RQ Art, such as it is...

The RuneQuest Rune font. This Truetype font was created by Oliver Jovanovic based on the Runes created by Greg Stafford. Although it's available elsewhere on the web, it's usually zipped in a Mac format. This file is ZIPped for IBM-type PCs, and includes a guide to the keys.

I'm no artist. But like everyone else, I've spent a few idle hours doodling with various paint programs. In my case, I doodle Runes.

These are fairly basic, I'm afraid; they lack the weathered look of professional Gloranthan publications. Nonetheless, I've found them useful over the years.

In addition to the individual Runes there are several other items available: two rune strips suitable as headers or footers for DTP projects, a copy of the faded runic background used for all pages at this site, a few non-RQ runes, an experimental rune that I've titled "wakboth.gif", and some swords and such. All the art is in GIF form. If you find them at all useful, please drop me a line and let me know -- I'll be very surprised!

Click here to download the complete ZIPped collection. The ZIPped Gloranthan rune images are roughly four times larger than the ones below.

Update, four years later: I'm still no artist. But I can read and follow directions, and that's what I did to make the color rune icons which I've added to the bottom of the page. Unfortunately they're designed to look best against a pale green background (surprise), but I could change that if anyone out there has some sort of runic icon emergency. The color runes aren't part of the ZIPfile above, incidentally.

By the way, isn't this kind of an interesting example of what you can do with a computer, even with no artistic ability whatsoever?

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Black chaos sign from Elric books | Chaos variant | Black chaos sign in a circle | White chaos sign in a circle | Sword, pointing left | Sword, pointing right |

Set of Runes | Runic background from this page | Experimental Wakboth Rune | Runestrip #1 | Runestrip #2 |

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