Chatter #33: August 21, 2001

12/14/2001 — I started the Chatter section on July 27, 2000 when I noticed that the rest of my site was sometimes getting cluttered with lots of text. I'm a talkative guy, after all! So now I talk about my life here, instead of all over the place. Originally this was one huge section, but in December of 2001 it simply became too large to remain as one page, and I broke it into dated sections, as you can see. —>PM


A New Old Project

I've talked about this before, but the lack of a commercially-available edition of RQ is the kiss of death for the system. So I'm trying to work up a basic set of RQ3 rules to post online. I'm hoping to put together about 12 clean pages that provide enough information for newcomers to run and play RQ.

Obviously this will have to leave out much of the information from the RQ3 rulebooks. The challenge is to pick out those rules which are absolutely necessary. The Aid sheet and character sheet will be included, of course. I may also include the simplest and best house rules, such as the revised Dodge. I'm also tempted to include Impale/Slash/Crush rules. Questionable rules will be left out entirely; fatigue, for example. The idea is to create a document that an intelligent gamer will be able to work with, not something for a complete novice to roleplaying.

So...suggestions? Ideas? Talk to me!

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