The Chaos Project - Found Items

Found Items are really cool. What GM doesn't love lists of random stuff - weird, mundane, useless or precious - that might be found by a party of adventurers in a dungeon, on a city street, or on a wilderness trek? Here's an updated archive of 733 Found Items from The Chaos Project, including all of the entries up to October 28, 2013. I wrote quite a few of them, but many other items were contributed by visitors. All of them, and particularly the regulars, deserve a vote of thanks. May all their found items be weird and precious!

1 Peter Maranci A very small knotted-twine cheat sheet in knot language. artifact, message any any any
2 Glenn Four bronze arrowheads pointing to the four main compass points, a crudely made copper arrowhead lies on them pointing towards a different direction, north east or whatever. artifact, tool any any any
3 Peter Maranci An empty snail shell filled with sand. remains, container any any any
4 Peter Maranci A smooth-edged crystal bowl topped with a glass plate. Inside is incredibly stale water. artifact, container any any any
5 Glenn The broken limb of a statue. The hand clasps a bronze sword with the beast rune carved recently onto its blade. Nearby lies a small bag of newly minted Lunar coins. A note attached reads "In payment for your troubles, be warned the skinchangers do not forget so easily as they once did". artifact, debris, mystery, message, weapon any any any
6 Peter Maranci An ancient rag doll made of cotton, black with age. Hidden deep inside it is a small silver key. artifact, treasure, mystery any any any
7 Glenn A gauntlet made of leather and reinforced with chainmail. Inside lies one skeletal finger with a silver ring on it. Nearby in a tree a rook waits expectantly. artifact, treasure, mystery any any any
8 Peter Maranci An ivory bottle, yellowed with great age. It is 5cm (2") wide and 15cm(6") long, and sealed with a screw-top also made of bone. It has an oddly fluted shape, and is covered with incredibly fine and intricate carving. Inside is a hardened, pleasant-smelling yellow substance which was once non-magical healing balm. Only a small amount in the center retains enough moisture to be used. There is enough to treat 4HP of damage.
If applied and then protected with a clean bandage, the balm increases natural healing; rather than one point/week, one HP is healed every two days in every location treated.
Secret: The carving on the bottle is the recipe for the balm, written in an ancient tongue of alchemy. An INT x 1 roll OR a special success on an applicable knowledge skill is necessary to recognize that the carvings are not merely decorative. Fresh balm will heal 1HP/day, at a cost of 2 SP/dose plus a successful Craft potion roll.
Bottle: 100 - 200 SP Recipe: 1,000 - 10,000 SP
artifact, container, treasure any any any
9 Glenn A bracelet made out of entwined rats tails with small pale orange glass beads attached. The item has dried blood on the beads, but this is only noticed if it is carefully examined. When worn the bracelet will allow the wearer to climb, sneak and appraise with a higher degree of skill, however there wil be side effects, to be chosen by the DM. artifact, remains, magic, treasure any any any
10 Peter Maranci A grey stone the size of a walnut which strongly resembles the parent or guardian of one of the PCs. This is not a carved rock; it does not have fine detail. Nonetheless natural forces have sculpted this random stone into a strong impressionistic likeness of someone that one of the PCs loves. mystery any any any
11 Glenn A leaflet (or is that a flyer for the colonials) offering rewards for the capture of a pair of previously unheard of villains. Additionally it advertises an upcoming public execution and promises good seats for those who bring the leaflet with them. The leaflet is signed by an obscure official who could be about to take over a major role in the military/secret police/priesthood or whatever. artifact, message, hook any any any
12 Glenn A winner's golden ring from an imperial sports event with the victor's name (Vila Matautia) engraved. The hero himself vanished in somewhat suspicious circumstances several years previously and whilst the ring has considerable fiscal value its sale is likely to cause problems for the adventurers as there are many parties with vested interests in finding (or concealing) the truth. treasure, artifact, hook any any any
13 Peter Maranci Dried puddle: Someone has spilled a sticky drink here. It has dried, but there's still a faint whiff of some piquant yet hearty scent. It must have been spilled within the last couple of days. A few ants may be seen in the area. debris any any any
14 Glenn A heavily blood-stained cloth square 8 inches by 12. Under the blood stains can be seen a partly stitched monogram associated with a local noble family. There is evidence that the cloth once formed the frontpiece to a book, possibly a diary or journal. artifact, message any any any
15 Peter Maranci A small amount of inappropriate material: a small patch of dirt if indoors, or a bit of paving stone if in the wilderness. natural, mystery any any any
16 Glenn A basket of painted hens eggs, multicoloured and with various runes marked in charcoal. Potentially much more than just an omelette? artifact, message, animal, hook any any any
17 Peter Maranci Hidden behind a bush is a small flat rock with a tiny spring of strong-smelling yellowish water. It is a sulphur spring. Water flows from the tiny pool down a crack in the rock, and disappears into the ground. natural outdoor any any
18 Glenn A votive candle inscribed with imaginative but disturbing phrases in the players main language. It is beautifully decorated with pictures of an earth ceremony in which one of the PCs seems to be at the centre of things. There is evidence that it has been removed from a candle holder and has been partly used. An additional concern is that the top of the candle clearly showed more of the scene, but having been burnt it is now impossible to tell exactly what happens. All that can be seen for certain is that the PC appears to be lying down, surrounded by a pool of liquid (blood, beer or something else?) artifact, mystery, hook, message any any any
19 Peter Maranci A broken piece of a large hollowed-out nut which has been extensively carved with pictures of donkey-riding baboons at war with some sort of snake-things. This was probably once used as a cup. container, debris, artifact any any any
20 Peter Maranci A neat four-sided pyramid of mouse skulls, 15cm (6 inches) high. artifact, remains, mystery any any any
21 Peter Maranci Hidden behind tall grass is a half-meter diameter pit of fine white sand. There is an irregular patch of reddish-brown discoloration near the center; it is about 20cm (8 inches) across. Anyone who digs one meter down through the sand (which will take one person half-an-hour) finds a corroded magic dagger. It has the effect of a permanent Bladesharp 2 (+10% to hit, +2 damage), but is somewhat fragile; it only has four armor points left, and cannot be repaired. natural, magic, treasure, weapon outdoor any any
22 Glenn A wooden carving of a bull-mastiff. The eyes have been hollowed out and small copper coins placed there. The dog is crudely painted with a woad-like dye. It brings a sense of peace to those who cradle it when injured or in emotional pain. Any one who falls to sleep whilst holding onto it has dreams in which they and the dog are hunting in a forest. The dream allows the dreamer to follow the dog to a chaos creatures lair where the real dog and its owner were killed. After a battle the PCs could bury the remains and then be granted a faithful spirit which will stay with them for a set time. artifact, magic, NPC, treasure any any any
23 Glenn A bottle of orange liquid. The bottle (made of glass) is etched with the picture of a herd beast. Inside the liquid float 3 small flowers. When drunk the liquid acts as an incredible stimulus for a character's artistic skills (Perform, Sing, Dance, Orate). The lift in ability should be substantial but only lasts for 3 or 4 days. The bottle is sufficient for about 8 drinks before running out. The PC then becomes wracked by withdrawal symptoms until a new bottle can be found, a possible adventure in itself. container, magic, hazard, plant, hook any any any
24 Peter Maranci A receipt written in purple ink on a patch of animal skin. In Tradetalk, it says "Received 1 bison, 2 blue shirts, and 1 bottle of Old Dragonewt Sweat from Biturian Varosh". The signature is illegible, and there is no date. artifact, message, remains any any Glorantha, any
25 Peter Maranci A small hinged box with a latch. Opened, it unfolds into a small wooden tic-tac-toe board, 10cm (4") square. Inside are 3 red and 5 blue sticks which fit into the holes on the board. The box is somewhat stained and worn. artifact, container any any any
26 Peter Maranci A tangle of wire of some random metal. At the center of the tangle is a small and highly unusual nut. artifact, debris, plant, mystery any any any
27 Peter Maranci A whole or broken ivory toothpick, intricately carved. artifact, remains any any any
28 Peter Maranci A broken and worn old sandal for a SIZ 20 - 25 humanoid. artifact, clothing any any any
29 Peter Maranci A half-buried yellowed but smooth old stone. If dug up, it is revealed to be a skull. Further investigation reveals that there is an entire skeleton which has been buried here in a standing position, with only the very top of the skull showing. remains, mystery any any any
30 Peter Maranci A beautiful half-buried pen of jade and gold, with fine scale-like carving. Worth 1,000 - 2,000 to a scholar. artifact, treasure any any any
31 Peter Maranci Nesting wooden dolls: each one is inside the previous one. Each is a different race, and each is holding a banner with one word. "The" "secret" "of" "the" "God" "Learners" "IS" -- and that's all there is! artifact, message, mystery any any Glorantha, any
32 Peter Maranci A bag of oddly-shaped dice artifact, container any any any
33 Peter Maranci A child's slingshot. 50% chance it still works. artifact, weapon any any any
34 Peter Maranci A 15cm (6") chewed-rock statue of an old human female artifact, artwork any any any
35 Peter Maranci A disk of brown glass: the broken-off bottom of a bottle of ale artifact, debris any any any
36 Peter Maranci A half-hidden cairn of pebbles. Buried underneath is an oak box lined with red velvet. Inside are four bottles of rare wine. There is a 50% chance that all the wine has gone bad, but if it has not each bottle is worth 500 - 1,500 sp each to a connoisseur. artifact, container, treasure outdoor any any
37 Peter Maranci A shiny piece of green quartz crystal natural any any any
38 Peter Maranci Shiny piece of mica natural any any any
39 Peter Maranci Crudely-stiched piece of leather artifact any any any
40 Peter Maranci A 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8") piece of fairly smooth grey slate, adequate to write on natural any any any
41 Peter Maranci A half-burned candle, random color artifact, debris any any any
42 Peter Maranci Small box of wax-coated kindling - lights in any weather artifact, container, treasure any any any
43 Peter Maranci A small flat gravestone inscribed "Brugoth, beloved dog". artifact any any any
44 Peter Maranci A 10cm (4") square hinged wooden box with a small hole in the cover. Inside is a ball of heavy waxed twine. container, tool any any any
45 Peter Maranci A snake with three tails. animal, mystery any any any
46 Glenn An assortment of glass insects,varying in size but all less than 5cm long. artifact, artwork any any any
47 Glenn Three small random items contained within a hollow wooden drum whose skin is made from stretched camel hide. artifact, container, tool any any any
48 Glenn A yellow flower-head of unknown type. plant, mystery any any any
49 Glenn An aromatic candle with a silver candlestick. artifact, treasure any any any
50 Glenn Three silver medallions with the motto "Faith, Hope and Charity" on each one. artifact, treasure, message any any any
51 Glenn A child's pull-along dragon toy. artifact any any any
52 Peter Maranci Three silver pennies and two copper pennies. Each one has been neatly bent in half at a 90-degree angle. artifact, treasure, mystery any any any
53 Peter Maranci A moldy half-eaten ham sandwich. artifact, debris, remains any any any
54 Peter Maranci A piece of clothing for a random humanoid hit location. Roll 1d6 for the SIZ it was made to fit. artifact, clothing any any any
55 Peter Maranci A left-handed glove of white silk covered with rhinestones. Fits humans SIZ 12 - 14. artifact, clothing any any any
56 Peter Maranci A crumpled-up, stained and torn old draft of a love letter. It is unsigned. artifact, message any any any
57 Glenn An "erotic" candle depicting a female PC as a belly dancer, the dance of the seven veils, only one veil left to go! (Actually this isn't one of my ideas, it really happened in this week's game when one PC drunkenly commisioned a range of candles of another member of the party. Needless to say when it turned up someone was not impressed!) artifact, tool any any any
58 Peter Maranci A pile of material on the ground turns out to be a hammock made of mesh/cloth/other in some random color. There is a 1/3 chance each that it is useable, needs repair, or is hopelessly ruined. artifact any any any
59 Peter Maranci A small iron pick of fine dwarven make. Suitable for SIZ 5 - 8. Anyone over SIZ 8 suffers a -5% penalty to use for each 5 points of SIZ over, i.e. 9-13 = -5%, SIZ 14-18 = -10%. As a weapon, it has 12AP, does 1d6 impaling damage, and has an SR of 2. artifact, tool, weapon any any any
60 Peter Maranci A child's wooden toy sword, weathered with age. Patches of silver paint on the blade and bronze paint on the hilt are evidence that the original was well made. The sword is 60cm (24") long. As a weapon, it has 3AP, does 1d2 crushing damage, and has an SR of 3. It has 2 AP. artifact, weapon any any any
61 Peter Maranci A 30-cm (12") diameter hoop woven of three braided branches artifact, plant any any any
62 Peter Maranci A scattered pile of red pistachio shells or other nut shells plant any any any
63 Peter Maranci A tree nearby has slashes in its bark. There is a 50% chance each that they are either runic carvings, or claw marks by an animal. plant, mystery any any any
64 Peter Maranci A dead animal of some random nonintelligent species. Roll 1d10 to determine cause of death:
1. Old age
2. Some other unidentified animal
3. Something enormous and savage
4. Disease (non-contagious)
5. Disease (contagious)
6. Hunter-inflicted wounds
7. No identifiable cause
8. A fall from a height
9. Burned somehow
10. Other/something weird
animal, remains, mystery any any any
65 Peter Maranci Burned area. There has been a fire here. debris any any any
66 Peter Maranci A child's rattle. artifact any any any
67 Peter Maranci A whip artifact, tool, weapon any any any
68 Peter Maranci An old wagon wheel, repairable/fine/useless artifact, tool, vehicle any any any
69 Peter Maranci A salt lick natural any any any
70 Peter Maranci A baby of a random intelligent species, wrapped in blankets and hidden in a basket. NPC, mystery, container, hook any any any
71 Peter Maranci An ear from a random intelligent species. remains any any any
72 Peter Maranci A pot of mustache wax artifact, container, treasure any any any
73 Peter Maranci Three good quality buttons artifact, clothing any any any
74 Peter Maranci A small bronze bottle sealed with wax. Inside are a number of cachets of powder. Mixed with water or win and swallowed, the powder improves digestion. artifact, container, treasure any any any
75 Peter Maranci An old pornographic scroll for newtlings artifact, message any any any
76 Peter Maranci A small crumpled piece of torn cloth, apparently from a shirt, on the ground. Written in the common tongue (in blood) are the words "I'm being held prisoner. Please help me!". A Search reveals a small opening in the roots of a large tree nearby. There are bars set well back from the opening, and glaring eyes may be seen within. artifact, clothing, message, mystery, hook any any any
77 Glenn A fist-size piece of amber, inside is a spider-like creature which is clearly moving around unhindered by the amber itself. Close examination reveals the creature can't get out. animal, mystery any any any
78 Glenn Three fig leaves, carved out of bronze and each having once been attached at the stem to another piece of bronze by solder. On the underside is carved a protection rune. artifact, artwork any any any
79 Peter Maranci An abacus artifact, tool any any any
80 Peter Maranci A hookah artifact, tool any any any
81 Peter Maranci A child's top, once brightly painted but now faded with weather and age. artifact, tool any any any
82 Peter Maranci Someone's underwear. artifact, clothing, annoyance any any any
83 Peter Maranci A small statue made of exotic woods from far lands. It depicts a very fat, bald man seated in an odd cross-legged position. He is smiling. artifact, artwork any any any
84 Peter Maranci A beautiful silk scarf of sheerest (random color). 25% chance that it is stained with blood. artifact, clothing any any any
85 Peter Maranci A 1m long metal bar, about the thickness of a human thumb. It is heavily scratched around the center, and one end is splintered and broken. artifact, tool, weapon, debris any any any
86 Peter Maranci A fish, rotting remains any any any
87 Peter Maranci A beautifully painted cameo on a silver chain. Inside is a portrait of a duck. artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
88 Peter Maranci A piece of charcoal natural, tool any any any
89 Peter Maranci Clinging, barbed vine (non-animated). Sticks to all with STR of 3d6, and has 8 AP. plant, annoyance any any any
90 Peter Maranci An aloe plant. Soothes burns and smooths skin. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... :) plant, treasure any any any
91 Peter Maranci A tiny lead figure of a warrior armed with a scimitar. Nicely painted. artifact, artwork any any any
92 Peter Maranci A coin made of an unknown metal, with markings in no known language. It is worthless. artifact, mystery any any any
93 Peter Maranci A signpost, pointing two ways. One sign says "HERE", the other "THERE". Both are in Common. artifact, message any any any
94 Peter Maranci A broken and weathered tombstone. On it only the words "the Great" can be made out. They are written in an ancient tongue. artifact, mystery, message any any any
95 Peter Maranci A random creature, either sleeping, unconscious, awake, or dead animal any any any
96 Peter Maranci A weapon, fine/repairable/useless. 15% chance it is made for a very large or small humanoid, and a 5% chance for a non-humanoid. weapon any any any
97 Peter Maranci Part of a weapon. It does not seem to be broken; it's simply incomplete, and useless in its present form. 15% chance it was made for a very large or small humanoid, and a 5% chance for a non-humanoid. debris, weapon any any any
98 Peter Maranci It looks as if some strange game was played here; a square with lines and symbols has been scratched into the dirt. There are crooked dice, some blood, and four inhuman fingers on the ground nearby. artifact, message, remains any any any
99 Peter Maranci A dying pixie. Its last words are "Save my child!". It seems to have been savaged by an unusually large rat. NPC, hook any any any
100 Peter Maranci An inlaid-gold wood box lined with red velvet. Inside is a human finger wearing a diamond ring. The finger is ancient, recent, or fresh. artifact, container, remains, treasure any any any
101 Peter Maranci A tin filled with delicious mints, 50% chance contaminated with disease artifact, container, hazard any any any
102 Peter Maranci An hourglass filled with green sand, 50% chance broken artifact, container, debris any any any
103 Peter Maranci A beautiful gift box tied up with a bow. Inside is a found item, magic item, or nothing artifact, container, mystery any any any
104 Peter Maranci An animal horn - 50% chance carved artifact, artwork, remains any any any
105 Peter Maranci A crudely-made burned-wood plaque with a picture of a cow on it artifact, artwork any any any
106 Peter Maranci The remains of a large well-cooked meal artifact, debris any any any
107 Peter Maranci A natural piece of chalk natural, tool any any any
108 Glenn A wicker basket containing a series of old scrolls. These purport to be the writings of a long dead prophet, telling of his encounters with teaching spirits of different storm and solar cults. All allege to testify of the failings of these cults and the superiority of a "cult in times to come". It takes little insight to see them for the propaganda they are, but they do contain previously unknown information about at least one cult spirit which could be used to help summon or bind that spirit. The basket has fallen from the back of a wagon and its contents will prove flammable to the local religous powers for a variety of reasons the DM wants thrown into the campaign. artifact, container, message, treasure, hook any any any
109 Peter Maranci A shirt, shredded by the claws of some huge animal. Written in blood on a rock nearby are the words "Mercy stands within these lands" artifact, clothing, message, mystery any any any
110 Peter Maranci A petrified tree natural, plant any any any
111 Peter Maranci Agricultural tool, ruined/repairable/fine artifact, tool any any any
112 Peter Maranci 1d100 metal nails, scattered artifact, tool, annoyance any any any
113 Peter Maranci A brass incense burner artifact, tool any any any
114 Peter Maranci A backscratcher artifact, tool any any any
115 Peter Maranci What appears to be a magic wand, non-magical artifact, annoyance any any any
116 Peter Maranci Incense sticks wrapped in oilcloth artifact, container, tool any any any
117 Peter Maranci A human brain remains any any any
118 Peter Maranci A jade vial of perfume - worth 10, 100, or 1,000sp artifact, container, treasure any any any
119 Peter Maranci A small chest filled with counterfeit coins artifact, container, annoyance any any any
120 Peter Maranci A 20cm roll of soft clay with many small teeth set in it artifact, remains any any any
121 Peter Maranci A ribbon of curved metal - the strap from a wagon wheel artifact, debris any any any
122 Peter Maranci A small broken barrel. Inside, heavily diluted with rainwater and dew, are the traces of a fine liqueur artifact, container, debris any any any
123 Peter Maranci Wagon wheel, ruined/repairable/fine artifact, debris any any any
124 Glenn A fist sized block of troll bolgs encasing a still living, tiny, angry shade (darkness elemental). artifact, magic, NPC any any any
125 Glenn A tortoise shell, stuffed with garlic and sage. artifact, remains any any any
126 Glenn The boss from a viking round shield, daubed with yellow plant sap and showing signs of heat damage. artifact, debris any any any
127 Glenn Three blue feathers and a silver broach of an oriental design wrapped inside a silk shawl. artifact, clothing, animal, treasure any any any
128 Glenn A collection of tokens from a childrens game. artifact any any any
129 Peter Maranci The immediate area is unusually damp or dry natural, mystery any any any
130 Peter Maranci Mist has gathered in several small hollows in the ground nearby. Buried beneath those hollows is ? natural, mystery, hook any any any
131 Peter Maranci A large axe, with a hammer back. Can be used either as a slashing or crushing weapon at wielder's option artifact, weapon, treasure any any any
132 Peter Maranci A dog-eared copy of "The Epic of Grunseltina In Caralaland"; the last three pages have been torn out artifact any any any
133 Peter Maranci A vein of valuable ore may be found nearby with a successful Search natural, treasure any any any
134 Peter Maranci Several chunks of fool's gold natural, annoyance any any any
135 Peter Maranci A cheap little pipe, broken artifact, tool, debris any any any
136 Peter Maranci A beautifully carved pipe of rare woods, well worn. There is a faint smell of fine tobacco coming from it artifact, tool any any any
137 Peter Maranci A large, squat brown bottle, stoppered and sealed with wax. Inside is smoke, which smells horrible/odd/delicious artifact, container, mystery, annoyance any any any
138 Peter Maranci Broken glass (random color) artifact, debris, annoyance any any any
139 Glenn A set of Russian doll like figures, each inside the last.They represent the evolutionary stages of a dragonewt, however the third figure is strangly changed from what would be expected. artifact, mystery any any any
140 Glenn A woman's golden headband with an attached silken veil. This is a wedding tradition in one of the campaign's far away lands and its owner could well be nearby, on the run from an aggrieved spouse and his allies. artifact, clothing, treasure, hook any any any
141 Peter Maranci A notebook filled with notes in Auld Wyrmish/Draconic artifact, message any any any
142 Peter Maranci A sharpened piece of wire, bent in two artifact, annoyance any any any
143 Peter Maranci A large flipper-track in soft mud, but no water is nearby natural, mystery any any any
144 Peter Maranci A medallion which has the words "Token of the Grey Company" inscribed on it artifact, treasure, hook any any any
145 Peter Maranci A carved stick which obviously must have some purpose (it's a clay-scribing stick) artifact, tool any any any
146 Peter Maranci Hundreds of bones belonging to some small animals, but not a single skull remains, mystery any any any
147 Peter Maranci A length of rope, hanging from a tree branch artifact any any any
148 Peter Maranci A first aid kit containing bandages, ointment, and a medicine bundle artifact, tool, treasure any any any
149 Peter Maranci A ball of string artifact, tool any any any
150 Peter Maranci A beautiful flower, which smells wonderful/neutral/awful plant any any any
151 Peter Maranci A dead skunk animal, remains, annoyance any any any
152 Peter Maranci A shadow that has no visible source mystery any any any
153 Peter Maranci A bronze bone, approximately 20cm long. Inside is the bone marrow of a god remains, magic, mystery any any any
154 Peter Maranci A 5cm diameter, 30cm long length of copper pipe artifact any any any
155 Peter Maranci A small pool of mercury (20cm/8" wide & 1cm/0.5" deep) which is rapidly evaporating mystery any any any
156 Peter Maranci A chipped pale green egg-shaped stone, 25 x 15 centimeters (10 x 6 inches) and weighing 3.5 kg (7 lbs) which radiates magic. It is always 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Long ago it was used by giants to cool their drinks, but the magic is mostly worn out by now. artifact, magic any any any
157 Peter Maranci A large finely-carved bone toothpick, approximately 10 centimeters long, and yellow with age artifact, tool any any any
158 Peter Maranci A klack (copper) which has been bent in half and squeezed squeezed almost flat with jagged pliers or teeth artifact, debris, mystery any any any
159 Peter Maranci A tiny recently-dead mouse, curled up into a ball the size of a small walnut. animal, remains any any any
160 Peter Maranci A broken-off carving of a baby's arm in brown malachite, the size of a man's thumb artifact, artwork, debris any any any
161 Peter Maranci A rubbery purple lump the size of a walnut that smells (and tastes) vaguely of mint. mystery any any any
162 Peter Maranci A tiny playbox, no more than 20cm across. There are little holes in the top of it, and tiny carved figures with pegs that fit in the holes artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
163 Peter Maranci An 18-cm (8") cube of orange salt which has apparently been licked many times by one or more large tongues debris any any any
164 Peter Maranci A dried-out potato that bears a striking resemblance to a famous personage in the region having a bad hair day. plant, mystery any any any
165 Peter Maranci A broken string of cheap beads. No two are the same color, but all are faded from the sun. artifact, debris, clothing any any any
166 Peter Maranci An old sandal with a broken strap. A 12-point star is carved into the heel. artifact, clothing, debris any any any
167 Peter Maranci A 40-cm cord of fine leather with the word "HELP" in knot-language artifact, message any any any
168 Peter Maranci A silvered spur artifact, tool any any any
169 Peter Maranci A broken pot-handle of black wood artifact, debris any any any
170 Peter Maranci Half a wasps' nest, with wasps. All of them are dead. animal, remains any any any
171 Peter Maranci A large block of ice. mystery any any any
172 Peter Maranci A nest of baby mice. animal any any any
173 Peter Maranci A tarnished boat anchor. artifact, tool any any any
174 Peter Maranci A wooden tree, beautifully painted. artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
175 Peter Maranci A doll-sized red leather shoe. artifact, clothing any any any
176 Peter Maranci A hoondie (letter of credit), worth 4,273 sp - but if the PCs investigate it turns out that the author is dead, and his estate bankrupt. artifact, message, hook, annoyance any any any
177 Peter Maranci An old toupee. artifact, clothing any any any
178 Peter Maranci A blue flag with a white star in the center. artifact any any any
179 Peter Maranci A waterfall. natural any any any
180 Peter Maranci A glass tube sealed with wax. Inside are three tablets. A successful Scan reveals that the wax is cracked. If swallowed, the swallower must resist a poison with a POT of 23. If they succeed, they vomit. If they fail, they are afflicted with a random insanity from the Call of Cthulhu tables for 1d6 hours. artifact, container any any any
181 Peter Maranci A blood-red vine is strangling a young tree nearby. The sap of the vine is caustic, doing 1pt acid damage when bruised, 1d3 when cut. plant, annoyance any any any
182 Peter Maranci A small pool hidden by brush; a special Scan or Smell, or a normal Listen reveals it. A Scan reveals that the water is slowly spinning, and that there is a whirlpool going down in the middle. If checked, there is a drain in the bottom of the pond, which leads into an underground corridor. natural, mystery, hook any any any
183 Peter Maranci A dead thornbush spattered with sticky sap plant, annoyance any any any
184 Peter Maranci A clump of painful nettles plant, annoyance any any any
185 Peter Maranci A tiny house at the base of a nearby tree, complete with tiny furniture artifact, artwork, mystery, construction any any any
186 Peter Maranci A small wooden gate, torn from its hinges artifact, mystery, construction any any any
187 Peter Maranci Two very small (about the size of a human thumb) statues of identical dogs. One is red, one is black. They are attracted to each other with a STR of 4. artifact, artwork, mystery, magic any any any
188 Peter Maranci A hopelessly knotted bootstring. artifact, clothing, debris any any any
189 Peter Maranci A pair of spectacles, left lens smashed. artifact, clothing, debris any any any
190 Peter Maranci The air is very hazy here. natural, mystery any any any
191 Peter Maranci A metal spike. artifact, tool any any any
192 Peter Maranci A horseshoe. artifact, clothing, tool any any any
193 Peter Maranci The lopped-off tentacle of some large creature, shrivelled and dried with age. animal, remains any any any
194 Peter Maranci Some animal has been digging here. natural any any any
195 Peter Maranci A geyser of hot, sulphurous water shoots forth from a nearby pool. natural any any any
196 Peter Maranci A pile of gloves which appear to have been bronzed. artifact, artwork, clothing, mystery any any any
197 Peter Maranci A stone hand, forefinger extended, pointing up out of the ground. artifact, artwork, mystery any any any
198 Peter Maranci A 20cm bronze disk with very sharp edges, inscribed with many runes. artifact, artwork, tool any any any
199 Peter Maranci A cream-colored silk handkerchief, wrapped around a worn piece of amber resin. artifact, container, tool any any any
200 Peter Maranci A handsome tan cat sitting high on a tree or if indoors, on a shelf or ledge. animal any any any
201 Peter Maranci A scroll with an annotated song, "The Calf's Lament", created by a sage researching folk customs. artifact, message any any any
202 Peter Maranci A wineskin filled with stale water. artifact, container any any any
203 Peter Maranci A splintered wooden spoon. artifact, debris any any any
204 Peter Maranci A bucket of mud with a little silver ring inside. The ring bears the crest of a noble family, and belonged to the kidnapped baby heir. artifact, container, treasure, hook any any any
205 Peter Maranci A grave with no marker. Inside is a large coffin containing ? artifact, container, remains any any any
206 Peter Maranci Uncut gemstones (Scan or Evaluate to recognize). Worth about 300 - 500 sp as is, from 300 - 3,000sp when cut (depending on quality of cut). natural, treasure any any any
207 Peter Maranci A fine deck of cards. On the back is a heraldic crest. artifact, artwork, tool any any any
208 Peter Maranci A dead goat. Some things seem to have eaten their way out from inside it. animal, remains any any any
209 Peter Maranci Badly frayed horsewhip. artifact, tool, weapon any any any
210 Peter Maranci Ox yoke, broken. artifact, tool, debris any any any
211 Peter Maranci A fine porcelain dish, with a scene from a royal court. artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
212 Peter Maranci The broken stump of a very large tree. Under the roots is a twisted ring which grants peerless mathematical ability (+1000% skill). plant, remains, magic, treasure any any any
213 Peter Maranci The remains of a low stone wall. artifact, debris any any any
214 Peter Maranci A tree nearby is heavily rotted and will fall across the path soon. plant, hazard any any any
215 Peter Maranci The skin of a random animal, preserved or rotting. animal, remains any any any
216 Peter Maranci There is a wino under some trash nearby. He is sleeping it off. debris, NPC any any any
217 Peter Maranci A baby raven, croaking. Above is a nest of other baby ravens. In the nest are shiny things worth 37sp animal, treasure any any any
218 Peter Maranci Large burrow in small hillock. Inside is a family of giant rats. animal, hazard any any any
219 Peter Maranci A dilapidated old wooden outhouse. The compost underneath is very old and inoffensive to the nose. Buried 30cm down is either a valuable gem or a magic item. artifact, construction, debris, annoyance, treasure any any any
220 Peter Maranci A birdfeeder is hanging from a tree. It is empty. artifact, container, tool any any any
221 Peter Maranci A silver plate, dented. artifact, treasure any any any
222 Peter Maranci A small pool of water which serves as a natural birdbath. natural any any any
223 Peter Maranci A length of rope is hanging from a tree. It is broken, and seems to be rather old. artifact, tool any any any
224 Peter Maranci Keen eyes may spot a bat hanging in the shadows of a tree nearby. A cave may be found nearby if searched for. animal any any any
225 Peter Maranci A child, 2d4+4 years old, of a race or clan that is an enemy of one or more PCs. NPC, hook any any any
226 Peter Maranci A child, 2d4+4 years old. Of a noble family. NPC, hook any any any
227 Peter Maranci The stump of a huge tree, beautifully carved into a gigantic (suitable for SIZ 18 - 26 humanoid) chair. Somewhat worn. artifact, furniture any any any
228 Peter Maranci The broken-down remains of an old corral. artifact, debris, construction any any any
229 Peter Maranci The complete skin of a random sentient There are three tattoos on the skin, one of which is a random spell matrix. artifact, remains, magic, treasure any any any
230 Peter Maranci A child, 2d6 years old. Feral, raised by wild animals. NPC, hook any any any
231 Peter Maranci A broken thumbscrew, bloody. artifact, tool any any any
232 Peter Maranci A thick length of stick is a cunningly-disguised box. artifact, container, mystery any any any
233 Peter Maranci A jewelled comb for a fine lady. Actually costume jewelry, worth 3sp. artifact, clothing any any any
234 Peter Maranci A fungus. If eaten, it gives the effects of drunkeness, exhilaration, Fanaticism, Strength 4, and Vigor 4 for 1d6 hours, followed by 24 hours of very sound sleep. POT 18. plant, treasure any any any
235 Peter Maranci An ivory clip or odd fork with three prongs. The end is carved to represent an odd smiling animal with a tentacle for a nose. artifact, artwork, tool any any any
236 Peter Maranci A wooden puzzle ball which comes apart into many pieces. artifact, mystery any any any
237 Peter Maranci A 20cm bone, with a child's face carved in one end. Disturbing. artifact, artwork, mystery any any any
238 Peter Maranci A fine walking stick, shod in bronze, carved with amusing "old man" faces. artifact, artwork, debris, tool any any any
239 Peter Maranci An oil lamp, broken/repairable/fine. 5% chance it is inhabited by a spirit who grants wishes, as long as the wish is to have Glamour 4 cast on you. artifact, debris, container, tool, magic, NPC any any any
240 Peter Maranci A carrot patch & rabbit. Indoors: moldy carrots, dead rabbit. plant, animal, remains any any any
241 Peter Maranci A stone memorial, much eroded by time and weather. In an ancient tongue, the words "On this spot in the ... ... reat battle of th... ...many thousands gave their liv..." may be read. artifact, artwork, container, debris any any any
242 Peter Maranci Two 5-cm spheres of cloudy glass. One is chipped and cracked. artifact any any any
243 Peter Maranci An aged, inanimate skeleton. If inspected closely, the skull has unusual fangs and there is a sharpened wooden stake in the ribcage. The neckbones seem to have been severed. remains any any any
244 Peter Maranci "F--k you" crudely scrawled or carved in Common in plain view nearby. message any any any
245 Peter Maranci A trail marker: a small red dot of paint on a nearby tree or wall. artifact outdoor any any
246 Peter Maranci A 1m wooden stake buried 1/2m into the ground. The top is stained black. artifact any any any
247 Peter Maranci An apple stuck to a tree by a green-feathered arrow. If indoors/underground, a shrunken moldy apple impaled by a green-feathered arrow, with the tip broken. artifact, food, plant, weapon any any any
248 Peter Maranci Sharp gravel is scattered around here - painful to walk on without boots. natural, annoyance any any any
249 Peter Maranci A beautifully made teapot, glazed in a delightful and relaxing pattern of pale blue. Anyone who brews tea from this pot and spends time appreciating its beauty feels refreshed in spirit, although it is not magical. It would be worth many thousands of silver or gold pieces to the right buyer; it is virtually priceless. artifact, artwork, container, treasure any any any
250 Peter Maranci "REDRUM" has been written in red nearby! message any any any
251 Peter Maranci On a tree or wall nearby is a yellowing piece of parchment with the words "Kraggelthorg, I'm going to kill you" scrawled crudely in Common. artifact, message any any any
252 Peter Maranci Poison ivy patch. The PCs risk being exposed and having an unpleasant reaction. plant, hazard, annoyance outdoor any any
253 Peter Maranci Hornet's nest. Inhabited. Move carefully or they may become annoyed. animal, hazard, annoyance any any any
254 Peter Maranci A honeycomb, with honey. construction, food any any any
255 Peter Maranci Yellowish wax has been spilled here debris any any any
256 Peter Maranci Bread crumbs. More crumbs are scattered on the ground for a distance, apparently marking a temporary trail. debris, food, mystery, hook any any any
257 Peter Maranci A hollow in the floor or ground, filled with quivering dark water. Inside are many squirming larvae. They are infected with the Shakes. animal, hazard, natural any any any
258 Peter Maranci A hidden spring. In a small stone hollow is an old wooden cup. Worn carvings in the stone reveal that this was once a shrine, although it is not clear to what god(s). If someone pours a libation or gives a magic point to the shrine, they might receive a blessing. artifact, magic, natural any any any
259 Peter Maranci A beautiful silver ring set with a large emerald. There is a tiny needle on the inside of the ring, coated with POT 20 poison. artifact, hazard, trap, treasure any any any
260 Peter Maranci A small metal cup: the cap at the hub of a wagon wheel. artifact, container, debris, vehicle any any any
261 Peter Maranci A 1m long, 20-cm wide length of somewhat soiled white cloth. artifact, debris any any any
262 Peter Maranci An out-of-season leaf; autumn-colored in spring, green and soft in winter. plant, remains, mystery any any any
263 Peter Maranci A broken board, 0.75 meters long, 20cm wide, and 5cm thick. Made of hard conifer wood. artifact, debris any any any
264 Peter Maranci A sand pit with an elaborate sandcastle artifact, mystery any any any
265 Peter Maranci A cairn of rocks, nothing underneath artifact, mystery any any any
266 Peter Maranci A broken wooden create artifact, container, debris any any any
267 Peter Maranci A pile of garbage debris any any any
268 Peter Maranci A mesh of woven dried grass about the size of a human hand. artifact, plant any any any
269 Peter Maranci Seven caltrops are on the ground, each causing 1d3 damage plus a damage bonus based on SIZx2. artifact, hazard, trap, weapon any any any
270 Peter Maranci A bale of hay. Hidden inside is a dagger wrapped in oilcloth. The blade is covered with POT 17 poison. artifact, hazard, trap, weapon any any any
271 Peter Maranci A small locked metal box smelling of flowers. Inside are delicate, beautiful colored-glass bottles, all of which have been broken. artifact, artwork, container, debris any any any
272 Peter Maranci A broken hammer and blunt chisel. On rocks nearby a few meaningless lines have been carved. artifact, message, mystery, tool any any any
273 Peter Maranci A painful thorn bush hazard, plant any any any
274 Peter Maranci A large spiderweb which includes a pattern that has a very strong resemblance to the local grain goddess. If the local peasants were to find out about it, it would doubtless become a shrine. construction, mystery any any any
275 Peter Maranci A bunch of burrs, which stick to cloth and tend to work their way painfully inside clothing, shoes, under saddles, etc. plant, hazard, annoyance any any any
276 Peter Maranci A 10-cm high stick-figure of a man, or possibly the Man rune, made out of twigs and bark. artifact, plant any any any
277 Peter Maranci Seven brass nails have been hammered into a nearby wall/tree in a circle. artifact, mystery, tool any any any
278 Peter Maranci A broken scythe blade, covered with dried blood. artifact, debris, remains, tool any any any
279 Peter Maranci Flood! Water is rising quickly, and soon this area will be deep under a raging torrent. natural, hazard outdoor any any
280 Peter Maranci A trickle of smoke is rising from a tiny fire nearby. If circumstances are right and it is not put out, it will grow into a large, devastating inferno! natural, hazard outdoor any any
281 Peter Maranci A beautiful locket of ivory and pearl on a broken silver chain. Inside is a lovely portrait of a delicate young woman. The locket is infested with Thunderlung disease. artifact, artwork, hazard, treasure any any any
282 Peter Maranci A brass whistle on a leather cord. It has a particularly high-pitched, painful sound. Anyone within 8 meters when it is blown must save (in d100, roll CON vs. a POT of 16; in d20, make a Fortitude save) or suffer from ringing in the ears and a 50% reduction in hearing ability and related skills for 1d4 hours. A fumbled save increases the time to 1d20+5 hours. annoyance, artifact, tool any any any
283 Peter Maranci A long, curving, flattened tube of polished silver, copiously inscribed with fine writing. One end of the tube is open. It is a fingernail guard from a mandarin, and the writing is proverbs from the wisdom of the ancients. Inside the guard is a broken fingernail. artifact, clothing, container, message, remains, tool any any any
284 Peter Maranci A dried-out small snake, curled tightly into a ball. Revives if moistened. animal, mystery, remains any any any
285 Peter Maranci A box made of rare and exotic dark wood. Inside are many brightly-colored stones, in the shapes of various runes. The stones are curiously heavy and smooth. artifact, container, mystery, treasure any any any
286 Peter Maranci Dust! There is a lot of dust here. It is easily stirred up and passers-by must make a CONx3 roll to avoid sneezing, coughing and choking. Even if they succeed their clothes are now filthy. natural, annoyance any any any
287 Peter Maranci A disk of pale stone the size of a large coin. On the rim is a small bump; otherwise it is featureless. If tossed in the air or spun on a flat surface, the disk always comes to a stop with the bump pointing towards a particular buried treasure. The coin detects as magic. artifact, magic, treasure any any any
288 Peter Maranci A paper wrapper which once wrapped a beautiful sausage, the peerless product of a genius chef who lives nearby. It smells wonderful. artifact, container, food any any any
289 Peter Maranci A crumpled tin can, probably made by dwarves due to its fine workmanship. The inside smells of a highly processed and spiced meat-like spread artifact, container, food any any any
290 Peter Maranci A dried wishbone. If two people make a wish and break it, the one with the larger piece gets a 5% better chance at their wish if the GM ever needs to make a roll to determine if they get it magic, remains any any any
291 Peter Maranci A dark wooden scroll-case. Inside is a completely unreadable scroll - it seems to have been soaked and ruined artifact, container, debris any any any
292 Peter Maranci A tiny golden sword-amulet on a fine chain artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
293 Peter Maranci A foul smell. If the area is searched, the rotting body of an old man may be discovered. It seems to have been quickly hidden, and was the victim of murder about two weeks ago. annoyance, remains, hook any any any
294 Peter Maranci A foul smell. If the area is searched, black glop may be discovered oozing up from the ground. It is oil. Black gold! Texas tea! natural, treasure any any any
295 Peter Maranci The cast-off husk of an enormous (SIZ 4) larva. debris, remains any any any
296 Peter Maranci A broken monacle of plain glass. artifact, clothing, debris any any any
297 Peter Maranci A pile of oily rags. artifact, debris any any any
298 Peter Maranci A stick which has been carved and painted to exactly resemble a very poisonous snake. artifact, mystery any any any
299 Peter Maranci A cracked glass vase filled with marbles. Inside are many small black worms. The worms are harmless. If a worm is swallowed alive it will cure one disease. May only be used once per year; more frequent use will cause an intestinal infestation of worms, which is not harmful but does not cure disease and requires the infected person to eat twice as much food as they normally require. artifact, container, magic, treasure any any any
300 Peter Maranci A chopped-up wooden practice dummy. The broken-off tip of a bronze sword is stuck in the area of its eye. artifact, debris any any any
301 Peter Maranci A lock of pleasant-smelling long red hair, bound with a green ribbon. artifact, remains any any any
302 Peter Maranci Hidden nearby in a sealed metal tube are 12 painted canvasses. Nine of them are garbage, painted by the idiot son of a noble family. One is a masterpiece which has been badly damaged by fire in the past. One was painted by the idiot but was painted over another masterpiece by the same master artist; a highly skilled artist might be able to restore the (very valuable) masterpiece by removing the outer layer. The last painting is a comparatively poor offering by the master. artifact, artwork, container, mystery, treasure any any any
303 Peter Maranci A beautiful patch of delicate green moss with little purple flowers. plant any any any
304 Peter Maranci A large overripe fruit with a large black spot. Inside is hidden a green wooden ring with a 14-point storage crystal inset. plant, food, magic, treasure any any any
305 Jim Bickmeyer One sullen child traveling a good distance behind a large family on the move. The child is most likely scuffing his/her feet in order to slow them self. The child does not have any possession but those clothes on his/her back. NPC, hook any any any
306 Jim Bickmeyer Backpack with miscellaneous personal belongings, wood bowl, spoon, small knife, several shiny rocks... artifact, container any any any
307 Jim Bickmeyer Full water skin. artifact, container, food any any any
308 Jim Bickmeyer Farming hoe. artifact, tool any any any
309 Jim Bickmeyer Pair of children's sandals. artifact, clothing any any any
310 Jim Bickmeyer Empty water skin. artifact, container any any any
311 Jim Bickmeyer Small cooking pan. artifact, container, tool any any any
312 Jim Bickmeyer Weather resistant cloak/poncho if in dry weather. Child size. artifact, clothing any any any
313 Jim Bickmeyer Warm coat if in warm weather, child size. artifact, clothing any any any
314 Jim Bickmeyer Bag of common clothing. Size of a child approximately age 10? artifact, clothing any any any
315 Peter Maranci Discolored lengths of bad-smelling thread. artifact, debris any any any
316 Peter Maranci A metal leg trap which does 1d6 damage and grips with a STR of 24. artifact, hazard, tool, trap any any any
317 Peter Maranci A swarm of brightly-colored butterflies. animal any any any
318 Peter Maranci A map of the local area. Accurate? Maybe... artifact, message any any any
319 Peter Maranci A cloud of painful small flakes suspended in the air. Roll CON vs. 4d6 POT or take 1d6 damage to general hit points by breathing them in, plus -20% to all actions due to painful scratching and flakes in eyes. A successful Search shows the source of the flakes: a strangely warped-looking plant nearby (if indoors/underground, a fungus growing out of a crack). This plant has been infested with Chaos. If anyone collects the flakes, they may find them a useful weapon. However, there is a 1% chance that any creature exposed to the flakes will be infested by spores. The spores germinate in the chest over 3d6 weeks, eventually bursting the chest cavity open to reveal a new plant/fungus. This process kills the host, of course. hazard, plant any any any
320 Peter Maranci A very old, very large, very heavy desk of carved wood, somewhat damaged by neglect. The desk has a secret compartment which may be found via a successful Search with a minus 20% penalty. Also, one drawer is locked; the chance to open it is Devise minus 40%. Inside the secret compartment is a green leather pouch filled with 237sp of assorted gemstones. In the locked drawer is a collection of pornographic scrolls (human), 75sp. The desk itself is worth 15,000sp when properly restored - it is a rare antique. A successful appraisal would be necessary to realize this, of course. And finding a craftsman skilled enough to repair it might be a quest in itself. artifact, debris, furniture, mystery, treasure any any any
321 Peter Maranci A sawed-off tree stump, 1m tall with a 18cm (7") diameter. The heavily charred top is hollowed out into a bowl shape. artifact, plant, remains outdoor any any
322 Peter Maranci A brown powered crystal. Pow 16. Once attuned, adds 80% to the owner's Smell skill. magic, treasure any any any
323 Peter Maranci A set of stonecutter's tools wrapped in burlap. artifact, tool any any any
324 Peter Maranci A large (16cm) seashell filled with smelly salt water. Inside is a chaotic creature which attacks without warning. Claws: 75% attack, 1d6+2 damage. animal, hazard, natural any any any
325 Peter Maranci A 1m-high metal rack standing on four curled metal legs. It has seven crossbars, and there are 3 metals hooks attached to each bar. A set of nested cups hang from one of the hooks. artifact, container, furniture, tool any any any
326 Peter Maranci 2d4 beautifully carved and polished runes of rare wood have been scattered around the floor here. They are worth between 100 - 200sp each. artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
327 Peter Maranci A large horseshoe which has been bent into a pretzel shape. artifact, clothing, debris any any any
328 Peter Maranci A thin but very strong wire, tied across the pathway. Make a successful Scan -20% or else be tripped by the wire and take (current move x 1d3) damage (i.e. a running human moving at speed 6 would take 6d3 to one or both legs). artifact, hazard, trap any any any
329 Peter Maranci A corkscrew with a broken wooden handle. artifact, debris, tool any any any
330 Peter Maranci On a low shelf of rock nearby are three bowls of porridge; one too hot, one too cold, and the third spiked with POT 17 poison. If you were wondering, the bowls belong to three cave-troll brothers who live nearby and have a strange sense of humor. artifact, food, hazard, trap outdoor any any
331 Glenn Sawyer A bronze faced hoplite shield, engraved with three red eyes which seem to watch anyone looking at them and leave the viewer feeling repulsed somehow. artifact, magic, tool any any any
332 Glenn Sawyer The skeletal remains of seven cats, all missing one leg. animal, remains any any any
333 Glenn Sawyer A short extract from a lunar tragedy written on cloth, torn and muddied. artifact, debris, message any any any
334 Peter Maranci A pile of burned leaves. plant, debris outdoor any any
335 Peter Maranci A living tree with a hole burned through the middle of it. plant, debris outdoor any any
336 Peter Maranci A moonshine jug filled with spoiled vinegar. container, food, artifact any any any
337 Peter Maranci All plants in this immediate area are growing upside-down - the roots are in the air, and the leaves/blossoms/trunks are in the ground. mystery, plant any any any
338 Peter Maranci 1D20+8 beautifully painted snails. There is a 15% chance for each snail that there is a gemstone inside its shell worth 1D20 x 1D20 gold pennies. animal, treasure, mystery any any any
339 Peter Maranci A large boulder which is totally invisible. mystery, magic any any any
340 Peter Maranci An enormous, primitive umbrella which has been blown inside-out. Suitable for a SIZ 40-50 humanoid. tool, artifact any any any
341 Peter Maranci A bag of sand, hanging from a tree (or if indoors, from a hook in the ceiling). There's a small hole in the base of the bag; yellow sand is running out and making a pile on the floor. tool, artifact any any any
342 Uncle Ted The players see a streak of light cross the sky and fall to earth a little over a mile away. If they go to investigate, they will find a crater, sheets and peculiarly-shaped chunks of metal (including tubes, a gear or two, a spring or two, various blocks in a variety of shapes) and crystals of various shapes. Some of the wreckage will be smoking, and there may be a few small brushfires. With one exception, the largest piece of sheet will be three handspans across; the largest chunk of metal will weigh no more than 2 kg. This wreckage is spread in an oval perhaps 10 meters from a new hole in the center, perhaps 2 by 2.5 meters. The center of the hole will be 1 meter deep, and contain a metal basin about .6 m round and as high, containing padding, blankets and a wailing human baby about 9 months old. There is also a set of thin metal plates carved with some unknown writing (not runes, or any other script the players know). A metal worker can tell that the metal is some unknown alloy, but can be worked like bronze. It is as strong as bronze, but appears to be slightly lighter (90% encumberance for weapons or armor made of it). There is enough metal that can be connected to make 2 full sets of plate armor (or the equivalent in other forms of armor or weapons). None of the crystals have any magical capacity, but they are pretty, in weird shapes and colors. No sage ever makes heads or tails of the writing on the metal plates. The child grows up to be slightly stronger than average, but NEVER seems to develop the ability to fly, have super strength, invulnerability, x-ray vision, run faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall buildings in a single bound, or any other extrordinary ability. mystery, artifact, NPC outdoor any any
343 Peter Maranci A badly broken wagon, stuffed with moldy straw, containing a large amount of broken pottery. A successful search takes 15 minutes, producing 1d4 small intact pieces, value 1 - 100 copper pennies each. vehicle, treasure, debris any any any
344 Peter Maranci A damaged crate suffering from extensive wood rot. It is filled with expensive clothing, all of which has been utterly ruined by long exposure to the elements. A meticulous search requiring 30 minutes reveals that deep within the sodden, moldy cloth was a garment with gold thread. The thread is worth 35 silver pennies. However, handling the rotten cloth has a 1% cumulative chance, per round of contact, of exposing the searcher to the Shakes. treasure, hazard, debris, artifact any any any
345 Peter Maranci A grey stone spoon with a wide bowl and rounded handle, most suitable for a SIZ 16-22 humanoid to use. tool, artifact any any any
346 Peter Maranci A pile of mixed bones from a wide variety of species. remains, debris, remains any any any
347 Peter Maranci A large mitt made of heavy woven wire. Fits SIZ 12-20. It can be used to pick up sharp things safely. AP 12, but the effective DEX in the hand wearing the mitt is reduced by 12. If effective DEX is reduced to zero or below, it isn't possible to pick anything up with the mitt. tool, armor, artifact any any any
348 Peter Maranci Many small metal shards of a useful metal such as iron, and a well-crafted sword hilt. These are the remains of an utterly shattered +2 sword. debris, artifact any any any
349 Peter Maranci A helm with a large metal spike in the center. It can be used to make a head-butt attack, with a base chance of 15%, damage 1d6. armor, artifact any any any
350 randomone A delicious big creamcake, with candle and strawberries, there is hiden inside a lockpick and a dagger. food, tool, artifact any any any
351 Tony Den A Gourd It is roughly thirty centimeters long and has a tan colour. A cork stopper is inserted a hole near the neck. Fluid can be heard sloshing inside if it is shaken. container, mystery, artifact any any any
352 Peter Maranci 1d100+20 twigs covered in birdlime - a STR 5 glue. debris, trap, plant any any any
353 Peter Maranci A bright light is shining directly overhead. It is not the sun, nor does it have any visible physical source. It appears to be 1d100+20 meters up, and perhaps 10 meters round; a roughly circular patch. mystery outdoor any any
354 Peter Maranci Everyone looks subtly different here - friendly, more menacing, or something else as the GM decides. It must be a trick of the light. The effect fades in 1d10 rounds. mystery any any any
355 Peter Maranci A big stick which has been chewed by very lage and sharp teeth. debris, hook, plant outdoor, any any any
356 Peter Maranci A partially-melted quartz crystal the size and approximate shape of a human palm. It is a natural x3 magnifier, and an effective firestarter. treasure any any any
357 Peter Maranci 1d6+2 steel burrs. Very annoying; they cause 1d4 damage, but each round they continue to penetrate all but solid metal armor and do damage. Each point of damage they cause also subtracts 1% from the victim's chance to do anything, due to the pain. If the burrs are removed, the penalty stops. It takes 1d4 unimpeded rounds and a DEX x 5 roll to remove a burr from an easily reachable part of the body; Burrs in hard-to-reach spots (at the GM's option) may reduce the chance to DEX x 3 or even lower. A fumble causes 1d4 damage unabsorbed by armor. Others may remove burrs at a DEX x 10 chance. trap, plant any any any
358 Peter Maranci An animal-shaped cloud. mystery, weather any any any
359 Peter Maranci A mist cloud, 1d10+3 meters across and high, which stains everything that is in it for at least one round a random color. mystery, weather any any any
360 Peter Maranci Berry bushes which stain anything that brushes against them a dark purple. The stain also has a smell that attracts bugs. plant, trap any any any
361 Peter Maranci A chair covered with STR 14 glue - There's hair or fur everywhere. It looks like it snowed around here! furniture, trap, artifact any any any
362 Peter Maranci Giant claws, apparently discarded. A critical Animal Lore reveals the source is a ______. animal, mystery any any any
363 Peter Maranci Steel boots. Incredibly heavy; they each have an ENC of 20. They have 20 armor points each (for legs only) and fit most human-sized feet. Each round that they are worn the wearer must overcome a STR of 20 or move at half speed. A critical failure requires a DEX x 3 roll; failure on that means the wearer falls, taking 1d6 damage to each leg unabsorbed by armor. armor, artifact any any any
364 Rock dude A golden goblet with runes ingraved upon it. The runes read "death to the death cult." This goblet gives you + 10% on your chance to hit against followers of Zorak Zoran, or undead (zombies, Skeletons). treasure, magic, artifact any any Glorantha, any
365 Sandra Messina A pair of luminous faery wings left on a small, white rock near a stream. I noticed them flutter when the wind picked up, but they didn't move from the rock. remains, mystery outdoor any fantasy
366 Peter Maranci 1d6 fake rocks which have been carved from light wood and skillfully painted to look real. artifact, mystery any any any
367 Peter Maranci An inappropriate vehicle - a boat on land, a wagon in the sea. artifact, vehicle any any any
368 Peter Maranci A slightly damaged shield with a mysterious marking which represents no known rune. It is a gang marking, and was the property of the former gang leader, now deceased. The shield has been enhanced with an AP enchantment, and has 5 additional hit points. If any gang member, competing gang member, or law enforcement officer should see the sign on this shield, they are likely to take a strong interest in the owner. treasure, magic, artifact any any fantasy
369 Peter Maranci Split pants. clothing any any any
370 Peter Maranci An alchemist's kit. It adds 20% to the chance to succeed with any alchemy skill. Of course, it's necessary to HAVE some alchemy skill in order to make use of it. Otherwise, the contents are a selection of poisons of varying effectiveness. tool any any fantasy
371 Peter Maranci A small, extremely dense cloud resting on the ground. It has the consistancy of wet sponge rubber. It may be a baby air elemental, in which case, its parent may come looking for it eventually. mystery any any any
372 Peter Maranci A silver lock with a broken golden key inserted. The rest of the key can be found ten meters away in a random direction. treasure, tool any any any
373 Peter Maranci A dead animal. Inside, its bones are pure gold. Alternatively, a golden animal skeleton. treasure, remains any any any
374 Peter Maranci Blue ashes are blowing in the breeze. CON x 4 to avoid sneezing. The ashes stain skin and clothing. mystery, annoyance any any any
375 Peter Maranci A pair of matching shoes. They are identical, except that one is for a SIZ 6 foot, and the other is for SIZ 18. clothing, mystery any any any
376 Peter Maranci A small red statue of a strangely-shaped building, like nothing that could ever be built in the real world. artifact, mystery any any any
377 Peter Maranci Aerial Pods: Hundreds of aerial seed pods are fluttering through the air here. They reduce visibility by 20% for the next five minutes. plant, hazard outdoor any any
378 Peter Maranci Silver and bronze ring: This ring is marked with a pair of initials, and is worth about 15 silver pennies. The owner, a wealthy widow who lives in the nearest town, would pay 50 SP for its return. treasure, artifact any any any
379 Peter Maranci Rock dust: There is a fairly large pile of pulverized rock dust blowing around here. Travellers moving at normal speed are exposed to it for 1d6 rounds. CON x 5 to hold breath; if the dust is inhaled, it causes frequent coughing (roll CON x 5 at stressful moments). It takes 1d6 days for the dust to naturally clear itself from the victim's lungs. If the dust gets into the victim's eyes, it subtracts 2d6 percentiles from all visually-targeted skills for 2d4 hours or until treated with water and a successful First Aid roll. hazard any any any
380 Peter Maranci A granite block: This grey granite block has a large arrow driven through it. The arrow is large and black, of an unknown but very hard wood, and the fletching is extremely odd; it is pale pink, with green blotches, and does not seem to be made of feathers. A critical success Animal Lore by a sage with skill over 70% and some knowledge of the sea reveals that the fletching matches the description of the gills of a mythological deep-water shark. mystery any any any
381 Peter Maranci A mouse: This small, normal-looking grey mouse, keeps repeating same action over and over: it enters a nearby hole, comes out less than a second later, scurries into a small hole a few meters away, scratches at the very center of the hole, and then picks up a few grains of dirt in its mouth and scurries back to the hole again. It ignores any and all interruptions, no matter what. animal, mystery any any any
382 Peter Maranci A spray of water. A fine mist is continuously spurting upward from the ground here. It's the product of an underground spring which for some reason is under considerable pressure. The mist shoots about two meters into the air. It is so fine that some of it is evaporating, but the remainder forms a small pool around it, approximately four meters across. natural any any any
383 Peter Maranci A maniac with the bones of a god. This ragged, screaming figure has somehow replaced his own bones with the unbreakable bones of a dead god. It's probably the pain that has driven him insane. The bones are, as advertised, unbreakable. In game terms, he cannot lose the final hit point in any location (or the final hit point before unconsciousness, in game which do not use area locations). Nonetheless, it is possible to kill him by destroying his flesh. It would, however, be a challenge; he constantly screams, cries, and tears at his own flesh which (thanks to the divine bones) regenerates damage at a rate of 1 hit point per location per round. The pain (or insanity) has also made the victim dangerous; there is a 20% chance per round in which anything is within striking distance that he will attack. He uses his arms and legs like mallets; thanks to the unbreakable bones, they do three times normal fist attack damage. The victim's strength when attacking is 20, and his chance to hit is 60%. If the victim's path is retraced, it leads to a magical experimental laboratory. It is badly damaged and currently abandoned, but the experimenter will revisit the site to collect some useful and valuable equipment within three days. At that time he will also have 1d4+2 armed thugs with him to protect him from the maniac, if he is still around. hazard, hook, magic any any fantasy
384 Mitch Schwartz A set of five neatly cleaned animal skulls arranged with their backs touching in a rough pentagram. They are joined through a small hole in the back of the skulls by dried out but intact rawhide. mystery, artifact, remains any any any
385 Mitch Schwartz There is one skull from each of the beasts of the major tribe-critters of Prax: Buffalo, Sable, Impala, Alticamelus (High LLama) and human (herd-man). mystery, remains any any Glorantha
386 Mitch Schwartz In a small depression (25-50 m wide, 5 deep), there is the old skeleton of a very large creature with an over-sized skull, no teeth and no legs. The ribcage is more than 5m across. The whale meat has long since rotted away. mystery, remains any any any
387 Glenn A broken carving, possibly a bas relief. it depicts various aspects of the Arkat myth, but with the central figure given duck features (Arkat RuneDrake anyone?) artifact any any Glorantha
388 Glenn An Uroxi wedding set, two pottery figures ,each with slightly more animalistic features than normal, they are embracing and kissing.Sentimental but somewhat disturbing. artifact any any Glorantha
389 Peter Maranci A roll of pale, soft leather. It smells of incense, and is tied with a red velvet cord. Inside are six strange implements: a black rod, a white rod, a curved knife, a burin with the handle bound in copper strips, a bone wand with a silver-blue ball of metal at the tip, and a steel pen with a sharp hook at the . None of these are magical in themselves; they are tools for advanced enchanters, and would be worth 5,000 sp or more to the right person - as long as they have not been handled. If they have been handled or soiled in any way, the value drops to 2,500 sp. tool any any any
390 Peter Maranci An odd green growth, approximately 1 meter high. It looks strangely familiar. A special success or better with Plant Lore reveals that this looks very much like a huge carrot top. If the plant is dug up (which takes 1/2 hour or more, depending on manpower and tools), it turns out indeed to be a three meter tall carrot. The carrot tastes bitter and is very tough, but edible - just. Anyone who eats more than one bite of the carrot must make a CON resistance roll against a POT of 13 or have the runs for 1d4 hours. plant, food outdoor any any
391 Peter Maranci A torn piece of parchment. Scrawled in large blue letters is the following:
artifact, mystery, message any any any
392 Peter Maranci A giant's locket. It is 25cm wide, 25cm tall, and oval-shaped. It is made of wood and metal. Inside is a painting of a perfectly charming giant baby, with protruding tusks and blue hair. artifact, mystery any any fantasy
393 Peter Maranci A skunk has liberally sprayed this general area within the last hour. annoyance, animal any any any
394 Unknown An old scroll that is wet and unreadable. Inside the scroll are 3 keys of different colors. tool, mystery any any any
395 Unknown A rock floating above a muddy puddle. mystery any any any
396 Unknown A jar with a lid that is too big. Inside the jar is a rock and a blade of grass. container any any any
397 Unknown Two twigs held together with metal wiring. artifact any any any
398 Unknown A statue that looks exactly like one of the PCs. artifact, mystery any any any
399 Unknown A single falling snowflake. weather any any any
400 Unknown The shape of an angel on the ground composed completely of bones. mystery any any any
401 Unknown A bolt with a screw through it. The screw cannot be removed. artifact, debris any any any
402 Unknown A single 4-leaf clover in a pit of dirt. plant any any any
403 Unknown A wooden carving of an eagle weighing 1/2 pound. artifact, artwork any any any
404 Peter Maranci Message: A broadsword with an unusually large and heavy blade. This sword requires a minimum STR of 12 to wield (i.e. +1/3 of the normal minimum), has 12 armor points (instead of the usual 10) and does +2 to damage. Since it is extremely heavy and unbalanced, however, all attacks and parries made with this sword are at -10%. Practicing with the blade for (25-INT x 10) hours reduces this penalty to -5%. Anyone with an INT of 25 or higher may use the blade at the -5% penalty after five minutes of practice. Note: This blade is not magical. artifact, weapon any any any
405 Peter Maranci A large gold ring which has been squashed flat. treasure any any any
406 Peter Maranci A scroll containing the words and music to three songs. These songs are virtually unknown, but in the hands of a skilled performer they could be extremely popular. The scroll is in workmanlike handwriting, and is unsigned. treasure any any any
407 Peter Maranci A dented tin cup with a sticky sweet-smelling liquid at the bottom. The liquid is full of squirming winged insects. container, animal any any any
408 Lady Sin (Item designed for a Phantasy Star Online campaign, will need re-tweaking.) It was all going so well. The valiant HUnewearl had struck down the mighty dragon, and now she was collecting the spoils. She rummaged throught the piles of crates, unearthing much money and healing items, but no weapons. Until... in the last crate... "WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" A Laconium Carrot +3. The Laconium Carrot requires 250 ATP and 350 MST. It can only be used by female characters. It does 6d12 normal damage and boosts all spells to 150% normal potency. It appears to be a giant carrot made from laconia, with the stem-like leaves forming the hilt. It acts as a Sword-Type weapon. treasure, artifact, weapon any Phantasy Star Online fantasy
409 Ken Murphy Something small and hard is kicked by the character who succeeds with the best POW roll. On making contact, the character will take 1D3+1pts of damage to his foot (regardless of any armor protection). Should the item be given a closer inspection, what looks to be a 3cm-long piece of severely oxidized silver is found sticking out of the dirt. Trying to pull it out is futile.But digging down around it will eventuallty work. With a few more cm of the thing exposed, it will, with a successful INT roll, look to the character as if it were some sort of bone. When the character has dug down about a 1/2m,it will be discovered that the thing keeps going, and is *still* too tightly held for STR to pull it free. Eventually--assuming the character is obsessed and greedy enough to keep digging--at a depth of around 1.8m, enough of the thing will be exposed to make anyone seeing it think its some sort of gigantic femur. At this depth, a combined STR of 36 will eventually be able to pull the thing free. If successful, the character will be holding a 2.1m-long femur of approximately 9cm diameter.It is very solid, and feels for all the world like cool stone. Its ENC is 3.5, and if used as a bludgeon, +3 is added to any damage done. It has 34 AP, and any Hit Location rolls made with it are done at +3. The thing is, unfortunately, very unweildy, and any attacks with it are performed at -20%. remains, treasure outdoor any any
410 Ken Murphy A delapidated trunk of dark wood with black iron fitting is found.The lock is broken, and inside can be found a stack of 3D10 sheets of stained,curl-edged paper covered in an indipherable scrawl in purple ink, which was obviously set down by a heavy hand.Beneath this stack of papers is a crusty, dried-out bottle of purple ink, and a heavy,tatter-edged blanket with a red and black geometric pattern on it. If checked closely, the papers have an odd smell.A successful INT x3 or Smell roll might remind the smeller somewhat of fresh rain. Little more than a curiosity--unless someone gets the bright idea to *burn* one of the sheets. Each sheet is burnt to ash in about 10 minutes, and produces a pleasant cloud of incense which will restore Fatigue levels to normal for anyone within 5m of the fire. If 5 sheets are burned at once, anyone within 5m is healed of 1 Hit Point of damage per location as well as receiving the Fatigue restoration. The blanket is ratty, but will provide the user with protection from the bitterest of cold, as well as having the Sorcery spell "Trundle" enchanted into it--providing bed-like comfort on the hardest ground. If the blanket gets wet, it takes on the unwholesome smell of a small pack of mangey dogs until dried out again. magic, treasure any any fantasy
411 Ken Murphy Inside a stained backpack made from some shaggy beast's hide, is a piece of leather apparel (cloak,slicker,jacket,dress,belt,boots--whatever)of exquisite workmanship *easily* worth 4 or 5x the standard price for such a thing. It looks to probably be a little small for the finder to wear comfortably, but if actually tried on by that person, it will fit marvelously well.In addition,with only the most cursory of examinations,the new wearer will find a small hidden pocket holding a very nice-looking ring worth 2D100p, as well as 30p-worth of assorted, obviously foreign or very old coins. Should this item be passed to someone *other* than the finder, the item will, regardless of appearances to the contrary, *never* fit. clothing, magic, treasure any any fantasy
412 Peter Maranci A bush with small orange berries. If the berries are dried and roasted, they can be used to brew a tea which is refreshing and delicious. It also restores 1d6 Fatigue per cup drunk. The tea is, however, addictive. Once addicted (a process which takes 2d6 days of drinking at least one cup a day) the user must drink at least one cup every three hours or feel irritable, edgy, nervous, and tired. Withdrawal from the addiction takes 3d6 days and requires a successful CONx5 roll every day. plant, treasure, hazard any any any
413 Amythist A bottle of colored sand. The bottle has a picture of a triangle with a smaller triangle inside on it. container, mystery, artifact any any any
414 Tony Den A bronze cattle prod. It is crudly engraved with pastoral scenes. artifact, artwork, tool any any any
415 Evan W. A giant cliff toad SIZ 41, with riding gear. The ride skill of a toad would be 25% of the normal Ride skill, rounding fractions down (unless the rider specifically has Ride Toad skill).. animal any any any
416 Peter Maranci A zinc and brass sundial with three gnomons. The dial is divided into 43 sections, and corresponds with no known system of marking time. In any case, the sundial is not secured to the ground (or floor) and is in a shaded area. mystery, artifact, tool any any any
417 Peter Maranci A heavy green leather jacket (2 armor point) which opens in back, and has heavy buckles with locks on them. It appears to be designed so that the wearer cannot get out of it on their own. Painted on the back is a set of bright red concentric circles: a target. The jacket has a number of holes in the back, and some brown stains both on the inside and out. clothing, mystery any any any
418 Peter Maranci Seven strange coins. They are made of mixed metals in odd geometrical patterns, and are of varying sizes. The portraits and lettering on the coins are very ancient. One of the coins is a matrix for a unique spirit magic spell; Firewall, a 6-point spell which creates a 3x4m wall of fire which does 2d6 damage to all who pass through and lasts for five minutes. treasure, magic, artifact any any fantasy
419 Peter Maranci Banana skin. An old banana skin (or equivalent local fruit) has been left here. It is brown with age, but still slimy. Scan at -20% chance to see, otherwise DEX x 4 to avoid falling down. plant, debris, annoyance any any any
420 Peter Maranci A large sticky wad of some substance - probably some sort of primitive chewing gum. There is a 40% chance that it will stick to the foot of a passerby. debris, annoyance any any any
421 Peter Maranci A bush with sticky leaves. The leaves are approximately half the size of an adult human hand, light green, with red veining. Anyone who brushes against this bush gets 1d20 leaves stuck to them. The leaves are harmless, but slightly annoying. They can be used as bandages on minor (1-2 point) wounds. If kept on a wound for one full day, the wound is fully healed. They have no effect on wounds of 3 points or greater severity. plant, annoyance, treasure any any any
422 Peter Maranci Chainmail gauntlet, right hand, fits SIZ 12-14. Anyone who handles it or puts it on is exposed to Nail Rot disease, POT 14. The disease causes fingernails to turn black, rot, and fall off. They will not regrow as long as the victim is diseased. The victim loses 2 APP due to their repellant hands. artifact, clothing, hazard any any any
423 Peter Maranci A brass amulet with an intricate five-pointed star pattern on it. Careful examination (INT x2, or a successful Scan at -30%) reveals that it is actually a locket, with a little trick catch; a successful Devise roll is necessary to open it the first time. Inside is a religious picture of the Devil. This locket was lost by a member of a secret, evil cult. Members of the cult who see it will either assume that the wearer is one of them, or that s/he killed a member and stole the amulet. A few rare non-members may recognize the amulet as well; some will regard the wearer with fear and awe, while others will instantly assume that the wearer is an enemy. hook, artifact any any any
424 Alexander Wallis A book detailing the life of the person who finds it. Flicking through randomly will reveal various memorable scenes from the reader's life. mystery, artifact any any any
425 Peter Maranci An old chair which looks sound, but is actually rotten and weak. If sat on, it will collapse into pieces. artifact, annoyance, debris, furniture any any any
426 Peter Maranci A crude stone throne which looks as if it has been naturally formed halfway up the side of a huge (60 meters high, 80 meters wide) grey boulder. Three successful Climb rolls are necessary to reach the throne. Anyone who sits in the throne and sacrifices 1 or more magic points gains a blessing from the earth. This blessing takes the form of 3 points of temporary CON per MP that was sacrificed, the next time that the recipient is injured while in contact with the earth. The temporary CON is not subject to racial or characteristic limitations. It lasts as long as the battle OR until the recipient receives healing, whichever comes last. If no healing is applied, the temporary CON lasts until natural healing restores at least one hit point. Note that in any case if the disappearance of the CON will kill the character, it does not disappear until it is safe to do so. This is a true blessing. If permanent POW was sacrificed to the throne instead, the donor receives a point of permanent CON per point sacrificed, instead. Members of Earth cults receive double the effect from their sacrifices. Members of cults hostile to the Earth receive only one temporary CON per MP sacrificed, and are unable to sacrifice POW. magic, furniture any any fantasy
427 Peter Maranci A pile of looted tombstones. Why are they here? Who brought them here? What use did they have for tombstones? Perhaps they were used to summon or bind shades or ghosts, one of whom might possibly still be present. mystery, artifact any any any
428 Peter Maranci The ghost of a powerful man has an urgent request. The head of his memorial statue in a nearby city was cut off by an old enemy, and is now residing in that enemy's garden, where he urinates upon it daily. Until the stone head is either smashed or (better) recovered, cleansed, and restored to the statue, the ghost will be unable to find rest. He was a highly placed and powerful local personage, and knows some useful and interesting secrets with which he will reward those who help him. He would also like to have his enemy killed, but he will not insist on that. hook, NPC any any fantasy
429 Peter Maranci The ghost of a sniveling pimple-faced teenage boy who wants a ring that was given to him by his father so that he may find eternal rest. The ring is in a small silver case hidden in the hollow of an old ash tree in small forest in a nearby estate. The tree is near a babbling brook, well out of sight of the manor, and can be identified by a flat white stone nearby which is shaped like a very large pear. The hollow is four meters four meters above the ground. In reward, the boy will tell the location of a valuable buried treasure - once the ring has been recovered and given back to his father, the owner of the estate. The estate is surrounded by a high stone wall, and patrolled by fierce dogs. In fact, the ghost-boy is lying. He is a jealous spurned lover, and the ring was an engagement ring between the girl he loved and her fiance. All three of them are children of high nobles in the area, but the girl's family and that of her secret fiance are desperate enemies. The ring has both of their names carved in it, which is why it has been kept hidden by the couple - if either of their families were to find it, the consequences would be dire. Before he died the jealous ghost (whose nickname was "Worm") spied on the lovers from a perch in a tree. After they left he fell out of the tree, injured himself severely, and died of his injuries at the point where the party encounters him. His hope is that by exposing the secret affair one or both of the lovers will be killed by their families. He is lying about the buried treasure, which does not exist. hook, NPC any any fantasy
430 Tony Den An ivory tooth pick. An evaluation roll will reveal that it is not elephant ivory, but could possibly be from a troll's tusk. artifact, tool any any any
431 Tony Den A wanted poster. It is of parchment depicting a crudely drawn cave troll, proclaiming: WANTED - ALIVE Big Vorg the Troll Wanted for catching and eating pilgrims to the shrine of (insert deity here) Reward of 500 pennies for his capture. Reward is void if Big Vorg is killed. artifact, hook, message any any fantasy
432 Adam Canning A small wooden hedgehog, cleanly split in two pieces. artifact, debris, mystery, artwork any any any
433 Jim deJonge The star gem: A large gem in five pieces. The two outer halves hold two inner halves. The inner halves together form a star shape. In the center of the gem is the fifth piece - a small sphere known as the 'dragon's eye.' Could be that the five pieces are each owned by neighboring countries, and grant a power of peace and prosperity. treasure, magic any any any
434 Tony Den A lizard. It has spines on its back and can stand on its hind legs and flare its neck, similar to a Cobra would if startled. It is harmless and totally strange to the place where it is found. Successful World Lore and Animal Lore rolls will identify it as being from a distant continent. animal, mystery any any any
435 Joe Kastanzo A machete - about 2 feet long, very sharp. tool, weapon any any any
436 Peter Maranci A bundle of sticks, all approximately 1m long, bound bound with strips of goat-hide at one end to form a very small teepee. artifact, mystery, construction any any any
437 Peter Maranci A faint high-pitched giggling can be heard, but there is no obvious source. mystery any any any
438 Peter Maranci Sounds are unnaturally loud here. Or soft. Or they change. mystery any any any
439 Peter Maranci Sand fountain: From a 30-cm hole in the ground sand is welling upward, and apparently has been for a while. mystery any any any
440 Peter Maranci Sand waterfall: Sand is pouring out of a small hole in a nearby wall or other appropriate feature. mystery any any any
441 Peter Maranci Several light blue bushes with small pale berries are growing here. The branches of these bushes are heavy and thick; possibly they may be young trees of an unknown type. The wood of these bushes, if set alight, burns with ghostly blue flames that are only 1/10 as hot as normal fire. The berries are almost totally flavorless and produce no visible effect when consumed, except for felines of all species, who may gain 1 point of permanent DEX once in their lives by consuming a berry (further berries only produce nausea). plant, treasure any any any
442 Peter Maranci Dead animals. There are a number of dead animals here of various kinds, some of them partially eaten, some partially decomposed. An invisible jet of odorless poison gas is coming from the ground; it has POT 16. remains, debris, hazard any any any
443 Peter Maranci A sword which has been perfectly split down the middle, lengthwise. tool, debris, weapon any any any
444 Peter Maranci Stone head: smelling strongly of old urine and encrusted with lichen. This head was once part of a statue of a famous noble, but was removed by one of his enemies and placed in his garden, where he watered it (along with his curses) daily. Both the noble and his enemy have been dead for years, although their families may still exist. How the stone head got here is a mystery. debris, mystery, artwork any any any
445 Peter Maranci A hidden and locked trap door in the ground; -90% to Scan to spot. It has been sealed with stone and has 200 AP. If somehow opened, it leads to a shaft with a ladder extending straight down in darkness; the ladder's rungs are placed close together, requiring a Climb roll by any humanoid of greater than SIZ 8. A special or better Listen reveals an odd and constant sound coming from deep below. The shaft is totally dark. The ladder leads 20 meters down to a 2m spherical niche in solid rock. The niche opens onto a perfectly-formed circular track. The track has a diameter of 2m, and is 117m long. Rolling constantly along that track at a speed of 3m/second is a 1.5m diameter sphere of an unknown metal. The metal has 200 armor points. If the sphere is broken open, a powerful and malevolent creature emerges. It has been imprisoned here by the dwarves for centuries.
If the track is examined carefully, a critical Search reveals an area which apparently was once an opening to the track. It has been completely sealed up with smooth stone. If an attempt is made to open it, it is discovered that the tunnel beyond it has been completely filled with a hard stone plug for a distance of 1,029 meters. Should diggers somehow manage to get beyond that point, they discover that the always careful dwarves have placed many sorcerous traps and sentries to watch for the emergence of their ancient enemy.
mystery, hook, hazard any any fantasy
446 Alexander Wallis A playwriter's script detailing a hitherto unknown adventure of "The Grey Company". artifact, message, artwork any any any
447 Alexander Wallis A deck of cards. Each royal card has a painted image of a well known person, either current or historical. artifact, treasure, artwork any any any
448 Alexander Wallis A lost horse. It is glowing, except beneath the saddle and under the hooves. animal, mystery any any any
449 Alexander Wallis A poem on a scrap of paper. It reads; 'A sword is drawn in spiritless black, to purify past wrongs, the hopes are words the future brings, of bloody deeds the songs'. artifact, message, artwork any any any
450 Alexander Wallis A flask filled with urine. artifact, container, annoyance any any any
451 Alexander Wallis A piece of broken mirror. Looking into it will reflect back an image of the person or thing most loved by the beholder. Perhaps the beholder themselves. magic, debris any any any
452 Alexander Wallis A glass bottle filled with small insects. container, mystery, animal any any any
453 Alexander Wallis A gauntlet. armor, artifact, clothing any any any
454 Alexander Wallis The scene of a suicide by hanging. remains any any any
455 Alexander Wallis A length of wood with nails in each end, possibly once the top of a doorway. Several letters are engraved into the wood - they read: (alternatively, they are unreadable) artifact, mystery, message any any any
456 Peter Maranci Baboon Statue. A life-size and remarkably life-like carved and painted wooden statue of a female baboon. artifact, artwork any any any
457 Peter Maranci Pile of rubble. If these 357 chunks of grey-brown stone are reassembled into their original form, it turns out to be a plinth with an oddly symbolic map, apparently of a religious story. A bridge with a troll beneath it is one feature of the map. debris, hook, artwork any any any
458 Peter Maranci A very worn sign with a painted picture of a bee on it. Ahead are giant bees. artifact, hook, message any any any
459 Peter Maranci A giant stinger from a giant bee. remains, hook any any fantasy
460 Peter Maranci Brown skeleton. This animated brown skeleton has obviously spent many weeks or years soaking in sewage. Any being with a sense of smell who encounters it must resist its Stench of 29 with their Constitution or vomit uncontrollably, during which time they suffer a -50% to all actions. A resistance roll must be made during each round of exposure, but acclimatization reduces the effective power of the stench by 1 point for each round that passes - i.e. on the first round the Stench has a "power" of 29, on the second round it is reduced to 28, etc. Each meter of distance from the skeleton also subtracts one from the Stench rating, so that at 30 meters the skeleton cannot be smelled at all - unless it's standing upwind. hazard, hook, annoyance any any fantasy
461 Evan W. Beater Blade. Description: A broadsword length "sword", but instead of a sword blade is a half inch diameter metal bar, with a sharpened point. It was created for one handed use, but can be used with both hands. The hilt is shaped with a dragon's claw holding a purple gem worth 1D100 lunars. Stats: Acts as a crushing weapon which does 1D10+1. treasure, tool, weapon any any any
462 Peter Maranci A very old round carpet, 1m in diameter. It is badly faded and worn by weather, but if examined closely a beautiful pattern image of a fanged and horned human skull. artifact, artwork any any any
463 Peter Maranci A clock made of wood and tin, with a pale jewel in the center of the dial. This clock shows the correct time, and has no visible way of being wound. As long as it is exposed to light for at least 1 hour a day, it continues to keep ticking. If left in darkness, it runs down in 24 hours. Once re-exposed to light for at least an hour, it resumes keeping time from the same time that it ran down - in other words, if it ran down at 2:47, it does not start working again until 2:47. magic, artifact, mystery any any any
464 Peter Maranci Two small silvery metal plates set in the ground/floor, approximately one meter apart. If anyone touches both plates at once (by standing on them while wearing metal boots, for example) they receive a huge electrical shock which does 3d6 damage and ignores all metal armor. If someone attempts to dig up the plates, they discover that they are part of a huge underground machine which is in a tunnel underground. The machine belongs to dwarves, who remove it and fill in the tunnel as quickly as they can - if possible overnight. magic, hazard, mystery any any fantasy
465 Peter Maranci Amnesiac spirit. This amorphous flowing, faintly glowing grey cloud is a spirit of some kind, but it's impossible to say what, exactly. It itself cannot remember anything, but would very much like to. It can communicate with anyone, regardless of language, and asks for help. There is apparently little it can do in return, however, it knows no spells and cannot physically interact with the living, although it can be seen and heard. It is rather polite and confused. It has an Intelligence of 22 and a Power of 31. NPC, hook, mystery any any fantasy
466 Peter Maranci Celebrity! For some reason a famous personage is here, one that all of the PCs have heard of. It's a great honor to meet this important person. S/he is either lost, on a journey for personal reasons, or a chaos monster with a very strange chaotic feature: appear as celebrity. NPC, hazard, mystery any any any
467 Peter Maranci Fog of Evil. A cold, howling wind raises a sudden fog which blocks all vision for 1d4+3 minutes. As the fog thickens sound as well as sight fades and thickens. When the fog dissipates something bad has happened. The party has become separated, or has wandered into the lair of a monster and is stepping on its babies... hazard, mystery, magic, weather any any fantasy
468 Peter Maranci A clear crystalline sphere the size of a human baby's head. It weighs 5kg. The sphere is hollow, and filled with a faintly viscous, faintly iridescent clear liquid. Anyone who holds the sphere and gazes at it for one hour finds themselves relaxed and calm. Sick people who meditate with the sphere for at least one hour a day add their POW to their chance of success for any CON rolls they must make against the disease. Each ten hours spent meditating on the sphere gives the user a 1% chance of Illumination or some form of profound alien insight (GM's discretion). magic, mystery any any Glorantha, any
469 Peter Maranci A green skeleton. The bones of this animate skeleton are completely covered in fine moss, giving it a somewhat puffy appearance. Grass grows out of the top of its head in a disturbingly hair-like way. Thanks to the natural padding of the moss, it is resistant to crushing weapons; the moss acts as 6-point armor against crushing weapons, as 3-point armor against slashing weapons, and 1-point armor against piercing weapons. Of course the skeleton retains the usual skeletal resistance to piercing and slashing weapons. Because the moss retains moisture, the skeleton is also less vulnerable to fire - the chance it catching fire is half normal. hazard, remains, magic any any fantasy
470 Peter Maranci An oily skeleton. This skeleton is completely coated in a clear and thick oil. As a result it is quite shiny, and 10% easier to spot except in total darkness. It is extremely difficult to grapple (and likewise has difficulty grappling others); there is an 80% chance that any successful grapple attack (either against it or by it) actually fails. Weapons tend to glance off it, doing less damage; there is a 50% chance on every hit by a slashing or crushing weapon that only 50% of rolled damage (including STR bonus, if any) is done. Also, the bones of the skeleton have absorbed some of the oil, and are therefore more flexible than usual; its DEX is 16, giving it a +6% on its attacks and Dodges. Crushing weapons do -1 damage to it since the bones have a bit more "give" (the subtraction is made before halving, when applicable). The skeleton is more likely to fall due to its oily feet; any time it makes a fumble, in addition to the rolled effect it falls down (taking 1d4+1 rounds to get up) AND drops its weapon, if any. For some reason this skeleton sleeps in a coffin-shaped bath of oil. It leaves oily footprints wherever it goes, which might, at the GMs option, be a slipping hazard for PCs. hazard, remains, magic any any fantasy
471 Peter Maranci A tar-coated skeleton. This jet-black, nonreflective skeleton is virtually invisible at night, although it does carry a strong odor of pitch. Its feet make a sucking sound as it walks (on appropriate surfaces), and its movement rate is reduced by 1. The tar acts as 6-point armor on all hit locations. The tar has a chance to stick to attacking weapons. For crushing weapons, the wielder must overcome the total damage done with the weapon with their STR in order to wrench the weapon back after a successful hit. Users of slashing weapons must overcome 1/2 the damage done, and attackers using piercing weapons need overcome only the minimum possible damage that their weapon can do. Each successful hit leaves tar on the attacking weapon, with varying results: For all weapons, the stickiness for each future attempt to free the weapon after subsequent attacks increases by one. For piercing and crushing weapons, any amount of tar decreases the total weapon damage by one. For slashing weapons, each successful hit reduces the damage that the weapon does by 1 point, and 3 or more points of tar means that the weapon cannot slash. If the skeleton grapples an opponent, it gets a +10 to its STR if the opponent tries to break its grasp. However, the skeleton itself must overcome a STR of 10 in order to let go of anything! If the skeleton rolls a "drop weapon" fumble, there is an 80% chance that it will not drop the weapon after all. The tar is flammable, but burns slowly; if set afire, each point of "armor" take 10 combat rounds to burn off, during which time the skeleton takes no damage from the flames and gains the bonus of fire damage (+1d6) to any natural weapon attack (as well as looking extremely fearsome; a black flaming skeleton would make any opponent think twice!). After burning for 60 combat rounds all of the tar has burned off and the skeleton takes normal damage. Lastly, dust or anything which binds to the tar may reduce the sticky effects, as does extreme cold - and sufficient cold might freeze the tar, paralyzing the skeleton. hazard, remains, magic any any fantasy
472 Peter Maranci Steaming hole in ground. Strange-smelling steam is coming from a 0.5m diameter hole in the ground; the steam is slightly pink. The sound of bubbling liquid can be heard deep underground. Anyone who is directly exposed to the steam is subject to its strong hallucinogenic effects. Within their CON-1d6 rounds the GM may begin freely lying to them about everything they perceive. The effects wear off in their CON-1d6 hours, with a minimum of one hour. Those effected may well not realize what is happening to them. It would be possible for an entire party to go through a complete (short) adventure while under the effect of the gas, only to discover when they come out of it that the rescued "princess" is actually a pig, and that the treasure they received from the "King" and his court was actually rotten vegetables... annoyance, mystery any any any
473 Peter Maranci Cursed ground: A monster of great evil was buried in this spot long ago. Any sensitive person (in RQ, POW 16+) feels a faint chill. Nothing can grow on this spot, no natural healing can take place (anyone who sleeps or rests here will receive no natural healing for the time they spend there), and anyone sleeping here is afflicted with terrible nightmares. Animals dislike the area, and will try to leave if possible. If the bones of the creature are ever dug up, they carry the curse effect along with them - although the ground is still cursed as well. Each complete bone has the power of a random powered crystal as well, or at least can store 1d6+12 MPs. Any spirit bound into a bone must resist a POW of 42 daily or go insane. It might be possible to resurrect the creature somehow, but why would anyone want to? Although there might be a blasphemous cabal somewhere... magic, hook, mystery any any fantasy
474 Peter Maranci A "For Sale Cheap" sign on a nearby tree. If anyone stops and examines the sign, a roughly humaoid hunchbacked creature of indeterminate species jumps out and tries to sell them the tree. "It's perfect! It has every modern convenience! Look at those leaves! JUST LOOK AT THEM!!". The creature is completely insane. Is the tree actually worth anything? NPC, hook, mystery, message, annoyance any any any
475 Peter Maranci Scroll, "The Secrets of Beauty". Following the regimen contained within (including the detailed starvation diet) lowers CON, SIZ, and STR by one point each per month. hazard, magic, message, artwork any any any
476 Peter Maranci A 0.75m diameter grey granite sphere, smooth (although not polished) and extremely heavy. This sphere can be rolled, but an effective STR of 30 must be overcome to roll it. artifact, mystery any any any
477 Peter Maranci A random sleeping creature. If approached, the creature begins to shake - first gently, then more and more violently. A special Scan reveals that the creature is not breathing, and a critical Scan reveals that it is dead. The first person to touch the creature (or alternatively to approach within 1m) discovers that the corpse they have been observing was being shaken by the Thing inside it, when the creature leaps from an orifice and attacks. hazard, mystery any any any
478 Peter Maranci A thick tangle of brush. On close inspection it can be seen that the entire thing has been braided, down to the smallest twigs. plant, mystery, artifact any any any
479 Peter Maranci A cursed pile of treasure. Anyone who takes more than one item from this pile will fail every luck roll that they make from that point on. They will also fail any other appropriate roll at the GM's discretion, and are twice as likely to be targetted by random misfortune - for example, if a monster jumps out and attacks a party member at random, the chance that it will attack the cursed person is doubled. treasure, hazard, magic any any fantasy
480 Peter Maranci Protruding pottery: A special Scan reveals a mostly-buried piece of pottery. If dug up it turns out to be an ancient sealed jug, decorated with images of unknown gods and goddesses. Inside is grain of an unfamiliar type. Buried in the surrounding area is an entire ancient settlement, a great archeological find. treasure, hook, container, plant any any any
481 Peter Maranci A naked wounded troll, blinded by the sun. This troll is extremely confused, and is behaving in a most un-tollish way. It does not speak Darkspeech or any other trollish language, but speaks Tradetalk (or common speech) remarkably well. It claims that it is not a troll at all, but a human merchant dealing in rare spices and liquers. He went to sleep one night and woke up at night in the wilderness, chained by the leg to a huge rock and in this body. He managed to chew through the chain and is trying to find his way home, but people keep running from him or attacking him (which is how he got wounded). His home town is two weeks travel away. He is married, and very concerned about his wife and three children. He is either A) insane, B) possessed by a human spirit or ghost, C) shapechanged, D) lying for some strange reason, or E) other. Pick one or more. NPC, mystery, hook any any fantasy
482 Peter Maranci A full-sized carved wooden statue of a tree, highly impressionistic with a huge upward spiral shape. The base of this statue is buried deep, but has apparently been sculpted as well, ending in thousands of tiny spiralling roots. artifact, mystery, artwork any any any
483 Peter Maranci Large red leather-bound book "The Magical Tapestries of Pre-Dawn Seshnela", by Myrion Fetheshee. Many magnificent full-color illustrations. In very good condition. Describes a complex form of magical weaving. The reader has an INT x 3 chance to acquire a 1D6 base in Craft: Weaving skill (or +2d6 if skill is already known) and in Enchant (ditto). Reading the book takes 2 full weeks; this time is halved if the reader makes a special success on their Read skill, and is reduced to 1/4 (three and a half days) if the Read roll is criticalled. If the Read is fumbled the time needed is doubled. Evaluation: 1,000 - 3,000 silver pennies, depending on the buyer. Magic weaving skill allows the creation of magical tapestries which embody spell effects. artifact, treasure, magic, message any any fantasy
484 Peter Maranci A flock of birds fighting amongst themselves in midair. As many fall down dead as there are members of the party. animal, mystery outdoor any any
485 Peter Maranci A left hand, apparently torn or roughly hacked off of an arm, clutching a silver-bound whip and nailed to a nearby tree or wall. The fingers are long and slender, and the wrist is calloused. On the ring finger is a simple golden ring. remains, treasure any any any
486 Peter Maranci A curious lumpy fungus growing in the middle of a large rock. A successful Scan reveals that it is actually growing though the rock. Upon examination, the hole that is is growing in is exceptionally smooth and fits the fungus perfectly. The fungus is faintly oily and has a unique odor.
In fact this unique mutated fungus exudes a liquid which dissolves rock at an extremely rapid speed. If cultivated and bred, this fungus could produce a fluid which, prepared properly by an alchemist, could dissolve stone walls like boiling water on ice. However, the fungus does not grow quickly and does not produce liquid very quickly. Practically speaking, it would take a year to produce enough stone-solvent to dissolve a 3x10x.5m mass of worked stone. Nonetheless, this is potentially a valuable find - particularly because the stone-solvent is not an acid, and most of the countermeasures normally used for acid will not affect it. It is also entirely harmless to human skin and even to metal and wood. Obviously, only a master botanist is likely to realize this without extended study and research.
plant, treasure outdoor any any
487 Headhunter Large wooden barrel. Inside is a dead body of corrupted noble or merchant. Barrel is filled with good wine, but it is unlikely that anyone would want to drink from it. The noble was killed by shoving him into the barrel, a drowning death. All that happened about a week ago. A successful Scan reveals the brand of barrel. mystery, hook, remains, container any any any
488 Peter Maranci Small mound of dirt. Hidden beneath it is more dirt. mystery outdoor any any
489 Peter Maranci Small mound of dirt #2. Under the pile is the lair of a small burrowing animal. natural, animal outdoor any any
490 Peter Maranci Underground chamber. A special Scan reveals an oddly regular pattern of lines in the dust nearby. A search turns up bricks, neatly set; possibly a patio, if that makes any sense. However the bricks are actually the roof of a sealed and hidden chamber. construction, mystery, hook outdoor any any
491 Peter Maranci A pile of wooden splinters and bits. If examined carefully, these turn out to be a set of two wooden soldier-dolls with moveable arms and weapons. One of the dolls is red, the other was blue. Someone apparently jumped up and down on both of them, smashing them to bits. artifact, debris any any any
492 Peter Maranci A piece of delicate blue china, It appears to be approximately one-third of a fairly valuable (but obviously now broken) plate. A delicate tracery of green and red lines decorates the plate. The party later meets a man who tells them that has a two pieces of a plate with a map to a fabulous treasure, but the key third piece is missing. He is a con man, and will sell the two pieces to the party for as much money as possible. artifact, debris, hook any any any
493 Peter Maranci A blue piece of string tied around a severed finger. remains, mystery any any any
494 Peter Maranci A beautiful marble represenatation of the entire world. It has no fine detail, but the colors and swirls of the marble accurately represent the game world. It cannot be used as a map except in the most general sense. It is small enough for a normal-sized person to hold comfortably in their hand. treasure, artwork any any any
495 Peter Maranci A tangled pile of rusty metal pipes and widgets. Obscured in the middle of the pile (chance to spot equals a special Scan) is a jointed metal arm with a sharp metal claw at the tip. Anyone attempting to do anything to the pile will release a catch of some kind, causing the arm to lash out. The chance of the arm to hit someone standing directly in front of the pile is 90% (circumstances may affect this, obviously), and it inflicts 2d4+3 damage! The tip of the arm is contaminated with rust, and anyone whose skin is penetrated by it must make a CON x 3 roll or be infected with lockjaw. The claw is also contaminated with a substance which gives the victim a strange ability to somehow understand and almost speak with metal; the result is a 500% bonus to all metalsmithing skills! artifact, debris, treasure, hazard, magic, mystery any any any
496 Peter Maranci Book: All Things Dark & Horrible, by Shem Sherriott. In fair condition. The heartwarming story of a wonderful, heroic missionary of a light cult who went into the Troll Lands to heal and minister to the creatures of Darkness. Written in Lightspeech or the common tongue. A note in Trollspeech on the back flyleaf notes that the author was delicious to the end. A non-troll who reads this book and makes an INT x 3 roll will gain 1D6-2 in Troll Lore. It is worth 120 - 240sp. artifact, treasure, message any any fantasy
497 Peter Maranci A cluster of spiders, surrounded by spider webs. One of the webs at the botton of the web-pile is made of gold (spot at Scan -20%). animal, treasure any any any
498 Peter Maranci Rotten giant underground vegetable. Those walking in this area must either have a successful Scan with a -50% penalty, a special Smell success, or roll DEX x 2. Otherwise, ther feet break through the ground to a huge, rotten, vile-smelling underground vegetable of some sort. Their legs are coated with slimey, noxious-smelling goo. Roll DEX x 3 to get out; attempts may be made once per DEX SR. A fumble means the character has fallen completely into the pit. The smell will slowly fade over 2d3 days, with a -1 to the roll if the character washes within ten minutes. Other factors will affect the rate of deodorization (washing with special soaps or liquids, for example). The goo causes a faint burning sensation, but is harmless. If applied to the face for at least an hour it reduces wrinkles, improving APP (for those old enough to have wrinkles) by one point. This effect lasts for 4d4 days. This goo, if properly preserved, would be worth 100 - 250sp or more per dose to certain noblewomen. There are 3d20 doses available, but skill is required to collect them. If not properly preserved with alchemical or Plant Lore skills (and either requires considerable equipment to use in this case, such as airtight glass bottles), the goo decomposes completely 3d6 hours after its initial exposure to the air. plant, annoyance, treasure, magic any any any
499 Peter Maranci Scroll: Quicker Than The Eye, by Sage Gandis Arundi. Large scroll in good condition, contained in a green leather scrollcase. This is a DEX training scroll. If the techniques described are practiced for 1 hour a day for 10 weeks, the user may increase DEX by 1d3-1 points. An unusual quality of this training technique is that if no gain is made, the training can be repeated (over additional 10-week periods) until at least a 1-point gain is made. Once any positive gain to DEX has been made from this technique, it is no longer useful. One drawback: the training technique makes the practitioner look really silly to those who observe the user in action. The GM may assign a penalty as appropriate. Value: 1,000 - 4,500L, depending on market. magic, artifact, treasure, message, artwork any any any
500 Tony Den A Totem Pole Found in a dense forest A moss covered pole, standing in a clearing (± 10 meter diameter)in an otherwise dense forest. The pole is not of the same wood as the surrounding trees. It stands roughly 4 metres high and is about ½ meter wide at the base, tapering radually to the top. From bottom to top are effigies of:

- A Sabre Toothed Tiger
- A Crocodile
- A Deer
- What looks vaguely like an Orc
- A Vulture, wings folded, looking down at the creatures below.

The totem pole appears to be very old. Only faint traces of orce based paint are left, although there are no other visable signs of wear or damage.

artifact, artwork any any any
501 Unknown An exact miniature of the player him/herself. artifact, mystery, artwork any any any
502 Peter Maranci A wooden barrel 1m high with a hinged top. It is half-filled with trash (including, possibly, another 1d4-1 other found items). Painted neatly on the side of the barrel: "PLEASE BE NEAT". artifact, container any any any
503 Peter Maranci A large bird flying very high overhead. A successful Scan allows the viewer to see that white sphere come out of the bird and plummet earthwards. In mid-plummet the egg bursts open and a baby bird comes flying out of it. Though newborn, it is able to quickly fly out of sight. animal, mystery any any any
504 Peter Maranci An animated skeleton, sitting on the ground. It moves an arm or leg randomly every so often, but is otherwise idle. Even if attacked, it does not react. remains, mystery any any any
505 Caity Reaburn I think this might be fun if your players dare open it... *evil laughter* A small vial of Xenovirus Takis-a (aka the Wild Cards virus, anyone who's read the books will recognise). 90% chance of instant death. 9% chance of useless and/or nasty mutations. 1% chance of super-powers. You'd be surprised how many idiots open this, even when they know how dangerous it is... hazard, hook any any any
506 Evan W. A rather large and dumb-looking Farchan is hunched over a dead dwarf's body and munching away. Add to average farchan stats: str+6 con+3 siz+22 int+6 pow+11 dex+10. This farchan carries a great axe (he can use it one-handed 'cause of his monsterous size) with a spell matrixes of Thunderbolt and Fear. NPC, hazard any any fantasy
507 Peter Maranci 1d6 scalps from 1d4 species tied to a carved 1m high wooden post. artifact, remains, mystery any any any
508 Peter Maranci A beautifully-crafted tiny tent, 20cm (6 inches) high. It is empty. artifact, mystery, construction any any any
509 Peter Maranci Tainted meat wrapped in dirty animal skins. hazard, debris, food any any any
510 Peter Maranci A cage containing a fabulous monster. container, hazard, mystery any any fantasy
511 Peter Maranci An angry dwarf is beating the crap out of some guy. The dwarf is extremely strong and berserk with rage. NPC, mystery, hook any any fantasy
512 Peter Maranci A hidden cache of 17 assorted ancient nuts and the skeleton of an odd, large squirrel. If the nuts should be planted, the results are:

- 1 - 9 - No effect. Dead nut. They crumble into ancient sawdust if eaten.
- 10 - 13 - a nut bush or tree grows normally (optionally the planter must make a successful Plant Lore or Farm roll)
- 14 - If planted, this nut grows into a dark, stunted, odd-looking tree with crabbed limbs. It bears 2d6 x 1d6 incredibly bitter nuts per year. However, if properly prepared and sweetened by a master chef, just one of these nuts can be used as the base for a unique and incredibly delicious confection. Only a critical Plant Lore or Craft Food roll will reveal this. If the confection is introduced to the public and nobility, nuts could be sold for 100 silver pieces each, or even more.
- 15 - If planted and given magic points, this nut immediately gives birth to one or more chaos monsters.
- 16 - The person who plants this nut finds that they've planted their soul along with it. As long as the tree lives, they cannot die, and if the tree is harmed they are harmed too. They have become a sort of dryad.
- 17 - This nut cannot grow in the normal world. If taken to another dimension - the Underworld, for example - planted, and nourished with magic points or some other exotic substance, it grows into a shining tree of bright light. The fruits of that tree have powerful magical effects; for example, they might banish anyone who eats one to the mundane world.
remains, magic, mystery, plant any any fantasy
513 Peter Maranci Two nails which have been intricately twisted and linked together. Separating them without bending or cutting the nails takes five minutes and requires a successfull INT x 3 roll. This may be attempted as many times as desired without penalty. There is a 5% chance that the tips of the nails have been coated with POT 11 poison. artifact, mystery, hazard any any any
514 Peter Maranci A bush which has been carefully pruned into the shape of a random being. plant, artifact, mystery, artwork any any any
515 Peter Maranci Strength Tester - A heavy spring, a dial with a needle, and two leather-wrapped handles form a dwarven strength tester. To test strength, squeeze the tester in one hand. As pressure is applied, a small needle on a dial at the axis of the tester is moved along a marked dial. The lines on the dial are marked with mysterious dwarven runes (these are simply numbers). The testee can often move the needle to higher than their normal strength - up to three points higher, if they make an exceptional effort (although that would be painful, and cause hours of hand cramps), but the proper way to read the tester is to find the highest point at which the testee can maintain their grip for three seconds. However, this particular tester is old and worn out. It generally registers a STR of 3-4 higher than the actual STR. Note: This is not a magic item. It is purely mechanical. artifact, tool any any any
516 Headhunter Puddle of clear water. A sign attached next to it read (tradetalk or local language) "REELY GOT WOTEE FOO TRINKINK" Water is actually poisoned and D10+3 trollkin lurk in nearby cave. They also have one drak troll as commander. Drinking causes POT 14 poisoning and stuns for CON-14 hours. hazard, artifact, message, trap any any any
517 Hillwalker A human scalp with red hair, most likely taken from a man. On the cut side is depicted with cave-painting-like symbols a scene of a tall man shooting an arrow to another man who's holding a sword and a shield remains, artifact, artwork any any any
518 Hillwalker A headband made out of Lunar coins. Worth 30 Lunars. artifact, clothing, treasure any any Glorantha, any
519 Hillwalker A small hole in the ground. If the player(s) bend over to see what's in it, there's a shout saying "Fore!" and a small leather ball will fly towards him/her/them. 50% chance it will hit somebody, causing 1 point of damage. artifact, annoyance, hook any any any
520 Hillwalker A small bronze statue representing Eurmal the Trickster. SECRET: If placed under the head while sleeping, the statue will teach one of the following in d4 days (roll d6) with the total of d100 to the skill or +d6xd10 to an existing skill 1. Seduction 2. Tell Jokes 3. Fool People 4. Sexual Stamina 5. Throw Dung 6. Run Fast artifact, artwork, magic, treasure any any Glorantha, any
521 Peter Maranci A heavy ceramic jar, mottled green/brown in color. The lid has been sealed in place with an odd translucent wax which is as hard as metal, and is marked with an undecipherable rune. Inside is:
- A vacuum. If cracked or opened, the jar implodes doing 1d6 concussive damage to whoever is holding it.
- A gas under high pressure. If cracked or opened, the jar explodes doing 1d6 concussive damage to whoever is holding it, plus 1d3 damage to anyone within two meters.
- A small impish creature. There is a 50% chance that it is dead.
- A delicious green gelatinous substance. Anyone who eats it receives +1 to APP, but the memory of the indescribeable flavor makes all other foods seem tasteless and dull for the rest of their life.
- 1d100 marbles made out of a random rune metal
- A closely-written scroll with the secrets of mining written in great detail. Reading it takes 4 weeks, after which an INT x 5 roll must be made. Success adds 2d10 to Mining (Knowledge Base) skill, or grants the skill at 1d10 plus Knowledge bonus for those who previously lacked the skill.
artifact, container, magic, mystery any any any
522 Hillwalker A large pile of fresh dung, which smells nauseating. debris, annoyance any any any
523 Hillwalker A wall carving or a cave painting that states "Kilroy was here". artifact any any any
524 Hillwalker A human corpse crucified to a tree with arrows. Cast d6 for details: 1. The corpse is that of a naked man, terribly maimed with his genitalia cut off. By the looks of it he has suffered terribly. 2. It's a female corpse, beaten and arrow-shot, possibly raped. In her neck gleams a beautiful sapphire pendant. 3. It's a corpse of a young girl, approximately from 16 to 18 years of age. She is stripped naked, and by the looks of her bulging stomach she was pregnant. 4. It's a corpse of a knight or otherwise high-ranked military officer in the area. Under his corpse is a pile of metal, cloth and leather; his torn armor and weapons, broken and twisted. 5. The corpse has visible chaotic features (eg an extra arm or an eye, fangs, poison or acid dripping from his or her mouth...) 6. The corpse has been disembowled, and bees have made a nest in the hollow. Honey in there? Yes. remains, weapon any any any
525 Hillwalker A scroll/book of erotic poetry - for ogres. If read, there's a 30% chance that the non-ogre reader suffers some form of physical discomfort due to the intense and detailed description of ravaging. Roll d20: 1. The reader pukes. 2. -"- wets his/her pants. 3. -"- is unable to sleep for d6 days. 4. -"- is afraid to go near the opposite sex until comforted. 5. -"- shakes uncontrollably and babbles nonsense for d100/10 hours. 6. -"- screams in horror and runs away. Calms in 100/STR hours. 7. -"- can not have an erection or otherwise enjoy sexual intercourse for d20 hours. 8. See number 7 for d20 days. 9. See number 7 for d20 weeks. 10. The reader loses all interest in the opposite sex for d20 days. 11. -"- suffers nausea when in contact with the opposite sex during the following d20 days. 12. -"- suffers Shakes for the next d4 days. 13. -"- falls unconscious for d4 hours. 14. See 13 for d4 days. 15. See 13 for d4 weeks. 16. The reader is horrified and tries to castrate him/herself. 17. The reader is horrified and tries to claw his/her eyes out. 18. -"- starts to hallucinate. 19. The reader's eyes turn to stone. Can be healed only by magical healing. 20. The reader gains 1 chaotic feature artifact, hazard, message any any fantasy
526 Hillwalker A copper wrist band in the form of a snake. The item is delicately made and realistic, resembling a snake common for the area (a sidewinder, an asp, a cobra). The eyes of the snake are two blood-red jewels. Quite valuable. artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
527 Hillwalker A wooden leg, possibly from a statue. If a PC touches it, the leg will jerk as if it was flesh. It tickles, too. artifact, magic, mystery any any fantasy
528 Hillwalker A broken sword with the words Honor is the excuse of the cruel and petty for committing atrocities carved on the blade. SECRET: The blade is cursed. If it's reforged and used in any Humakti or Yelmalian ceremony, it will reduce the STR of its bearer to 0. Only magical healing might be able to help the hapless victim. artifact, magic, hook, weapon, hazard, message any any fantasy
529 Hillwalker A tattered, blood-stained booklet. In the cover-page is the title Sights of the Empire: A Traveller's Guide to Snakepipe Hollow written in New Pelorian. artifact, message any any Glorantha, any
530 Hillwalker A severed hand, nailed to a tree or a stone, pointing into certain direction, with a stone slab underneath that says (in either Darktongue or Tradetalk): GROMPER'S RESTORANT FO HUNGREE UZ: EET ES MUCH ES YUU KAN ONLY FOR 5sp. [Secret: The place is a trap set by a rag-tag band of Troll hunters/Trolls' enemies (eg Yelmalians, Elmali, Aldryami, Mostali...). Whether they will pose a serious threat, is up to the GM to decide] artifact, hook, message, trap any any Glorantha, any
531 Hillwalker A map for finding a great, long ago forgotten treasure from the times of a great empire (eg the EWF in Sartar, or Genert's Garden in Prax) ... with the last, crucial instructions missing. artifact, annoyance, hook, message any any Glorantha, any
532 Hillwalker A severed Uz hand, dragging itself towards the nearest Troll outpost. On its wrist is a golden armband with rubies and emeralds set in it. If the characters try to steal the armband, the hand will try to trip them and then choke them. The hand is fairly swift and very strong (even by Uz standards). It can't do any spells, though... remains, mystery, magic, hook, hazard any any fantasy
533 Hillwalker A large, red dragon scale with dried blood on one end. The scale glitters in the sunlight like a blood-red mirror. [The scale can be made into a shield or a breast plate by a skillful smith or by dragon-opposing priests. This way, it'll protect the bearer as well as a plate mail or a large shield, and is much lighter. Especially it shields against fire (both mundane and magical) by stats decided by the GM. Dragons, however, will be pissed off seeing something like this worn by a mortal...] remains, treasure any any fantasy
534 Peter Maranci A small spring of fizzy water. The water is bitter but not undrinkable. A week of drinking fresh water from this spring will cure the Shakes. natural, magic any any any
535 Peter Maranci A corpse, completely sealed in a sticky transparent substance. If inspected by a competant medical person (successful First Aid role required) it can be determined that it died of suffocation. remains, mystery, container any any any
536 Peter Maranci A sudden gust of wind blows sand into the faces of all in the area. Roll Luck (POW x 3) or get sand in eyes and have -30% to all visual skills for 2d6 rounds. natural, annoyance, weather any any any
537 Peter Maranci A copper roasting pan with the bottom burned out. It is filled with burned nuts that seem to have been heavily spiced. artifact, debris, food any any any
538 Peter Maranci An old wooden bookshelf. Empty, except on one shelf where a single page remains. It describes a spell which if learned creates a temporary portal to somewhere else in the world. The spell takes 500 hours and an INT x 1 roll to learn. artifact, magic, furniture, treasure, message any any any
539 Peter Maranci A pile of 92 bricks. One brick is heavier than the others. Hidden inside it is an ingot of gold. artifact, treasure, mystery any any any
540 Peter Maranci A snake with its tail turned to stone. animal, mystery any any fantasy
541 Peter Maranci A column of mist which spirals ever upward from a moist patch of ground. If outdoors, there are circumstances under which this column can be climbed - on a special day of the year, for example. natural, magic, mystery, weather any any fantasy
542 Peter Maranci A huge face of stone has been carved out of a nearby boulder. It is over 3 meters (approx. 10 feet) tall! artifact, artwork any any any
543 Peter Maranci A razor-sharp disk of pink metal. It is virtually impossible to throw without cutting oneself. It does 1d8 damage. artifact, weapon, hazard any any any
544 Peter Maranci Fake sword-hilt with strap. A prop which can be strapped on underneath clothing; the sword hilt protrudes through a slit in the clothes, making it seem as if the wearer has been mortally wounded. artifact any any any
545 Peter Maranci A grey stone fence-post, 1 meter high. Hidden in a hollow inside it (-50% Search to find) is a fortune in gems. The hollow is completely sealed; if magic is not available to open it, it must be broken open by force. 30 Armor Points. artifact, mystery, treasure any any any
546 Peter Maranci A huge iridescent mushroom, 20cm across. If the vanes on its underside are harvested, dried, and powdered, they can be used when bandaging wounds to avoid infection. +6 to the appropriate characteristic for purposes of resisting disease. The effect for 24 hours or as long as the powder is on the wound, whichever is shorter. The powder has a strong characteristic odor which is rather unpleasant; -50% Hide against all creatures with a sense of smell. plant, treasure any any any
547 Peter Maranci A hexagram has been carefully inscribed on the ground. Around it is drawn what appears to be a magic circle. artifact any any any
548 Peter Maranci A painted carving on bark of a cat and dog dancing. artifact, artwork any any any
549 Peter Maranci A message tied to an arrow. It says "Look out! Arrow!" artifact any any any
550 Peter Maranci The crumbling and burned remains of a merchant's wagon. Hidden deep among the ruins is a small random magic item. A successful Search is necessary to find it. debris, treasure any any fantasy
551 Peter Maranci What appears to be a perfect stone carving of a baby. A very faint sound of wailing can be heard from it. In fact it is a real baby that was petrified by a cockatrice. If patted and cared for, the baby might stop crying. artifact, magic, mystery, hook any any fantasy
552 Glenn A paste icing model of a baby, skeeping soundly and well. Its breathing can be heard by those who make a Listen check. artifact, magic, mystery, hook any any fantasy
553 Glenn A snowball on a temperate day, unmelted. Each snowflake is marked with the storm rune. weather, mystery, magic any any fantasy
554 Glenn A scale mail coif with a tale of a dead king inscribed on its scales. armor, artifact any any any
555 Glenn Several harp strings, each of a different metal. Each plays a different pitch and resonates as magical. artifact, magic any any fantasy
556 Glenn A basket of hens eggs, a wrapped up goats cheese and a single bolg. artifact any any Glorantha, any
557 Glenn A readers guide to local scythanni, tattered and annotated in blood. Bite marks are visable and the passage in which the writer comments "harmless" has been changed to add "mostly" in front, along with a crudely drawn smiley face. artifact, hook any any any
558 Glenn A bronze shaving mirror, which keeps the last image of its owner on it for an hour after it's put away. artifact, magic, treasure any any any
559 Tony Den A Glass Jar: The jar is of a very dark (almost black). Its narrow spout is sealed with lead. Inside, it appears to contain its own atmosphere, with clouds of smoke or vapour slowly swirling about. Very careful scrutiny will reveal what appears to be an egg, floating in the centre of the jar. No amount of shaking will dislodge the egg.
The jar is virtually indestructible. No amount of hammering or bashing will cause it to crack. Rolling a huge boulder (size 200) onto it will shatter it and its contents. The lead stopper is also unmoveable without a command word being spoken - Possibly resulting in a quest to find the jars creator and/or discern the command word.
Optional: The egg inside is a roosters egg - See create vampire spell. If this is too powerful, whatever suits. Maybe the egg can be solid gold or just a normal, very rotten, hen egg.
artifact, container, magic any any any
560 Peter Maranci A carved 3-pronged stick. Each branch is equidistant and of equal length. Each prong has a different rune carved on the end. artifact, mystery any any any
561 Peter Maranci Two birds impaled on the same arrow. remains, artifact any any any
562 Peter Maranci A reverse-cockatrice egg. It is pale green and soft to the touch. If properly cared for it will hatch a reverse-cockatrice. This extremely odd-looking creature turns stone to flesh with its gaze attack. It is otherwise harmless. animal, magic any any fantasy
563 Peter Maranci A worn and tattered flag. It is impossible to make out the design. artifact, debris any any any
564 Peter Maranci A burnt man of wicker. artifact, debris any any any
565 Peter Maranci A faint sparkle. There are 17 grains of quartz sand scattered here on the ground. mystery any any any
566 Peter Maranci A chewed-up and slimy wad of grass. plant, debris any any any
567 Peter Maranci No shadows. There are and can be no shadows in this area. mystery any any any
568 Peter Maranci Clean. This area is spotlessly clean. mystery any any any
569 Peter Maranci Glowing Gold. An expensive-looking metal chest filled with illusory glowing golden coins. annoyance, mystery, magic any any fantasy
570 Peter Maranci Blackmail scroll. A bloodstained scroll of blackmail secrets, very old. Half of it has been ripped off. artifact, hook any any any
571 Peter Maranci A tattoo kit, used. artifact any any any
572 Peter Maranci A smoking kit, with papers, a flint lighter, a pipe, and pipe-weed. artifact any any any
573 Peter Maranci A very small dead bush. A special Plant Lore success reveals it to be Magebrush. Four items can be gathered from this bush:
- Leaves. If powdered and prepared properly (successful Craft Potion or Alchemy roll) these produce a strong and astringent tea. This tea aids greatly concentration, allowing every hour spent studying under its influence to count as one and a half hours. However, each dose of tea temporarily reduces STR by 1. STR returns at a rate of 1/24th of STR per hour (i.e. the MP regeneration mechanic). One dose of tea lasts six hours; there are enough leaves to produce 1d100 doses.
- Stems/twigs. These have no known use, but tend to splinter into sharp and painful slivers when dry. The chance of infection from these splinters is very high; a CON x 3 roll must be made for every splinter, although sanitary conditions and a successful First Aid can reduce the chances of infection. Harvesting parts of this plant is difficult; a DEX x 3 roll must be made to avoid splinters, and if a plant harvesting skill is used it is at -20%.
- Flowers/seeds. If the golden flowers and seeds are dried, powdered, and mixed with gold dust the resulting Mage Snuff instantly restores ALL magic points and fatigue when sniffed. Each use also costs the user one permanant point of CON due to the damage caused by heavy metal poisoning. Dwarves may use Mage Snuff without the CON penalty, but must roll CON x 3 or go into a state of euphoric mania for 1d6 hours. Elves receive double their normal maximum magic points; the excess disappears at a rate of 1/24th per hour. Elves gain no fatigue boost from Mage Snuff, and lose 1d6 points of permanent CON after its effects wear off. Mage Snuff is a deadly poison to all trolls and creatures of darkness, with a POT of 23. There are enough flowers and seeds on this plant to make 1d4 x 1d4 doses of snuff, with an additional cost of 1sp of gold per dose.
- Roots. The grey, supple, ringed roots of Magebrush smell faintly of lanolin. If prepared properly by an alchemist they are valuable in making parchment; books and scrolls produced with an admixture of Magebrush root age at 1/10th the rate of normal parchment. The roots are mildly toxic; if ingested they induce powerful nausea for 2d6 hours. The roots of this plant are rather shrivelled; there is enough available to treat 1d4x10 square feet of parchment.
plant, magic, treasure, hazard any any any
574 Peter Maranci 1d6 irregular yellow crystals, each approximately 2cm across. If powdered, dissolved in a 2-1-3 mixture of mercury, rose petals, and sunflower oil, and reduced over a low heat for exactly one week (the process must begin on a moonless midnight), the resulting thick paste makes the wearer invisible under water. A successful Craft Potion (Alchemy) roll is necessary, plus of course the correct formula must be discovered. Each crystal used provides enough paste to cover 3d6 SIZ. The effect lasts for 3d6 hours. magic any any fantasy
575 Peter Maranci A withered wreath of yellow flowers, with spikey violet leaves stuck on it here and there. plant, artifact any any any
576 Peter Maranci The ghost of an old shack. Wreckage can be sighted inside its translucent walls; a broken table, a stool, and a chest with a key in the lock. Anyone who walks in the area of the ghost-shack feels a creepy sensation of deep cold in their bones, and is subject to auditory hallucinations of various disturbing sorts. mystery, magic any any any
577 Peter Maranci An oval 8cm stone which has been neatly split lengthwise. Inscribed in the middle of the split stone in an old but beautiful script are the words "You will die with a sword in your hand." artifact any any any
578 Peter Maranci A 12-cm magnifying glass of high quality. Somewhat scratched, but still useable. artifact, treasure any any any
579 Peter Maranci A circular glass tube filled with oil and water, 40-cm diameter. Very irridescent, almost hypnotic. artifact, artwork any any any
580 Peter Maranci A harness, bridle & saddle hanging from a splintered wooden sawhorse. artifact, tool, debris any any any
581 Peter Maranci Delicious candies. Anyone who eats them begins to exude a strong odor within hours. Roll 1d3; the smell is either 1) nasty, 2) neutral, or 3) pleasant. The smell lasts for 1d4 hours, days, months, or years. artifact, mystery, hazard any any any
582 Peter Maranci 3d6 little dolls of various races, tied with nooses to a low-lying branch. Or, if indoors, nailed to a board in cruciform position. artifact, mystery any any any
583 Peter Maranci A spirit bottle, empty. Broken? From inside? artifact, magic, debris, mystery any any any
584 Peter Maranci A shattered lance hanging from a broken tilting-post. debris, artifact any any any
585 Peter Maranci A hole in the ground from which a strong blast of air issues. Roll 1d3; the air smells either 1) nasty, 2) neutral, or 3) pleasant. natural, mystery any any any
586 Peter Maranci A mound of rich gold ore. It is either spillage from a dwarf-waggon, or an outcropping. natural, treasure any any any
587 Peter Maranci A waterproof fish-skin satchel filled with sketches on waterproof parchment of young newtlings playing. artifact, artwork any any Glorantha, any
588 Peter Maranci A small patch of pale clay, with a faint blueish tinge. A naturally magical substance, if gives strong protection from heat for any body part it is smeared on: it acts as 20-point armor against heat and fire. There is enough clay to protect 20+(1d10 x 1d10) SIZ. Each treatment of clay lasts 1d6 hours. natural, magic, treasure any any fantasy
589 Peter Maranci A 1m-diameter pool of dark water. The center is surprisingly deep, going down 1/2m. natural any any any
590 Peter Maranci A spy book titled "I, Spy". The exciting tale of the adventures of an unnamed spy, with many helpful hints and details. Can be read in a day, after which the reader may make increase rolls in Hide, Sneak, Climb, Listen, and Search. There is an INT x 1 chance that the reader will also gain Disguise skill, at 1d6 base if not already possessed (in which case they receive a normal increase roll). artifact, treasure any any any
591 Peter Maranci White, chalky powder. Harmless, but anyone walking through it will leave visible tracks for several hours. +50% to anyone trying to track. natural, annoyance any any any
592 Peter Maranci A large sponge. artifact any any any
593 Peter Maranci A scale model of a beautiful city. It is set on a polished wooden disk, and is 1/2m across. There is one section which is obviously incomplete. If the model is ever completed (which would require critical successes with Craft Wood, Metal, and Paint, or use of Heroic Craft skills as well as rare and magical components) it will allow the creator (or anyone else) to enter the city in their dreams and find their heart's desire. artifact, artwork, magic, mystery any any fantasy
594 M.L. A roughly cylindrical object, about six inches long, varying in diameter from a half-inch at the top to a quarter inch at the bottom, with rings and spirals carved all the way down. At the top, an attached loop, two inches in diameter, all of the same material, all one solid piece. Heavy and dark colored like old iron. As a real-world reference, things like this are used to manipulate pressure points that big, blunt fingers can't reach well. artifact, tool any any any
595 Jon Sutcliffe Sneezing powder. A little leather bag of blue powder. If this is inhaled by anyone then they will be overcome by violent sneezing. The sneezes are so violent that the victim must make successful DEX roll to stay upright. The sneezing lasts for the duration of the victims CON and will sneeze twice every melee round. artifact, container, magic any any any
596 Jon Sutcliffe Blade sharpener. A small stone thet can sharpen any blades that are rubbed against it. Once sharpened for an hour the blade will do +1 damage the next time it is used. The blade loses this extra damage after the first use. artifact, tool, treasure any any any
597 Peter Maranci A metal work-hammer. The handle is splintered, and the metal head has been smashed into shapelessness. tool, debris any any any
598 Peter Maranci Mold. On a nearby wall or tree is orange mold in the shape of the outline of a man, arms akimbo. The left hand is incomplete. This is a mold-spirit in the slow process of being reborn. If left undisturbed for another year, it will come to life. plant, magic, mystery any any fantasy
599 Peter Maranci Slime. Thick, clear, odorless slime coats a nearby rock or wall. It is absolutely neutral, tasteless, and without any distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. natural any any any
600 Peter Maranci An unlabelled dark bottle. Inside is a dark and odd-smelling liquid which is extremely salty and rich-tasting. Use in a meat- or vegetable-based dish adds 60% to Cook skill. Alas, once gone there is no way to get more. container, artifact, treasure any any any
601 Peter Maranci Box trap. A 1/4m high, 1/2m long trap box. Inside is a random animal, either dead or alive. container, artifact, animal any any any
602 Tony Den Siege Dust: A stone jar containing fine powder. This powder is actually a dehydrated vegetable and meat mix. It expands on contact with moisture and a little goes a long way. (A spoonful eaten dry is the equivalent of a full meal for an average human). Although created by wizards, this item is not magical. From: The Wizards and The Warriors - by Hugh Cook. (Chronicles of an age of darkness vol. 1). container, artifact, treasure any any any
603 Tony Den A Hurley Stick A thick stick with a curved end which is bound in strands of hammered copper. Used for the Celtic game of Hurling. The stick can also be used quite efectively as a club doing similar damage but hitting 1 SR early due to its length. artifact, tool, weapon any any any
604 Harry Lucus Dun Next to a tree are many small strangly colored stones, all with the leter "S" carved in them. artifact, mystery any any any
605 Peter Maranci Healer's Moss: This rare dark green moss can be recognized by the tiny pale green flowers which grow in it. Cleaned and bound to a clean wound with a successful First Aid roll, the moss increases the natural healing of that wound by an additional point per day. It also improves the chance to resist infection by 30%. Brewed into a tea, it is a powerful laxative. plant, treasure any any any
606 Peter Maranci Heavy leather harness, torn to pieces. Perhaps there is an escaped maniac neaby. Or perhaps just his body, or bones. Perhaps there is nothing at all. debris any any any
607 Peter Maranci A beautiful green flower in a wooden pot. If prepared properly by an alchemist, it can produce 3 doses of a 6d6 POT poison. Eaten raw, it is a 3d6 POT poison. The smell is delightful, and banishes sleep for several hours. Sniffing it more than once a day runs the risk of addiction; the second sniff in 24 hours requires the sniffer to resist a POT of 3d6 with their CON. The POT is re-rolled for each sniff, however each successive sniff gives the sniffer a cumulative minus one penalty to their chance to resist addiction. plant, container, magic, hazard any any fantasy
608 Tony Den The Sausage Fruit Plant: This plant is encountered in arid regions and appears as a common cactus, with oversized spines - which average between 5 and ten centimetres in length. It stands up to 5 metres tall and can grow to a diameter of 70 centimetres around the base. Although most plants encountered are a single spike from base to tip, some may produce branches. Its name is evident from its fruit, which look very much like pork sausages. The fruit is borne as white €œsausages€ which are speckled with red dots, which hang in bunches from nodes near the plants apex. What makes this plant unusual is that it is classified a carnivorous plant. It is very long lived (up to 500 years) and is thus not as vulgar in its thirst for flesh. Instead it plays a very patient waiting game: The stalk of the sausage fruit plant is but one tenth its total size. Underneath the soil a large shallow root system fans out in a circle, extending up to 10 metres from its base. These roots are sensitive to pressure, serving as a deadly kill zone. Anyone approaching the plant will stand on an area where pressure is exerted to the root system. This pressure is communicated to the stem of the plant. Pressure excreted must be significant. Thus small animals like skinks and birds, which make meals of the tasty sausage fruit, do not trigger the plant. Only larger animals, weighing 20 or more kilograms will exert enough pressure on the roots. The first step within the kill zone will arm the plant. Alerting it to the presence of a possible meal and allowing it to identify from which quadrant said meal is approaching. The next step acts as a trigger. Once the trigger is set off, the plant reacts with lightning speed. The spines which face the quadrant where the first, arming step was taken, shoot out at a high velocity. Each spine is laden with a deadly, fast acting toxin. This toxin has a dual function. Its first action, once it enters its victim€™s bloodstream, is to incapacitate its voluntary muscles, effectively paralysing the victim within seconds but leaving its heart and lungs functioning, to ensure the toxin is distributed throughout the entire body. The toxins second function is as a digestive. Within an hour of rendering its prey immobile, the toxin starts to dissolve tissue it comes into contact with. This whole process works on volumes. The greater the amount of toxin in the body, the quicker the time in which paralysis will occur and the quicker the prey will digest. While the plants prey is digested from within, its root system will start producing specialised rootlets, which grow upwards towards the point where the prey lies. Within a day they will have pierced its tenderised skin. Within two days, they will have anchored the corpse and started to secrete even more powerful digestive acids than those of the spines, to dissolve muscle and bone. Within a week, the corpse will have collapsed in on itself, as its now liquid inside€™s seep into the soil, to be hungrily absorbed by the plants underground root system. STATISTICS (Rune Quest) The spines are hard and sharp. Per spine: Damage = 1d4 AP = 5 Toxin POT = 50. POT will increase by 10 per extra spine. Thus, is 3 spines, POT = 70. Spines must draw blood for toxin to work. The digestive agent will start to function within an hour of entering the bloodstream and from then on will remove 1d4 HP per hour until HP = 0 or the toxin is neutralised. (I am working from not too good memory of poison rules, so please adjust as necessary). Sausage Fruit: If a person should be so lucky as to obtain a sausage fruit without perishing in the attempt, it will be worth their while. Not only do the fruit contain an antidote to counteract the toxin in the spines. (This antidote must be ingested before the digestive takes effect, to avoid permanent loss to CON. If the digestive has taken effect, CON must be reduced by 1 for every passing hour until the digestive has been neutralised.) In addition to the above, the fruit is delicious and the antidote has generic healing properties which will speed the healing of wounds and revitalise the body of people who consume it. To simulate this effect, make a first aid roll for each wounded area and add 1D10 to Current Fatigue Points. This is a once off effect and wounds cannot be speed healed by eating lots of fruit. plant, hazard, treasure any any any
609 Althalus Bone Knuckles: A pair of very skillfully crafted dragon bone knuckles which will, once worn mend in to users own bone structure and enchance his unarmed fighting skill and damage by a reasonable amount. artifact, magic any any any
610 Peter Maranci House of Cards: A delicate eight-level house of strangely-painted cards has been erected here. Any violent motion will disturb and topple it. Anyone who approaches within 3 meters of it must make a roll of their DEX times the number of meters they are from it. Could the cards be magical? artifact, mystery any any any
611 Peter Maranci A flat wooden ring, 20cm across. Can be thrown like a frisbee, but it's too light to do any damage. artifact any any any
612 Peter Maranci A 2-meter across bird's nest. Long since abandoned, fortunately. Deep inside (Search -20%, taking 30 minutes) are three green gems worth 87, 19, and 59 sp. artifact, treasure, mystery any any fantasy
613 Dave Brace A coin pouch (holds up to 50 wheels) made of dream dragon skin which acts as 4 point leather armour for anything inside. To make another such pouch requires a critical skinning/tanning success. container, treasure any any Glorantha, any
614 Dave Brace A ring which when the wearer concentrates detects traps within 10cm of the ring itself (not the caster). A most difficult item to use. Only those steady of hand need apply. artifact, magic, treasure any any fantasy
615 Dave Brace A 25-sided gem. 24 of the sides are skillfully engraved with mystical symbols which represent most of the runes and the things they stand for (i.e. a cross represents the death rune). The 25th side has an infinity rune on it. The symbols glow with a pale orange light when they are active, 3 randomly become active at the start of every season; the infinity rune is always active but will not accept power. The gem acts as a matrix into which a PC must put magic in order to cast a spell. The more closely the PC is tied to the rune, the more powerful the spell. It will do spells from curing hunger (at a cost of 1 POW) to a spell which will stop the PC from dying for 15mins (Shield 6, costing 6 POW and available to High Priests of death cults only). At first glance the gem is worth 15,000 lunars. After full analysis it is found to be worth 2,250,000 Lunars (if all 24 sides are glowing). A powerful item indeed. artifact, magic, treasure any any Glorantha, any
616 Dave Brace Found one large Iron Bastard Sword usable by wielders with at least 17 STR and 17 DEX. It does +3 damage and automatically casts Sever Spirit (attacking at 32 POW) at all people who touch it who don't have the Man, Death, Mastery and Battle runes. artifact, magic, treasure, weapon any any Glorantha, any
617 Peter Maranci A sad fat girl (age 14) who is running away from home, looking for a place where she will be appreciated for who she is. NPC, hook any any any
618 Peter Maranci A horde of small animals (mice, chipmonks, etc) running like mad in the opposite direction. animal, mystery any any any
619 Peter Maranci A brass ring hanging from a forked 1m pole. The ring is marked with a Disorder rune. artifact any any any
620 Peter Maranci A tiny illusionary pink and red dancing humanoid form sealed inside a bottle of frosted glass. If opened, the illusion vanishes leaving only the scent of tears. container, magic any any any
621 Peter Maranci A tree whose branches blow and move out of synch with the wind. plant, mystery any any any
622 Peter Maranci Several heavily-armed warrior elves guarding a heavy covered wagon. Inside is an enormous cask covered with strange markings. It contains incredibly toxic pesticide which the elves are taking elsewhere for safe disposal. NPC, vehicle, hazard any any fantasy
623 Peter Maranci Several elves and dwarves are here, working in close cooperation. This is strange, but they are secretive and will not say why they are cooperating. Possibility: they jointly found a map to an incredible treasure, and have sworn mighty oaths to share it without bloodshed. Possibility 2: Their spirits were switched between their bodies by some bizarre magic, and they're cooperating out of the desperate need to return to their own proper bodies (in the meantime, they can't fight because they'd be attacking their own bodies!). Possibility 3: They're all remarkably healthy-looking zombies under the control of an evil wizard. NPC, mystery, hook any any fantasy
624 Peter Maranci A very angry dwarf with a very large bomb (currently unlit). It's so big he can barely carry it. He is going to go and blow up someone who has insulted him unbearably. He has no time for conversation with strangers, and says so in no uncertain terms. NPC, hazard, mystery, hook any any fantasy
625 Peter Maranci A tree with many fish hanging from its branches. They have been tied there with string. A few are still feebly alive. animal, plant, mystery any any any
626 Peter Maranci A beautiful little garden (even underground), with lovely carved wooden gates, a pleasant stone fountain with sweet water that bubbles down to a nearby pool, beautiful golden fish in the pool, large and exquisite flowers, and a pleasant scent in the air. The party will be sure it's a trap, but it's just a beautiful and peaceful place, completely harmless. plant, artwork, mystery any any any
627 Peter Maranci A chessboard laid out in stone set into the ground. Each square is 1 square meter. artifact, mystery any any any
628 Peter Maranci The markings of a game of foursquare (for those who don't know, that's a 4 meter square divided into four equal-sized 2m squares. A different rune is marked inside each square in the central corners. For one of the squares a curved line is marked on the outermost corner. artifact any any any
629 Peter Maranci An old drunk, sleeping under some trash. If woken, he clutches at the party asking pathetically "Who am I? Why am I here?". He is suffering from amnesia. NPC, mystery, hook any any any
630 Peter Maranci An old drunk 2. He is actually a fabulously wealthy noble who "dresses down" in order to indulge in his alcoholism. He went on quite a bender, and doesn't remember how he got here. He offers the party a huge reward to take him home. Once they get there, however, nobody seems to recognize him and the "real" lord is not amused at the claims of the ragged drunk. In fact, the drunken lord has been replaced by the family. He was simply too unreliable, and there were hints that his debaucheries were reaching the ears of the King€”who is a strict moralist and family values proponent, and would doubtless have punished the entire family horribly. NPC, mystery, hook any any any
631 Peter Maranci An incredibly obvious trap (Scan + 60% to spot). If it is tripped, nothing happens. artifact any any any
632 Peter Maranci 3d6 bad kids (ages 9 - 15) snipe at passers-by using a "Spitball" spell which they've learned from an evil child-spirit at a shrine they dug up nearby. The spell costs 1 MP to cast and causes one point of damage. NPC, annoyance any any any
633 Peter Maranci A fierce local animal acts strangely timid and passive when the party encounters it. Later, they meet an extremely savage bunny. Somehow their spirits were switched€ animal, mystery, hook, magic any any any
634 Peter Maranci Sleepy...: There is something soporiphic about the air here. Roll CON x 5 or feel very sleepy. natural, mystery any any any
635 Peter Maranci Negative zone: An invisible field of negative energy approximately 10m across permeates this area. It feels cold and clammy, and anyone passing through it must resist a POW of 30 or lose a magic point per round that they spend in the field. Succcessfully resisting this effect grants a POW gain roll€”but this roll can only be gained once in a character's lifetime. natural, mystery, hazard any any any
636 Peter Maranci A farmer with a large flat-bed wagon full of dirt. Growing inside the wagon are tall stalks of corn. He is bringing this corn to the local noble who demands absolutely fresh corn, boiled alive on the stalk. NPC, vehicle, mystery, plant any any any
637 Peter Maranci A shaved baboon is being ferociously attacked by several hairy baboons. It is already badly wounded. As it tries to shield itself with its arms it is crying out "But I am a Man!". The baboon gang kills the shaved one if the party does not intervene. animal, hook, mystery any any any
638 Peter Maranci A letter-writer (scribe) is walking swiftly down the road, carrying the tools of his trade. NPC, artifact any any any
639 Peter Maranci A family, travelling down the road: husband, wife, older son and daughter, and one little boy (crying). He misses his dog, who they had to leave behind. Several days later the party encounters the dog, who is following the family. NPC, hook any any any
640 Peter Maranci A shower of fur falls from the sky. debris, mystery any any any
641 Peter Maranci A dry stream bed which nonetheless makes loud water noises. Is the water invisible? Is the stream haunted by the ghost of water, or perhaps of a water-nymph? Is a Trickster hiding in the bushes nearby, laughing his stupid head off? mystery, magic any any any
642 Peter Maranci Clean Spot: The immediate area seems to have been hastily but thoroughly swept clean. Leaning against a nearby tree or wall is a crude broom made of branches and twigs lashed with cord. artifact, mystery any any any
643 Peter Maranci A small circle of stones, about 50cm across. These outline a set of three strange eggs which were buried in manure here a long time ago. If dug up, they would be invaluable to an alchemist; they could easily sell for as much as 1,000 silver pieces each. Sorry about the smell. artifact, mystery, treasure any any any
644 Peter Maranci The Claw: A hideous-looking object, a mummified humanoid hand set in a black metal base studded with pale metal rivets around the wrist. Possession of this item grants the owner extreme appeal to the opposite sex (effective +100% to Seduction skill), but reduces all luck rolls to POW x 1. ("A claw? A clamp you mean!")
( I have to credit Ripping Yarns for creating The Claw!)
artifact, treasure, magic any any any
645 Peter Maranci A broken and charred holy symbol artifact, debris any any any
646 Peter Maranci A small pool of blood. Disturbingly, this is refreshed by an underground blood-spring. natural, mystery any any fantasy
647 Peter Maranci A shallow mass grave containing 1d100+3 bodies. remains, mystery any any any
648 Peter Maranci A broken metal strongbox. Scattered around the area are 1,273 copper pieces. debris, treasure any any any
649 Peter Maranci Many shards of sharp and rusty metal on the ground, which were possibly once caltrops. Make Scan -30% or step on 1d4 of them. Each "attacks" with an effective skill of 100%, and causes 1d4+1 impaling damage. If damage is inflicted the victim has been exposed to lockjaw; roll CON x (6 - points of damage taken) to avoid developing the disease (there is always a CON x 1 chance to escape infection). artifact, debris, hazard any any any
650 Peter Maranci In a nearby wall or tree is the broken-off shaft of an arrow, with only a half-inch of wood projecting from the surface. The tree/wall is covered with dried blood. Nearby on the ground is a bruised and wrinkled, but unmarked apple. artifact, debris, plant any any any
651 Peter Maranci A small phial of greenish liquid: dragon's tears. These have incredible worth to an alchemist, and if used correctly by an enchanter can either replace some of the POW needed for an enhancement or enhance the powers of an enchanted object. If drunk, the imbiber must resist a POT of 27. If they succeed, they fall unconscious and have a prophetic vision. If they fail, they feel extremely ill (-70% on all rolls) and turns a green scaly color. The illness fades in 1d6 hours, but the color lasts a lifetime. container, magic, treasure any any fantasy
652 Peter Maranci A book of beauty tips. No matter how assiduously it is read, it will not enhance APP. There is a 20% chance that wearing the pancake makeup it prescribes will decrease APP temporarily by 1 point. artifact any any any
653 Peter Maranci A twisted loop of strong but flexible root. Scan -10% to spot, otherwise roll DEX x 3 to avoid tripping. plant, annoyance any any any
654 Peter Maranci Broken shards of sharp glass. Scan +20% to spot, otherwise take 1d4 damage to feet (armor protects). debris, hazard, annoyance any any any
655 Peter Maranci Ambient POW cloud: all creatures not at their full MPs receive an extra MP back as they pass through this totally undetectable cloud of energy. This benefit can only be gained once in a lifetime. natural, magic, mystery any any fantasy
656 Peter Maranci The remnants of an ancient and broken-down old henhouse filled with straw. Buried deep in the straw (successful Search required)is a small golden egg and the bones of several chickens. debris, treasure any any any
657 Peter Maranci Monster! On second thought: A successful Scan reveals a hidden monster crouching in ambush (or alternatively, a cavorting little elf) behind some bushes. A special Scan success or closer examination shows it to actually be a painted facade, totally harmless. If indoors/underground, the monster/elf is realistically painted on a nearby wall. artifact, mystery any any any
658 Peter Maranci Bone mold: Hidden nearby is a bone-shaped mold used to make false god bones out of rune metal. It is badly cracked and not repairable. artifact, debris any any Glorantha, any
659 Peter Maranci The Tome of Mithridates: An ancient but high-quality volume bound in leather which details an entire course of treatments designed to make the reader immune to one or more types of poison. Since the process entails actually taking the poison--first in small quantities, but progressing to larger and larger doses--it is rather dangerous. The process of immunization takes 8d6 weeks. Immunization wears off in 1d6 years if the appropriate poison(s) is/are not imbibed at least once every six weeks. artifact, treasure any any any
660 Peter Maranci Medical waste: the scraps of bandages and strings are here. Some of the discarded bandages are blood-stained. debris, remains any any any
661 Peter Maranci Cookbook of the Golden Chef: A near-legendary tome, much stained with ancient spills. Reading this book takes 1 week, and gives the reader a 2d6 increase in Cooking skill. It also contains many delicious recipes. To a connoisseur, this book would be priceless. artifact, treasure any any any
662 Peter Maranci Firenettles. A patch of these rare orange-tipped plants may be found nearby. Picking them is risky, due to the painful and sharp thorns they possess; a successful DEX x 3 or Plant Lore roll is necessary to avoid taking 1d4 damage to the hands. Picked and prepared properly, firenettles can be used to make Strengthening Tea. This vile-tasting and spicy concoction if drunk daily acts as STRength training, with no additional time required (it takes 1 hour to brew the tea properly). The tea must be used daily for the full amount of time that would normally be required for training, i.e. if it would normally take ten weeks for STR to be trained, the tea must be drunk daily for ten weeks. A successful CON x 5 roll is required to keep the tea down (and thus gain its benefits) the first time it is drunk. If another round of STR training is attempted after the first training roll has been made, the CON roll must be made again at a x1-lower chance; CON x 4, then CON x 3, CON x 2, and finally CON x 1. An overdose of the tea can cause a permanent loss of 1d3 CON (at the GM's discretion). The patch contains enough Firenettles to brew 1d100x10 days of tea for one person. Firenettles cannot be cultivated, as they only grow on a patch of land which has been struck by lightning while still dry. plant, treasure any any fantasy
663 Peter Maranci Invigorating pastilles. Sealed inside a bone tube which is liberally coated with virgin beeswax are 2d6 invigorating pastilles. These lozenges are pale purple with green spots, and have a musty but pleasant smell reminiscent of old honeysuckle. When swallowed, a pastille increases STR & CON x 2, DEX x 1.5, and adds 2 to INT and POW. Normal limits do not apply, and this effect is cumulative with enhancement spells. Move is increased by 2 as well, and Fatigue (if applicable) is doubled. The pastille takes effect 1d6 rounds after being swallowed, and the effects last for 2d6 hours. When the effects wear off, the user immediately makes an aging roll, even if they are not normally old enough to age. Their effective age has also increased by one year. This aging roll even applies to creatures which do not normally age at all! Pastilles are cumulative in effect. However, each additional pill taken within one day of another adds a x1d6+1 to the number of years "aged". Thus three pastilles taken in a day would age the user 2d6+3 years. artifact, hazard, treasure any any fantasy
664 Peter Maranci Shrunken head. 10% chance it is made out of fruit. If not, 10% chance it is haunted by its former owner. remains, mystery, artwork any any any
665 Peter Maranci Stupid-looking mask. Non-magical. artifact, artwork any any any
666 Peter Maranci Stupid-looking mask. Changes face of wearer to match (6 APP) unless wearer is pure of heart, in which case it grants a permananent +10 increase to APP. artifact, magic, artwork, hazard any any fantasy
667 Peter Maranci Goat marionnette on strings. artifact, tool, artwork any any any
668 Peter Maranci A piece of parchment with the name of the winner of a horse race written on it. The race will be run at a nearby town next week. artifact, hook, message any any any
669 Peter Maranci A crane or swan made of intricately folded waxed paper. Mashed. artifact, artwork any any any
670 Peter Maranci A root vegetable which has never been seen before. If cooked, it is delicious, hearty, and extremely nutritious--but no more can be found. It could be planted if it was not eaten, and multiplies extremely rapidly. plant, treasure any any any
671 Peter Maranci A 20cm piece of grey stone that looks as if it has been pulled and twisted like a piece of taffy. artifact, mystery any any any
672 Peter Maranci An extremely dirty and sticky cup entirely encrusted with mud and dirt (successful Scan to spot). If cleaned off, it is revealed as a golden goblet encrusted with jewels and the crest of a noble house. Special: All members of that house were killed many years ago while on a journey. An elderly steward still maintains their holdings. Among the lost nobles was a young child or baby. One or more of the PCs is of the right age and appearance to impersonate that baby (OR might actually BE that baby and not know it). Alternatively, the party sells the cup or is robbed of it by someone who later claims to be the lost scion and inherits great wealth and power, but is actually a con artist. This could either be the merchant that they sell the cup to, or a thief posing as a merchant that they run into on the road. If it seems likely that the party will expose the fraud, an effort will be made to silence or kill them. container, treasure, hook any any any
673 Peter Maranci A large, perfectly-balanced cooking knife. Worth thousands of silvers to a knowledgeable chef. Adds +15% to Craft: Butchery or Cooking skill. Also can be used as a +5% to hit dagger. tool, treasure, weapon any any any
674 Peter Maranci Seven odd-looking beans inside a sphere of clear amber. If the amber is broken open, 1d6 of the beans are still viable. If successfully grown and given 1MP each per day, they will form vines which produce 2d6 Beans of Airy Flight per season. One of these beans, if swallowed, allows the swallower to fly at a rate of 1m/sr for 1 hour. When the power of the Bean expires, the swallower gently descends to earth. If two beans are swallowed, however, a vast quantity of gas is produced which causes 3d6 damage to internal organs with no chance of resistance. plant, magic, mystery, treasure any any fantasy
675 Peter Maranci An obscene puppet. artifact, artwork any any any
676 Peter Maranci A wallet filled with betting slips. container, artifact, treasure any any any
677 Peter Maranci A kazoo in good working order. artifact, tool any any any
678 Peter Maranci Standing dumfounded, a random animal. 10 meters further along the path, another dumfounded animal. Yet 10 meters further along the path, another dumfounded animal! animal, mystery any any any
679 Peter Maranci A pile of papery dried leaves. Several have been cut into fancy paper doll shapes (successful Scan to notice). plant, artifact, artwork, mystery any any any
680 Alexander Wallis A necklace with two exceptionally long human teeth hanging from it. artifact, artwork, remains any any any
681 Alexander Wallis An ancient coin depressed with the image of a semi-aquatic, but regal figure. treasure, artifact any any any
682 Alexander Wallis A portrait of one of the players - the painting is several hundred years old. artifact, mystery any any any
683 Alexander Wallis A set of symetrical crystals with numerals on them. artifact, treasure any any any
684 Alexander Wallis A pillar of earth - strongly resembling the image of a retreating figure. artifact, artwork any any any
685 Peter Maranci Buried under leaves, snow, or rubbish (depending on location) is a sharp piece of metal which is firmly embedded in the ground: a boot-scraper. A careful search of the surrounding area at -30% turns up a well-hidden secret door, which leads to a comfortable but abandoned underground home. Someone small (about a meter high, probably at least roughly humanoid) used to live here. The home seems to have been abandoned for some time; the only remaining occupant is a large and cranky badger. artifact, hook any any any
686 Peter Maranci A black wooden box. Inside is a small leaden skull. container, artwork any any any
687 Peter Maranci A moldy old book of very bad love-poetry. The GM is invited to torture the players by quoting particularly painful passages to them. artifact any any any
688 Peter Maranci A small beautiful ivory statue of a forest nymph, worth 200-300sp. artifact, artwork, treasure any any any
689 Peter Maranci A bunch of faded flowers, wrapped in a red silk ribbon. plant, artifact any any any
690 Peter Maranci An apple with a bite taken out of it. The apple has been poisoned. plant, hazard any any any
691 Peter Maranci A stream with a toy boat bobbing along. The boat is in an ancient style. natural, artifact any any any
692 Peter Maranci Runaway boy, age 2d6+2. Of high, middle, or low class. NPC, hook any any any
693 Peter Maranci The ground gives way underfoot, revealing a narrow crevass which is at least 30m deep. If a light is provided, shiny iron rails may be seen far below. This is the secret dwarven underground railway. This opening will be discovered by the dwarves and completely hidden and sealed within 1d4 days. mystery, hazard, magic any any fantasy
694 Peter Maranci A sudden large and flat depression in the gound - as if there was a pond, but it's only grass. Particularly odd-looking in winter, when covered in ice or snow. natural, mystery any any any
695 Peter Maranci A pile of dusty gravel. Hidden inside is a magic crystal which can be used to store one magic point. magic, treasure any any fantasy
696 Peter Maranci A .5m x 1m rug, partly hidden under a wooden plank. The rug is badly faded and worn, except for the part under the plank which is beautiful. artifact, artwork any any any
697 Peter Maranci A waterskin filled with poisoned (POT 4d6) water. container, hazard any any any
698 Peter Maranci A deep pit covered with ice which will support no more than 120kg. Inside is icy-cold water going down 4m. The pit can be spotted with a Scan +20% - it is easy to spot. hazard any any any
699 Peter Maranci A long-dead bird, transfixed with a blue-feathered arrow. remains, artifact any any any
700 Peter Maranci A pile of ordinary seeds. plant any any any
701 Peter Maranci A young female of (sapient race) lies on the ground nearby, stabbed to the heart. She is dead. Near her body lies a bloody dagger. Not far away is the unconscious form of a (sapient race) male. When he awakes, he either:

- Doesn't remember what happened, and either suspects the PCs or asks their help;
- Claims that he and his betrothed were attacked by monsters or bandits, and ask for help;
- Remembers that he himself stabbed her in a fit of jealous rage, and tries to escape, or,
- Tries to kill himself.
remains, NPC, hook any any any
702 Peter Maranci A grain wagon with a broken wheel. The driver, a farmer, is trying to repair it. A Devise -20% or a successful Craft Wood roll will help him. vehicle, NPC any any any
703 Peter Maranci A pulpy greenish-white soggy mass: a very moldy and wet loaf of bread which has been left out for too long. debris any any any
704 Peter Maranci A four-step set of stone stairs leading nothing. artifact, mystery any any any
705 Peter Maranci A barbecue pit. Skewered above the pit are the remains of a large and unidentifiable animal. The ashes of the fire are still warm, but not hot. artifact, remains any any any
706 Peter Maranci A lot of (random color) feathers are scattered around here. remains any any any
707 Peter Maranci Hanks of loose white fur are blowing around on the ground. remains any any any
708 Peter Maranci A tome of lore. Inside are instructions to raise DEX by 2 points in 6 weeks of reading. Unfortunately a bunch of baby mice are using the book as a nest, and have eaten most of the contents. It is useless. artifact, debris, annoyance any any any
709 Peter Maranci A crude but sturdy cage made of cut branches. A large hole has been slashed in it, and nothing is inside. artifact, debris, container any any any
710 Peter Maranci The remains of a wooden bridge arch over the path (even indoors). The timbers are rotted and mostly gone, and there is nothing to explain why a bridge should be here. debris, mystery any any any
711 Peter Maranci Bad smell: There is a foul smell here. Resist a POT of 1d6 x 1d6 to avoid vomiting. natural, annoyance any any any
712 Peter Maranci The entrance to a tunnel is nearby. It is stone, and slants steeply downward into the ground. A faint warmth comes up from below. natural any any any
713 Peter Maranci One or more stone eggs, apparently of veined marble in (color). 1% chance they are of some living lifeform. mystery any any any
714 Peter Maranci A cloud of yellow gas billows towards you. It is either:
- harmless
- foul-smelling but harmless
- Has POT 4d6 and causes unconsciousness for 3d6 hours
- Deadly - 1d6 x 1d6 POT poison.
natural any any any
715 Peter Maranci A blank sign is standing here (or leaning against a wall). You cannot tell what the message was, or if there ever was one. artifact, mystery any any any
716 Peter Maranci The long skull of some large exotic animal is standing on a pole here, lashed to the pole with strips of old and shrunken hide. artifact, mystery, remains any any any
717 Peter Maranci A doll of a baby baboon with one crystal eye. It is a powered crystal, POW 4, and whoever is attuned to it gets a +3 to their CON for purposes of resisting disease only. artifact, artwork, magic, treasure any any fantasy
718 Peter Maranci A geode, a round rock nodule filled with brightly-colored crystals. There is a 1% chance that one of the crystals inside is magical. natural any any any
719 Peter Maranci An oddly translucent length of material that looks like an arrow of frosted glass; a Multimissile (magical) bolt which for some reason has not disintegrated (but could at any moment, probably). magic, mystery, debris any any fantasy
720 Peter Maranci A troupe of midget acrobats. 20% chance that they are a troop disguised as a troupe, and will attack acrobatically. NPC any any any
721 Peter Maranci There is a pleasant scent of wood smoke in the air here. natural any any any
722 Peter Maranci A well. artifact any any any
723 Peter Maranci A musical triangle of tarnished brass hung from a leather loop. tool any any any
724 Peter Maranci A charm bracelet with 5 charms. artwork any any any
725 Peter Maranci A pile of droppings from some large animal. remains, debris any any any
726 Peter Maranci A dead snake which has been tied into a knot. remains, artifact any any any
727 Peter Maranci A glass-fronted china cupboard with porcelain head depictions of strangers, monsters, heroes, and/or the party.   any any any
728 Peter Maranci If near rock, a skeleton is half-fused into the rock itself. There is a 20% chance that it is animate. If so, there is a 50% chance that one limb is free enough for it to attempt an attack. It may play dead to lure the party closer. remains, mystery, hazard   any fantasy
729 Peter Maranci Screws of various sizes, some with the threads stripped Artifact, mundane any any any
730 Peter Maranci A dust bunny. 20% chance that it's larger than normal size. mundane any any any
731 Peter Maranci MANY dust bunnies - a huge flock of them. mundane any any any
732 Peter Maranci A nicely painted ceramic statue, one foot long and eight high, of a smiling bison. It has been cast in sections and can be taken apart. The various pieces are labeled with images of the food that can be made from them. Mundane Any Any Any
733 Peter Maranci A small ceramic jug which has been heavily sealed with wax. It contains an incredibly powerful thick liquid, something like concentrated vinegar. The smell is so strong that anyone within 3 meters of the jar must roll under their CON x 1 or be effectively blinded by uncontrollable watering of their eyes. A successful resistance roll still reduces all visually-targeted skills by 20%, unless the roll is criticalled (in which case there is no effect). Each incremental meter beyond the three meters adds an additional multiplier to the resistance roll; 4m = CON x 2, 5m = CON x 3, etc. Anyone more than five meters away from the liquid is not affected, although they can probably still smell the fumes. If spilled, the liquid evaporates very slowly. Mundane Any Any Any

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