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Old-time RQers may remember Chaosium's Foes book. It listed stats for hundreds, perhaps thousands of NPCs of all kinds. For the RQ2 gamemaster, it was a great resource. I wish I had a copy now, but I don't.

But I've created a lot of non-player characters over the years, and there's no reason not to post them here. Other GMs may find them useful.

My approach to creating NPCs is laid out in Creating NPCs, a short article. The NPCs are presented in a basic format: names, characteristics, notable skills and possessions, and a description of their personality.

Also included: two strange places and three odd magic items. More will be added when I find the time!

Note: I've been posting quite a few magic items to the appropriate section of the Chaos Project, and someone else has posted an item too (thanks!). Anyone is welcome to add to the list -- please do! It's much easier for me to add material to the Chaos Project than here, so I'll be reserving this area for NPCs, strange places, and extra-large magic item writeups.

I recently created a system which allows different kinds of magic items to be created using a minor modification of the RQ3 spirit magic rules. Many of the newer magic items I've posted were made using that system; they're still compatible with normal RQ. The system can be found here.


Via Bladesong: human female age 22. A beautiful and highly skilled Humakt Initiate.

Pindar the Wise: human male age 32. A genial and avuncular rogue (retired).

Haydon Ehkim: human male, age 20. Vile womanizer and Seven Mothers Initiate.

Gork: human (?) male, age 20-35 (?). A strange refugee with odd abilities.

Zed Nighthunter: human male age 37, Storm Bull Acolyte. A highly unusual city rat.

The Whistler: human male, age 71 (appears 22). Master Sorcerer. A disturbing individual. Bonus: A Horrible Thing.


The Sea Tree: Things aren't always what they seem. A very strange place to run into while on a long trip.

Dread Tower: A place so awful that proof of Hero status should be required to even think about it.


The Bottle: No ordinary vintage, this. Guaranteed to inflict a memorable morning after.

Silver Hemisphere: Those decadent nobles wasted POWer making this?!

The ClubSword: Let Humakti beware.

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