familiar to the victim. Gift weird


Peter Maranci Sealer Able to cast Glue 50 on any non-living thing which can be shut - a door, box, etc. 1d6 times per day. No MP cost nor casting time - this is an effect, not a spell. Gift magic


Peter Maranci Sleep Attack One finger/tendril/whatever is a hollow tube which can spray a sleep gas with POT = CON, enough to affect up to 3d6 individuals per day. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Compulsive Obeyor If anyone orders this creature to do something three times in a row, they must do it. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Negative Lifeform Any form of damage (including natural weapons) INCREASES the victim's general (and therefore also location-specific) hit points. They can absorb additional HPs up to ten times their normal value. These hit points may be self-inflicted; for example, the creature may stand in a fire to quickly charge themselves to maximum life-energy. However, if not injured the creature normally loses 1d3 hit points per day, down to (potentially) death. Healing spells are dangerous to this creature; each point of Healing causes 1d20 HP of damage. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Damage Reflector Any damage caused by any non-natural weapon (incuding spells) is ignored, and instead inflicted immediately on the attacker. The damage "reflected" is based on what would get through the defender's armor, not the attacker's. Natural weapons cause normal damage. A Heal spell causes damage equal to double the points in the spell, and cannot be resisted - but is still a touch-only spell. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Stupifier Any creature within 30m of creature temporarily loses 1d6 INT for as long as they are within that range. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Invisible Touch Anything this creature touches becomes invisible for as long as it remains in contact. It always appears to be naked and weaponless. Onlookers may believe that the creature has the power to disintegrate by touch. Gift transformation


Peter Maranci Rubbery Ball The creature shrivels and becomes a large rubbery ball of protoplasm which spends all of its time bouncing up and down (-10% to hit because of movement). It has 100 HP, and regenerates 10 HP per round. Once a day it can let out an explosive effect which does 5d6 damage to everything within a 8 meter radius. Armor protects against the explosion damage. Other transformation


Peter Maranci Radiates Pain All creatures within 15m of this creature must make a successful resistance roll of their INT vs their own CON every round or suffer -1d100 to all actions due to excrutiating pain. The d100 subtraction is re-rolled every round, as is the chance to resist. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Radiates Fear All creatures within 15m of this horrifying creature must make a successful resistance roll of their INT vs their own POW or flee. Success allows the creature to act normally for 1d6 rounds, after which they must roll again. Gift defense


Marko Perälä Ghostly to (substance) Creature acts is like air to the substance. Broo ghostly to wood could walk through a forest unhindered. Burglaries would be easy. Creatures ghostly to earth or stone are not seen often. Other weird


Ken Murphy Hard to Hit Anytime the creature has a missile fired or thrown at it, or is exposed to shrapnel, it has a chance equal to its POW x8 of being missed completely by any attack that is less than an 01 Critical success. In the case of an 01 Critical success occuring, it will affect the creature as a normal Critical Hit, however. Gift defense


Ken Murphy Bottomless Pit Creature can swallow a hogshead-worth of liquid (3D10+22, x10liters) per 5SRs. Creature effectively possesses an endless capacity, but is affected normally by any special features of the liquid, such as alcohol's or a potion's POT. Gift nutrition


Ken Murphy Strength of a Thousand Men . Creature's STR is +167. Gift offense
605 Peter Maranci Punner Creature constantly makes puns. Curse communication


Peter Maranci Blind to Competition Totally unable to perceive members of its gender of its own species. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Blind to Opposite Sex Totally unable to perceive members of the opposite gender of all species. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Blind to Same Sex Totally unable to perceive members of its gender, of any species. Curse perception


Peter Maranci Ice Breath Gain Ice Breath attack, 1d4 x 1d6 damage and freezing effect. The creature may make a breath attack in place of any normal attack. Gift offense


Peter Maranci Uncontrollable Urges Creature instantly gives in to any urge that it experiences. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Slow Movement rate reduced by 50%. Curse transportation


Peter Maranci More Truthful Must always speak the truth. The creature may not remain silent if there is a truth it could speak. Curse mental


Peter Maranci Invulnerable Location(s) One or more hit locations is invulnerable. Gift defense


Peter Maranci Must Protect Children The creature must protect any children in danger. Curse mental

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