The Chaos Project

The Chaos Project is an accumulated collection of ideas for roleplaying campaigns. Almost all of them should work for any system, and many will work for any genre - although many of them are aimed at fantasy settings. There are four parts:

The Project has an odd history. Originally it was a set of three guestbooks, on a free guestbook site; it allowed visitors to add their own ideas. Eventually, that free site died. Luckily I had maintained copies of all entries, so nothing was lost. For a while I hoped to move all of the data to a new system on my site, one that would allow filtering, random selections, and the creation of printable lists - but unfortunately that fell through. There's a Google spreadsheet that contains all of the valid entries at The Complete Chaos Project (Google spreadsheet). Thanks again to those who contributed to the Chaos Project over the years!

Update 11/01/2013: Users can once again contribute entries to all four spreadsheets of the Chaos Project via Google Forms. Really happy to have this function back again!

Found Items

The life of a repo man is always intense. Stack something on the pile of weird things that adventurers can find anywhere, or just stare at the -- what is this stuff, anyway?

The Found Items archive
733 items to date (10/28/2013)

Found Items can be almost anything - an object, a place, treasure, even people. They're good scenario hooks; something odd to surprise a party. And some items are perfectly ordinary, which can be the biggest surprise of all.

Converting from RQ to D&D - Most of the entries in the Chaos Project can be used in any system. Some are a little more specific to RuneQuest. Here's a brief guide to converting items and chaotic features to D&D.

Chaotic Features

When creatures are tainted by Chaos, literally anything can happen to them - but it's sure to be very disturbing. View the infinite possibilites, or add your own twisted ideas to the list!

The Chaotic Features archive
614 entries to date (10/29/2013)

These are strange curses or blessings that creatures tainted by Chaos can gain (or suffer from). They can also be mutations or magical side-effects; Chaos isn't an absolute requirement.

The Random Hit Locations Table - a numbered list of every possible combination of humanoid hit locations, for chaotic features that affect one or more locations.

Magic Items

Magic can take many forms. It can be natural, of the gods, or made by man. Artifacts can range from a puny magic toothpick to a Dragon-slaying sword. Got any magic to spare?

The Magic Items archive
122 items to date (10/29/2013)

Magic items have been part of RPGs since the beginning, of course. As treasure or hazard, they're always fun. They're fun to create, too!

Magic Item Creation - A simple system for creating new magic items by imbuing them with ordinary spells. Works with most FRP systems. Some of the items in the Project were created this way, although it's absolutely not required.


Advantages & Disadvantages

An ongoing list of the many ways that characters can be unique and different.

There are many qualities, both small and large, positive and negative, that make us all unique. You almost certainly have some yourself. Why shouldn't PCs and NPCs be able to have those qualities as well?



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